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New Brunswick, Canada



State/Province : Latitude: 46.5222508333333, Longitude: -66.1928627777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackerman, Henry Abraham  Cal 22 Aug 1862New Brunswick, Canada I225495
2 Ackerman, Nelson  New Brunswick, Canada I372737
3 Akerley, Myles H.  1889New Brunswick, Canada I332434
4 Allen, Alice May  11 Oct 1877New Brunswick, Canada I103504
5 Allen, Clara  May 1891New Brunswick, Canada I203816
6 Allen, Copp  Mar 1883New Brunswick, Canada I203815
7 Allen, Francis  Between 1792 and 1798New Brunswick, Canada I240476
8 Allen, Grace  Feb 1894New Brunswick, Canada I288323
9 Allen, Hannah A.  1838New Brunswick, Canada I149624
10 Allen, Martin  1852New Brunswick, Canada I288337
11 Alterton, Elizabeth  New Brunswick, Canada I357657
12 Anderson, Mary S.  Feb 1835New Brunswick, Canada I42021
13 Annis, Albert F.  1880New Brunswick, Canada I261946
14 Archibald, Elizabeth  Feb 1845New Brunswick, Canada I419729
15 Armstrong, Hannah M.  2 Jun 1828New Brunswick, Canada I241085
16 Arsenault, Bella  1883New Brunswick, Canada I379600
17 Austin, Martha  New Brunswick, Canada I372724
18 Avery, Laura A.  Abt 1875New Brunswick, Canada I99224
19 Babb, Benjamin  9 Aug 1817New Brunswick, Canada I30097
20 Bagley, Ruth  Oct 1838New Brunswick, Canada I58545
21 Bagley, [--?--]  New Brunswick, Canada I202844
22 Baldwin, Rachel  2 Nov 1831New Brunswick, Canada I194562
23 Barrlay, Mary  New Brunswick, Canada I415373
24 Bates, George Esq.  New Brunswick, Canada I149750
25 Bates, Margaret Ann  13 Nov 1856New Brunswick, Canada I149649
26 Beane, Annie M.  Abt 1882New Brunswick, Canada I357659
27 Beardsley, Horace Homer  23 Jan 1818New Brunswick, Canada I303459
28 Beardsley, Stanley Brunswick  1847New Brunswick, Canada I303460
29 Beardsley, Stanley Ethel Kate  1873New Brunswick, Canada I303492
30 Bell, George  New Brunswick, Canada I356791
31 Bell, Thomas  New Brunswick, Canada I356260
32 Benson, George Francis  Sep 1906New Brunswick, Canada I149763
33 Benson, Loren LaForest  11 Sep 1904New Brunswick, Canada I378373
34 Berryman, Hannah Jane  1 Jun 1858New Brunswick, Canada I171211
35 Biggar, Gladys M.  Abt 1911New Brunswick, Canada I418610
36 Bonney, Elizabeth Jane  20 Jun 1806New Brunswick, Canada I42115
37 Boyle, Susan  New Brunswick, Canada I281698
38 Boynton, Elizabeth P.  1845New Brunswick, Canada I402046
39 Bradley, Anna A.  31 Aug 1854New Brunswick, Canada I138455
40 Bradley, James  New Brunswick, Canada I458152
41 Brayley, Elizabeth  1857New Brunswick, Canada I303464
42 Brayley, Horace  1854New Brunswick, Canada I303463
43 Briggs, Emery  New Brunswick, Canada I433749
44 Brown, Alma  3 Mar 1891New Brunswick, Canada I241087
45 Brown, Gilford William  2 Aug 1891New Brunswick, Canada I220249
46 Brown, Lucille Arilla Myrtle  8 Oct 1890New Brunswick, Canada I220248
47 Bruce, Charlotte Moir  1850New Brunswick, Canada I395306
48 Brydon, Jack William Edward  Abt 1894New Brunswick, Canada I387717
49 Burtt, Florence Adelia  Abt 1893New Brunswick, Canada I171935
50 Caine, Abigail  4 Nov 1759New Brunswick, Canada I133036

