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Bartholomew Co., IN, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 39.2038888888889, Longitude: -85.8908333333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, John Tway  Between 1844 and 1846Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I174417
2 Anderson, Floyd  Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113599
3 Ault, Alfred Lee  Sep 1896Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252964
4 Ault, Frank H.  19 Sep 1890Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252961
5 Ault, Jemima D.  24 Aug 1899Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252966
6 Ault, John A.  Jun 1856Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252960
7 Ault, John Henry  Apr 1894Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252963
8 Ault, Laura  Jun 1893Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252962
9 Barkhimer, John W.  29 Oct 1885Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113441
10 Barkhimer, Lynn Phillip  27 Jan 1916Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113446
11 Barkhimer, Paul William  13 Mar 1913Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113445
12 Brown, Donna May  13 Sep 1914Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113447
13 Butler, Addie  19 Mar 1887Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252957
14 Butler, Joseph  1 Mar 1853Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I6967
15 Butler, Richard  29 May 1901Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252959
16 Butler, Roy  28 Jul 1889Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252958
17 Clark, Ida Clementine  7 Nov 1881Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113544
18 Conger, Samuel Sprague  Mar 1857Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252909
19 Conner, Elsie  24 May 1893Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113562
20 Conner, James Sedwick  16 Jun 1854Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113495
21 Conner, Joseph Roy  10 Nov 1887Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113561
22 Conner, Mary Ann  24 Apr 1864Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113500
23 Conner, Owen  12 Apr 1857Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113498
24 Conner, Ruth Eliza  15 May 1852Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113467
25 Conner, William Franklin  15 Apr 1851Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113494
26 Conner, Willis H.  9 Dec 1860Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113499
27 Foust, Sarah  Abt 1905Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252969
28 Gilmore, Esther Emma  11 Jan 1904Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113465
29 Gilmore, Otto Albert  1 Aug 1875Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113462
30 McComas, Bernadine  7 Jun 1907Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252988
31 McComas, Charlotte B.  23 Jan 1912Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252991
32 McComas, Wallace  22 Dec 1905Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252990
33 Miller, Clarence A.  22 Jun 1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252981
34 Miller, Donald  6 Jan 1905Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252977
35 Miller, Mabel  8 Aug 1911Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252985
36 Miller, Marie S.  7 Aug 1911Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252986
37 Nolte, Alexander Charles  1860Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113549
38 Powell, John Dunham  26 Apr 1860Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79817
39 Powell, William Henry  3 Aug 1868Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I222776
40 Sharp, Musa Gladys  13 Oct 1890Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113585
41 Solomon, Robert Neil  16 Jan 1915Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I253051
42 Sprague, Ada Isadore  8 Jul 1894Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I16287
43 Sprague, Albert  2 Feb 1904Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113588
44 Sprague, Arlis Mae  1924Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I285499
45 Sprague, Cornilius Taylor  18 Oct 1878Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252938
46 Sprague, Creel Robert  1925Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I285473
47 Sprague, Dortha Beatrice  14 Jul 1916Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I285495
48 Sprague, Dovie  3 Oct 1889Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I16285
49 Sprague, Earl Earnest  20 Oct 1902Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252950
50 Sprague, Effie Louise  Abt 1901Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252975

