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Books with the surname Sprague in the title Books with surname other than Sprague in the title
Books with place names in the title Indexes and abstracts relating to Sprague and Sprague-derivative surnames


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Books with the surname Sprague in the title

History of the Sprague Families of Rhode Island, Benjamin Knight, Sr., 1881.
*Available at Ancestry.com

The Spragues of Malden, Massachusetts, George Walter Chamberlain, Boston, MA, 1923, 317 pages.
*Available at Ancestry.com (Please note that this link is in Australia and is thus not included in the basic Ancestry U.S. Deluxe Membership.)

Genealogy in part of the Sprague families in America: as descended from Edward Sprague of England, from 1614 to 1902, with the wills of Edward Sprague and that of his son William who settled in Hingham, Mass., in 1636,
Augustus Brown Reed Sprague, 1905.
Available at Archive.org

Supplemental to Sprague Families in America
, Frank H. Sprague, 1915.
Available at Archive.org

The Ralph Sprague Genealogy
, Edward G. Sprague, The Capital City Press, Montpelier, VT, 1913.
*Available at Ancestry.com

The genealogy of the Sprague's in Hingham: arranged in chronological order, to the fourth generation, counting from William Sprague, one of the first planters in Massachusetts, who arrived at Naumkeag from England, in the year 1628. To which is prefixed a short account of the first settlement of this country before the arrival of the Old Charter in 1630, Hosea Sprague, 1828.
Available at Google Books

Sprague Families in America, Warren Vincent Sprague, published in 1913, 578 pages, with additions and corrections, 1928, 8 pages.
Available at Internet Archive. (1913 publication)

Supplement to Sprague Families in America, Warren Vincent Sprague, M.D., Chauncey, OH, 1941.
Available at ExLibris Rosetta

Hon. Seth Sprague of Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts: His Descendants Down to the Sixth Generation and His Reminiscences of the Old Colony Town, William Bradford Weston, Milton, MA, 1915
Available at ExLibris Rosetta

Memorial of the Sprague Family;..., Richard Soule, Jr., Boston, MA, James Munroe Co., 1847, 192 pages.
Available at Google Books

Sprague Family Items, Dwight H. Kelton, LL.D., Montpelier, VT, 1894.
*Available at Ancestry.com

A Sprague Family Genealogy: The Ancestors of Thomas Spencer Sprague, IV, and Franklin Wiatt Sprague in America, Thomas Spencer Sprague III, 1987, Hartford, CT.
Search for a local library via WorldCat.org

The Brothers Ralph and William Sprague and Some of Their Descendants, Frank William Sprague, N.E.H.G.S. Register, April, 1909.
Available at Archive.org

Spriggey, Sprigge, Sprigg, Spriggs from 145 AD to 1997 AD, Kenneth W. Spriggs, privately published.

American Patriot -- The New Frontier, Alexander, Sprague, & Related Families, Volume II, Lynda Alexander Fonde & Marsha Alexander Groff, Baltimore, MD, Groff Press, 2000. (Library of Congress No. 00-136044)
Search for a local library via WorldCat.org

One Branch of the Sprague Family, by Gordon Harvey Sprague, Paris, Illinois, 1972
Search for a local library via WorldCat.org

Hilda Evangeline Silva Sprague, A Century (and counting!) in the Pacific Northwest, by Kit Bakke, 2007
To see a picture of the cover, click here.

Books with surname other than Sprague in the title

Genealogy of the Ainsworth Families in America, compiled by Francis J. Parker, privately published, Boston, 1894
Available at Google Books.

Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell, Who Settled in Providence, 1636, Avery F. Angell, 1872, Providence, RI, A. Crawford Greene.
Available at Google Books.

Giles Badger and His Descendants -- First Four Generations and a Portion of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations, John Cogswell Badger, Manchester, NY, printed by the John H. Clarke Company, 1909.
Available at HathiTrust.org

Mayflower Families in Progress: Robert Bartlett of the "Anne, compiled Robert S. Wakefield, 1995.