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Harriet Jane  21 Oct 1986New Brunswick, Canada I347488
2 Beardsley, Stanley Ethel Kate  28 Dec 1873New Brunswick, Canada I303492
3 Brown, Frank Holly Denton  10 Jul 1974New Brunswick, Canada I220259
4 Brown, Julia Lenora  1966New Brunswick, Canada I220251
5 Brown, Richard  30 Jul 1866New Brunswick, Canada I149636
6 Buckholt, Charlotte  23 Jun 1867New Brunswick, Canada I150279
7 Clark, Sarah  New Brunswick, Canada I163572
8 Coulthard, William  New Brunswick, Canada I286144
9 Craft, Ernest Montgomery  1955New Brunswick, Canada I263519
10 Darrah, Archibald  1969New Brunswick, Canada I263511
11 Darrah, Guildford  18 Oct 1900New Brunswick, Canada I263508
12 Darrah, Julia  28 Sep 1909New Brunswick, Canada I263507
13 Dixon, Lydia Abigail  19 Apr 1840New Brunswick, Canada I182846
14 Doherty, Julia Etta  22 Oct 1910New Brunswick, Canada I149706
15 Downey, Foster  17 Oct 1883New Brunswick, Canada I470039
16 Fairweather, Ralph  1785New Brunswick, Canada I182874
17 Gilchrist, Charles H.  6 Mar 1936New Brunswick, Canada I263520
18 Green, Prudence Ann  27 Feb 1858New Brunswick, Canada I227014
19 Hatfield, Isaac  8 Nov 1849New Brunswick, Canada I178109
20 Hopps, Rachel  19 Apr 1836New Brunswick, Canada I42069
21 Keillor, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1827New Brunswick, Canada I30598
22 Keirstead, James G.  26 Mar 1926New Brunswick, Canada I392114
23 Leavitt, Elisha  1886New Brunswick, Canada I32045
24 Lewis, Felix  1800New Brunswick, Canada I360427
25 Logue, Billy  1978New Brunswick, Canada I263528
26 Lounsbury, Benjamin  Bef 1871New Brunswick, Canada I233378
27 Lounsbury, John Williamson  New Brunswick, Canada I233385
28 McLaskey, Robert  1884New Brunswick, Canada I265459
29 Mills, Nancy  Aft Mar 1863New Brunswick, Canada I249589
30 Morrell, Mary Elizabeth  New Brunswick, Canada I470037
31 Odell, David  28 May 1868New Brunswick, Canada I128711
32 Odell, Sarah  18 Nov 1864New Brunswick, Canada I150604
33 Pendleton, James Alden  1883New Brunswick, Canada I447664
34 Pendleton, Thomas Jr.  Abt 1812New Brunswick, Canada I447399
35 Pineo, Frank Lee  1977New Brunswick, Canada I367579
36 Reicker, Margaret Evelyn  1984New Brunswick, Canada I220258
37 Sanford, Sarah  14 Oct 1910New Brunswick, Canada I364371
38 Spragg, Catherine  6 Apr 1862New Brunswick, Canada I149133
39 Spragg, Elizabeth  Apr 1905New Brunswick, Canada I149635
40 Spragg, George  Bef 1884New Brunswick, Canada I254132
41 Spragg, John  Bef 1884New Brunswick, Canada I254134
42 Spragg, Julia Aline  1933New Brunswick, Canada I220273
43 Spragg, Michael  Aft 14 May 1878New Brunswick, Canada I258192
44 Sprague, Arnold Wesley  11 Mar 1997New Brunswick, Canada I148805
45 Sprague, Glazier B.  8 Jan 1921New Brunswick, Canada I171157
46 Sprague, Gordon Leslie  15 Apr 1992New Brunswick, Canada I128651
47 Sterritt, Mary Matilda  25 Jan 1949New Brunswick, Canada I396579
48 Stocks, Elizabeth  1776New Brunswick, Canada I348373
49 Taylor, Byron Howard  5 Nov 1993New Brunswick, Canada I145439
50 Tupper, Charles Guy  3 Jan 1898New Brunswick, Canada I178095

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Spragg, William H.  New Brunswick, Canada I149282