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ault, John A.  1936Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252960
2 Barkhimer, John W.  1962Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113441
3 Butler, D. C. Asa  4 Oct 1919Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I7001
4 Clark, Ida Clementine  5 May 1955Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113544
5 Conner, Alcinda  22 Jan 1924Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113493
6 Conner, Archibald Thompson  5 Apr 1957Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113559
7 Conner, Elisha  20 Apr 1875Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113468
8 Conner, Ernest I.  15 Oct 1896Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113560
9 Conner, Rev. George S.  23 Aug 1897Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113477
10 Conner, Mary Ann  1899Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113500
11 Conner, Ruth Eliza  17 Feb 1934Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113467
12 Conner, Rev. Thomas William  3 Dec 1916Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113514
13 Conner, William Franklin  24 Apr 1851Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113494
14 Cook, Clarence Conner  27 Dec 1939Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113543
15 Cook, Viola  28 May 1956Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113463
16 Cooper, Josiah Fenton  12 Aug 1868Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79700
17 Foust, Sarah  Bef 1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252969
18 Gilmore, Esther Emma  27 Jan 1919Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113465
19 Gilmore, Otto Albert  20 Oct 1953Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113462
20 Greathouse, Rexall  14 Jan 1999Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I305747
21 Haislup, Emily  20 Feb 1898Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I7002
22 Harris, Mayme  9 Dec 1920Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I480713
23 Holman, Lena  14 Dec 1972Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I285492
24 Hupp, Mary Ann  13 Sep 1938Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113776
25 McComas, Bernadine  InfantBartholomew Co., IN, USA I252988
26 McKain, David  1912Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113400
27 McKain, May  7 Oct 1973Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113807
28 Nolte, Alexander Charles  1912Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113549
29 Nolte, Ruth Beulah  Sep 1936Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113551
30 Sprague, Albert  10 Dec 1978Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113588
31 Sprague, Benjamin F.  6 Mar 1891Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79695
32 Sprague, Floyd Earl Sr.  8 May 1994Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I15797
33 Sprague, Isaiah Leander  24 May 1937Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79838
34 Sprague, Jesse P.  7 Sep 1909Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79832
35 Sprague, Kenneth Fairell  27 Jan 1994Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I285493
36 Sprague, Rebecca  Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79691
37 Thompson, Rhoda J.  5 Nov 1922Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113469
38 Thompson, Susan H.  31 May 1921Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I113555
39 Tirtle, Hannah  30 Oct 1893Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79849
40 Tway, Nancy  17 Jun 1847Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I9630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ault, Alfred Lee  1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252964
2 Barkheimer, Anna May  1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252948
3 Bethel, Rosa E.  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I309640
4 Sprague, Charles L.  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I318123
5 Sprague, Earl Earnest  1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252950
6 Sprague, Fern  1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252949
7 Sprague, Frances M.  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252921
8 Sprague, Henry Taylor  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79831
9 Sprague, Isaiah Leander  1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252917
10 Sprague, James Edwin  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I309641
11 Sprague, James H.  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I318124
12 Sprague, Mary J.  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252918
13 Sprague, William M.  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79854
14 Vicers, Elizabeth  1880Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I79841

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Elias Benjamin  Abt 1918Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I285491
2 Sprague, Isaiah Leander  27 Apr 1942Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I252917


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Cornelius  Bartholomew Co., IN, USA I136557


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Alexander / Cooper  3 Sep 1861Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4388
2 Anderson / Nolte  23 Mar 1913Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41729
3 Ault / Sprague  31 Dec 1891Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F90707
4 Barkhimer / Sprague  24 Oct 1906Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41675
5 Boyer / Sprague  4 Mar 1916Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F6349
6 Conner / Clark  1 Aug 1910Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41709
7 Conner / Crow  28 Mar 1844Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41698
8 Conner / Thompson  27 Dec 1876Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41713
9 Conner / Vanansdall  25 Mar 1852Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41701
10 Cook / Cooper  31 Oct 1857Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4382
11 Cook / Sharp  5 Sep 1914Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41726
12 Cooper / Sheffield  17 Jan 1872Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4394
13 Cooper / Thompson  3 Dec 1859Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4380
14 Cooper / Thompson  7 Dec 1859Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4384
15 Dugan / Sprague  18 Nov 1899Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F90716
16 Dugan / Sprague  27 May 1903Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F90710
17 Fenner / Sprague  14 Sep 1918Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F6350
18 Foust / Sprague  17 Nov 1901Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F90715
19 Gee / Cooper  29 Aug 1852Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4378
20 Kerner / McKain  28 May 1921Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41840
21 Kettier / Sprague  21 May 1915Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F6353
22 McCoy / Roberts  12 Apr 1919Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F176478
23 McKain / Kettler  13 Oct 1914Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F176547
24 McKain / Voss  10 Jun 1922Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41837
25 Mitchem / Sprague  28 Nov 1851Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F29935
26 Nolte / Conner  24 Aug 1887Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41710
27 Orr / Sprague  11 May 1918Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F6352
28 Owens / Cooper  6 Aug 1865Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4392
29 Spragg / Davis  25 Sep 1862Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F119970
30 Spragg / Gant  16 Feb 1875Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F119972
31 Spragg / Werner  1 May 1887Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F119969
32 Sprague / Bethel  12 Sep 1878Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F121275
33 Sprague / Bruce  15 Aug 1906Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41672
34 Sprague / Eickleberry  24 Dec 1896Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41673
35 Sprague / Goodfellow  24 Sep 1865Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F29965
36 Sprague / Holman  16 Aug 1913Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F102421
37 Sprague / Patterson  18 Mar 1866Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F29961
38 Sprague / Romine  22 Dec 1859Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F29947
39 Stout / Cooper  5 Mar 1857Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4379
40 Stroud / McKain  23 Dec 1916Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41839
41 Swartwood / Cooper  26 Oct 1864Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4390
42 Truex / Cooper  7 Sep 1861Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F4389
43 Walts / [--?--]  1906Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F120813
44 Williams / McKain  30 Aug 1913Bartholomew Co., IN, USA F41838

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