Memorials of Robert Lawrence, Robert Bartlett & Their Descendants, Hiram Bartlett Lawrence, 1888, Holyoke, MA.
Available at Archive.org

Ancestors of Moses Belcher Bass, Born in Boston, July 1735 - Died January 31, 1817, also the Ancestry of his Two Wives, Elizabeth Wimble and Margaret Sprague, S. A. Smith, 1896.
Available at Archive.org

One Bassett Family in America with All Connections in America and Many in Great Britain and France, Buell Burdett Bassette, 1926, Springfield, MA, F. A. Bassette Co.
*Available at Ancestry.com

The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America, Henry Marvin Benedict, Albany, NY, 1870
Available at Archive.org

Bushnell Family Genealogy: Ancestry and Posterity of Francis Bushnell (1580-1646) of Horsham, England and Guilford, Connecticut, Including Genealogical Notes of Other Bushnell Families, Whose Connections with This Branch of the Family Tree Have Not Been Determined, George Eleazer Bushnell, privately published, Nashville, TN, 1945
Available at ExLibris Rosetta

John Cary the Plymouth Pilgrim,Seth C. Cary, Dorchester Center, Boston, Massachusetts, privately published, 1911
Available at Archive.org

Clarke's Kindred Genealogies: A Genealogical History of Certain Descendants of Joseph Clarke, Dorchester, 1630, Denice Darling, Braintree, 1662, Edward Gray, Plymouth, 1643, and William Horne, Dover, 1659: and sketches of the Orne (Horne), Pynchon, and Downing families, Augustus Peck Clarke, 1896.
Available at Archive.org

A History and Genealogy of the Comstock Family in America, John Adams Comstock, privately published by The Commonwealth Press, Los Angeles, California, 1949.
Available at HathiTrust.org

The Descendants of William Cranmer of Elizabethtown, NJ, Jean Shropshure Harris and Murray Thomas Harris, Woodbury, NJ, Gloucester County Historical Society, 1997.
Search for a local library via WorldCat.org

The Genealogy of the Cushing Family, Lemuel Cushing, Lovell printing and publishing company, 1877.
Available at Google Books.

History of the Cutter Family of New England, Supplement (1871-1875), Benjamin Cutter, William Richard Cutter, D. Clapp & Son, Boston, 1875.
(This book contains both the History and the Supplement.)
Available at Google Books.

II. Dr. John Done, of Maryland., and Their Descendants, with Notes on English families of the Name, by Alfred Adler Doane. 635 p. 1902.
Search for a local library via WorldCat.org

Dodge Genealogy: Descendants of Tristram Dodge, Theron Royal Woodward, 1904.
Available at Archive.org

Mayflower Families in Progress: Edward Doty of the Mayflower, edited by Peter B. Hill, 1993.

The Earle Family: Ralph Earle and His Descendants, Pliny Earle, Press of C. Hamilton, Worcester, MA, 1888.
Available at Archive.org

Biographical Sketches of Richard Ellis: The First Settler of Ashfield, Mass., and His Descendants, by E.R. Ellis, Detroit, Mich.: W. Graham Print. Co., 1888, 480 pgs.
Avalable at Google Books

The Grant Family: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Matthew Grant of Windsor, Conn. - 1601-1898, by Arthur Hastings Grant, 1898, Poughkeepsie, New York, Press of A. V. Haight
Available at Archive.org

A Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Thomas Green(e) of Malden, Mass., Samuel S. Greene, 1858, Boston, MA by Henry W. Dutton & Son.
Available at Archive.org

18 September 2017
A History and Genealogy of the Descendants William Hammond of London, England, and his wife Elizabeth Penn: Through their son Benjamin of Sandwich and Rochester, Mass., 1600-1894, Roland Hammond, David Clapp & Son, Printers, Boston, 1894.
Available at Archive.org

Herrick Genealogy: A Genealogical Register of the Name and Family of Herrick, Gen. Jedediah Herrick, revised by Lucius C. Herrick, M.D., privately published, Columbus, Ohio, 1885.

A Genealogical Memoir of the Huntington Family in this Country Embracing all the known Descendants of Simon and Margaret Huntington, who have retained the family name and the first generation of the descendants of other names, Rev. E. B. Huntington, Stamford, CT, privately published, 1863.
Avalable at
Google Books

Genealogy of The Jenks Family of America, William Bradford Browne, Concord, NH, Runford Press, 1952.
Available at Archive.org

Genealogy of Captain John Johnson of Roxbury, Massachusetts: Generations I to XIV, by Paul Franklin Johnson, with additions and corrections by Ada Johnson Modern, 1948.
*Available at Ancestry.com