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Morrell, Agnes Annetta  14 Mar 1857New Brunswick, Canada I207188
2 Quayle, Ann K.  Abt 1853New Brunswick, Canada I103560
3 Ritter, Anna Matilda  Abt 1868New Brunswick, Canada I359579
4 Sprague, William Henry  1851New Brunswick, Canada I138450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ackerman, Henry Abraham  1911New Brunswick, Canada I225495
2 Fisher, Ernest T.  1891New Brunswick, Canada I220218
3 Fisher, Jessie  1891New Brunswick, Canada I220217
4 Fisher, Mayhew Tupper  1891New Brunswick, Canada I138975
5 Fisher, Ora A.  1891New Brunswick, Canada I220219
6 Fulton, Rosanna M.  1891New Brunswick, Canada I138976
7 Heard, Emma Burrows  1911New Brunswick, Canada I171183
8 Rogers, Alfred Alexander  1911New Brunswick, Canada I225512
9 Rogers, Cecil Vernard  1911New Brunswick, Canada I171195
10 Rogers, Gladys Alberta  1911New Brunswick, Canada I225513
11 Spragg, Martha Mary  1911New Brunswick, Canada I225511
12 Sprague, Alice C.  1911New Brunswick, Canada I203811
13 Sprague, Rev. Dr. Howard  1911New Brunswick, Canada I172060
14 Sprague, Lillian Saint Croix  1911New Brunswick, Canada I171184
15 Tupper, Ardent Calvin  1911New Brunswick, Canada I162785
16 Tupper, Deborah Patterson  1911New Brunswick, Canada I162786
17 Tupper, Donovan  1911New Brunswick, Canada I192630
18 Tupper, Effie Lulano  1911New Brunswick, Canada I192628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Best, Richard  New Brunswick, Canada I94862


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Owen, Richard  1880New Brunswick, Canada I171841


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Miles, Rev. Frederick William  New Brunswick, Canada I278880


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Babcock, Henry  New Brunswick, Canada I67899
2 Fisher, Mary  New Brunswick, Canada I94265
3 Goodfellow, Margaret  New Brunswick, Canada I148560
4 Hayes, Leroy David  New Brunswick, Canada I263931
5 McKenzie, Samuel Asa  New Brunswick, Canada I93519
6 McLean, Barbara  New Brunswick, Canada I148561
7 Nelson, Elizabeth  New Brunswick, Canada I236106
8 Sprague, Samuel William Jr.  1895New Brunswick, Canada I240088
9 Thornton, Lt. Matthew  1783New Brunswick, Canada I41943
10 Williston, Benjamin P.  New Brunswick, Canada I41873


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   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Archibald / Hamm  14 Sep 1904New Brunswick, Canada F123865
2 Butcher / Cameron  17 Jul 1945New Brunswick, Canada F135388
3 Dukeshire / Watt  1813New Brunswick, Canada F129649
4 Dyer / Mitchell  1833New Brunswick, Canada F35743
5 Geddes / Hamilton  15 Nov 1878New Brunswick, Canada F127764
6 Henry / Sprague  24 Oct 1894New Brunswick, Canada F47795
7 Hill / Hill  7 Apr 1872New Brunswick, Canada F70815
8 Kilfillen / Ackerman  19 Jun 1935New Brunswick, Canada F134892
9 Kneeland / Whittaker  15 Jun 1907New Brunswick, Canada F128586
10 Lounsbury / Grey  30 Jul 1798New Brunswick, Canada F74614
11 Lounsbury / McFee  1 Mar 1837New Brunswick, Canada F83986
12 McCann / McCrum  29 Sep 1906New Brunswick, Canada F47773
13 McLaskey / Gilman  1826New Brunswick, Canada F95253
14 Mitchell / Sutter  Abt 1803New Brunswick, Canada F35742
15 Morrell / Clark  1908New Brunswick, Canada F90668
16 Spragg / Allen  21 Dec 1859New Brunswick, Canada F54624
17 Spragg / Brundage  27 Feb 1834New Brunswick, Canada F54373
18 Spragg / McDonald  1785New Brunswick, Canada F36990
19 Spragg / Nickerson  9 Aug 1812New Brunswick, Canada F44045
20 Spragg / Taylor  23 Feb 1833New Brunswick, Canada F34786
21 Starratt / Wright  27 Mar 1884New Brunswick, Canada F59840
22 Sutter / Fullerton  1788New Brunswick, Canada F35741
23 Thomas / Dukeshire  New Brunswick, Canada F129686
24 Tupper / Giberson  Abt 1864New Brunswick, Canada F65085
25 White / Carle  New Brunswick, Canada F135505

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