American Kenyons: History of Kenyons and English Connections of American Kenyons, Genealogy of American Kenyons of Rhode Island, Miscellaneous Kenyon Material, Captain Howard N. Kenyon, Rutland, VT, The Tuttle Company, 1935, 285 pages
*Available at Ancestry.com

Record of Levi Kimball and Some of His Descendants, compiled by Levi Darbee, 1861 and revised by Robert M. Darbee, 1913.
Available at Archive.org

A genealogy of the Ingersoll family in America, 1629-1925: comprising descendants of Richard Ingersoll of Salem, Massachusetts, Lillian Drake Avery, The Grafton Press, New York, 1926.
*Available at Ancestry.com

Memoranda relating to the Lane, Reyner and Whipple families: Yorkshire and Massachusetts, Whitmore, William Henry, 1857, 24 pgs, page 17 has pictures of the actual signatures of John Sprague, Sr, Samuel Sprague, and Edward Sprague from a 1688 will of Job Lane.
Avalable at Google Books

The Genealogy of John Marsh of Salem and His Descendants: 1633-1888, Col. Lucius B. Marsh, Amherst, Mass., J. E. Williams, Book and Job Printer, 1888
Avalable at Google Books

Mower Family History: A Genealogical Record of the Maine Branch of This Family together with Other Branches of the Family Tree, by Walter L. Mower, 1923, Southworth Press, Portland, Maine.
*Available at Ancestry.com

Genealogical History of the Descendants of Joseph Peck, Who Emigrated with His Family to This Country in 1638; and Records of His Father's and Grandfather's Families in England, Ira B. Peck, Boston, MA, Alfred Mudge and Son, 1868.
Avalable at Google Books

A Pettingell Genealogy: Notes Concerning Those of the Name, Charles L. Pettingell, 1906, Boston, MA, The Fort Hill Press.
Avalable at Google Books

Mayflower Families in Progress: Henry Samson of the Mayflower, edited by Robert S. Wakefield, 1995.

Mayflower Families in Progress: Myles Standish of the Mayflower, edited by Robert S. Wakefield, 1992.

A Partial Record of the Descendants of John Tefft, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island and the nearly complete Record of the Descendants of John Tifft, of Nassau, New York, Maria E. (Maxon) Tifft, The Peter Paul Book Company, Publishers, Buffalo, New York, 1896.
Available at Archive.org

Tower Genealogy: An Account of the Descendants of John Tower of Hingham, Mass., Charlemagne Tower, 1891, Cambridge: John Watson & Son (University Press).
Available at Archive.org

Tracy Genealogy: Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Tracy of Lenox, Massachusetts, Compiled by: Mattie Liston-Griswold, 1900, Doubleday Bros. & Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Thomas Tupper and His Descendants, Franklin Whittlesey Tupper, Boston, Mass., The Tupper Family Association of America, Inc., 1945

The Descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle: Who came from Old to New England in 1635, and Settled in New Haven in 1639, with Numerous Biographical Notes and Sketches, by George Frederick Tuttle, 1883, Tuttle & Company, Rutland, Vermont. Also includes some account of the descendants of John Tuttle, of Dover, N.H.; Richard Tuttle, of Boston; John Tuttle, of Ipswich; and Henry Tuthill, of Hingham, Massachusetts.
Available at Archive.org

The Tyler Genealogy: The Descendants of Job Tyler, of Andover, Massachusetts, 1619-1700, by Willard Irving Tyler Brigham, privately published, 1912, Volume I (Generations 1-6) and Volume II (Generations 7-9).
Volume I:Available at Archive.org
Volume II: Avalable at Google Books

Memorial of the Walkers of the Old Plymouth colony: embracing genealogical and biographical sketches of James, of Taunton; Philip, of Rehoboth; William of Eastham; John, of Marshfield; Thomas, of Bristol; and of their descendants from 1620 to 1860, J. B. R. Walker, A.M., 1861, Northampton, MA, Metcalf & Co.
Avalable at Google Books

Mayflower Families in Progress: Richard Warren of the Mayflower, compiled by Robert S. Wakefield & Janice A. Beebe, 1995.

The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family in America
, Wheeler, Albert Gallatin, Jr, 1914, Boston, Massachusetts, American College of Genealogy.
Available at Archive.org

Descendants of Jacob Wilson of Braintree, Massachusetts, Ken Stevens, privately published, Walpole, New Hampshire, 1988, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 88-63788, ISBN: 0-9621887-0-0.

Volume I: The Woodworth Family of America: Descendants of Walter Woodworth of 1630 through Six Generations, Jeanette Woodworth Behan, 1988.

Descendants of Walter Woodworth of Scituate, Mass., Elijah B. Woodworth, 1901, Boston, MA.
Available at Woodworth Genealogy

Books with place names in the title

Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte, with a new introduction by William F. E. Morley, published 1972 by Miki Silk Screening Limited, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Beaverkill Valley - A Journey Through Time, Joan Powell and Irene O'Keefe Barhart, Low Beach, NY, B&P Publishing, 1999 (ISBN 0-96744702-0-X)

History of the town of Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts: 1736-1900: with Genealogies, Lucy Cutler Kellogg, Greenfield, Mass.: Press of E.A. Hall & Co., 1902, 642 pgs.

The History of Hartford, Vermont: July 4, 1761 - April 4, 1889, William Howard Tucker, 1889, The Free Press Association, Burlington, VT.

History of Hingham, Volumes II and III: Genealogies, George Lincoln, published 1893, reprinted 1982.

Narrative of the Town of Machias: The Old and the New, The Early and the Late, George W. Drisko, Press of the Republican, 1904, Machias, Maine.

Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement of Machias, C. O. Furbush, 1863, Machias, Maine.

Mayflower Marriages, Susan E. Roser, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1990.

Petersham, Massachusetts, Vital Records of Petersham, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849, 1904, Amherst, MA, Publisher Worcester, Mass., F. P. Rice.
Available at Archive.org

"A History of the Town of Poultney, Vermont From It's Settlement to the Year 1875, with Family and Biographical Sketches and Incidents", by Joslin, J, Frisbie, B and Ruggles, F., published 1875 by the Poultney Journal Printing office.

Annals of Staten Island, From Its Discovery to the Present Time, J. J. Clute, New York, Press of Chas. Vogt, No. 114 Fulton Street, 1877.

Switzerland County, Indiana - Early Marriage Records - 1814-1825, Colleen Alice Ridlen, 2001, Walter R. Gooldy, Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tyringham, Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850. Originally published in 1903 by the New England Historic Genealogical Society

Washington County, Ohio Marriages, 1789-1840, compiled by Bernice Graham & Elizabeth S. Cottle, Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1989, 98 p., maps. (ISBN: 0806312327)

Indexes and abstracts relating to Sprague and Sprague-derivative surnames

"Index to War of 1812 Pension Files Volume II: J-Z"
Transcribed by Virgil D. White. Waynesboro TN: The National Historical Publishing Company, 1992. LCCN: 92-061322. ISBN: 0-945099-20-7 (2 Vol Set) Revised Edition.

Summary of the introduction:
      Prepared from National Archives Series M313 "Index to War of 1812 Pension Files", 102 microfilm reels. This series [includes] claims based on service between 1812 and 1815. The claims for the most part based on the acts of 1871 and 1878. The act of 1871 provided pensions for veterans who had been cited by Congress for specific service if they had remain faithful to the United States during the Civil War. The act of 1878 provided pensions of more liberal terms, the veteran who had served as few as fourteen days in any engagement, and to widows of such veterans.
      There is a cross-reference index to the wives, widows and other family members (58,126 entries) as shown in the main index. The maiden name of the wives/widows is shown when they were available in the main index.
     Contains surnames: Spragen, Spraggins, Spragin, Sprague, Spraher, and Sprake and others.

"DAR Patriot Index Volume III P-Z: Alternate Name Cross Index"
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Millenium Administration
Copyright 2003
LCCN 2003104353
Published for the Society by Gateway Press INC, Baltimore MD, 2003

  • DAR has published multiple versions of the "DAR Patriot Index" over the decades. You have at least three DAR sources in the data base.
  • This edition appears quite precise editorially, most likely computer generated, and data is limited to the following: Under each surname spelling/alternatives, each given name is followed by: birth (or baptism) date/State/death date/State/marriage number(s) /name and surname of spouse(s)/military rank/State from which served. If marriage sequence is known, it is shown numerically; if not the multiple marriages are shown with an "X". Correct or not, this listing is unambiguous.
  • Since DAR membership devolves from those Patriots who sired children, unmarried Sprague patriots are omitted.
  • Such is the fate of unmarried men who die in wartime . . .I have three relatives who died in WWII and they are all but forgotten by my kin.
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