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Nova Scotia, Canada



State/Province : Latitude: 44.9336963888889, Longitude: -63.7316895


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abrams, Mary Elizabeth  1818Nova Scotia, Canada I144525
2 Aikens, Hannah  Abt 1809Nova Scotia, Canada I342616
3 Akerley, George S.  Mar 1845Nova Scotia, Canada I381981
4 Alexander, John  Abt 1826Nova Scotia, Canada I162137
5 Allan, Mark  1770Nova Scotia, Canada I43875
6 Allen, Sarah Elizabeth  11 Sep 1847Nova Scotia, Canada I367671
7 Archibald, Sarah Frances  9 Jun 1896Nova Scotia, Canada I357214
8 Atwell, Margaret Maye  11 Jul 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I160103
9 Ayer, Quinton  Nova Scotia, Canada I416876
10 Babcock, George Washington Sr.  1807Nova Scotia, Canada I41974
11 Baker, Anna  27 May 1761Nova Scotia, Canada I91331
12 Baltzer, Jennie Viola  9 Sep 1915Nova Scotia, Canada I367853
13 Banks, John Wyatt  25 Sep 1854Nova Scotia, Canada I153971
14 Barkhouse, Lorne Lovett  22 May 1890Nova Scotia, Canada I350655
15 Barnaby, Clara W.  Abt 1834Nova Scotia, Canada I369946
16 Bateman, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1851Nova Scotia, Canada I215680
17 Beals, William Allen  Nova Scotia, Canada I356436
18 Bent, Anna Maria  Abt 1841Nova Scotia, Canada I177484
19 Bent, Asa  10 Jan 1830Nova Scotia, Canada I163347
20 Bent, Florence  1860Nova Scotia, Canada I369981
21 Bent, George  1843Nova Scotia, Canada I369960
22 Bent, Harriet S.  1838Nova Scotia, Canada I163355
23 Bent, Herbert H.  Abt 1856Nova Scotia, Canada I369979
24 Bent, Jessie Maria  Between 1839 and 1840Nova Scotia, Canada I163357
25 Bent, Lavinia  Abt 1847Nova Scotia, Canada I369599
26 Bent, Mabel S.  1866Nova Scotia, Canada I369986
27 Bent, Mary L.  1870Nova Scotia, Canada I369987
28 Bent, Samuel M.  13 Oct 1841Nova Scotia, Canada I369972
29 Bent, Stanley  Abt 1858Nova Scotia, Canada I369980
30 Bentley, Earl Wilkinson  1 Jun 1920Nova Scotia, Canada I357953
31 Bentley, Lois  21 Dec 1904Nova Scotia, Canada I357941
32 Bentley, Rita  Oct 1907Nova Scotia, Canada I368171
33 Best, Martin  8 Mar 1834Nova Scotia, Canada I149841
34 Betts, Jacob  13 Apr 1793Nova Scotia, Canada I180480
35 Bezanson, Bessie Marie  3 Feb 1895Nova Scotia, Canada I320759
36 Bishop, Charles Adrian  16 Mar 1859Nova Scotia, Canada I200999
37 Bishop, Elias  22 Feb 1797Nova Scotia, Canada I163337
38 Bishop, Mary Ann  13 Apr 1806Nova Scotia, Canada I163379
39 Black, James William  5 Dec 1841Nova Scotia, Canada I31709
40 Black, Margaret Matilda  Abt 1832Nova Scotia, Canada I379912
41 Black, Thomas  20 Jul 1785Nova Scotia, Canada I136175
42 Blaikie, William  15 Jun 1815Nova Scotia, Canada I136138
43 Borden, Mary Etta  28 Aug 1864Nova Scotia, Canada I364736
44 Bradshaw, Caroline Phoebe  Abt 1813Nova Scotia, Canada I256250
45 Briggs, Samuel  Nova Scotia, Canada I362804
46 Brown, Amelia  Abt 1796Nova Scotia, Canada I371958
47 Brown, Sarah  12 May 1839Nova Scotia, Canada I136132
48 Browne, Helen May  12 Dec 1886Nova Scotia, Canada I289302
49 Brydon, Blanche  May 1896Nova Scotia, Canada I287316
50 Brydon, Catherine  Jun 1897Nova Scotia, Canada I287317

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angevine, Esther  5 Oct 1803Nova Scotia, Canada I136180
2 Atwell, Richard  Nova Scotia, Canada I160097
3 Beckwith, Samuel  Nova Scotia, Canada I192414
4 Bishop, Elias  2 Dec 1886Nova Scotia, Canada I163337
5 Butler, Charlotte  10 May 1942Nova Scotia, Canada I15895
6 Butler, Thomas Herbert  Bef 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I22491
7 Chisholm, Robert Bruce  28 Jan 1961Nova Scotia, Canada I467415
8 Cranstone, Anna N.  Nov 1961Nova Scotia, Canada I88885
9 Creelman, Patricia  15 Mar 1961Nova Scotia, Canada I378751
10 Creelman, Susan Jeanette  23 Jan 1938Nova Scotia, Canada I44690
11 Creelman, William Lloyd  7 Nov 2012Nova Scotia, Canada I346641
12 Dean, Freeman MacKay  11 Sep 2013Nova Scotia, Canada I388441
13 Densmore, Jane  1881Nova Scotia, Canada I399340
14 Dickie, Martha Anne  1913Nova Scotia, Canada I132957
15 Drew, Lemuel Walter  1926Nova Scotia, Canada I257979
16 Ellis, Christina  5 Aug 1897Nova Scotia, Canada I354563
17 English, Mary  2 May 1808Nova Scotia, Canada I138612
18 Fisher, Marie  1939Nova Scotia, Canada I426727
19 Gahan, Gladys I.  2005Nova Scotia, Canada I390230
20 Geddes, Mahitable  Between 1881 and 1883Nova Scotia, Canada I375652
21 Gesner, Abraham Pineo M.D.  29 Apr 1864Nova Scotia, Canada I165697
22 Gethoefer, Elizabeth Virginia  22 Dec 1917Nova Scotia, Canada I31787
23 Gillis, Angus  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I368989
24 Gillis, James Alexander  1895Nova Scotia, Canada I372526
25 Gillis, Roderick  10 Feb 1875Nova Scotia, Canada I372529
26 Godfrey, Benjamin  Nova Scotia, Canada I138685
27 Harrington, Hazel Martha  3 Sep 2014Nova Scotia, Canada I401831
28 Hutchinson, Roy Alexander  May 1963Nova Scotia, Canada I390114
29 Jackson, Douglas Stuat  17 May 1991Nova Scotia, Canada I255351
30 Johnson, Ross Creelman  7 May 1984Nova Scotia, Canada I343476
31 Kent, Anna  2 Mar 1825Nova Scotia, Canada I20418
32 Kent, Elizabeth  Dec 1841Nova Scotia, Canada I245981
33 Logan, Andrew  15 Oct 1882Nova Scotia, Canada I157803
34 Loomer, Hannah  29 Dec 1835Nova Scotia, Canada I170609
35 Loomer, Lydia  8 Apr 1860Nova Scotia, Canada I364160
36 Marven, John  Nova Scotia, Canada I404894
37 Marvin, Miriam  Nova Scotia, Canada I192415
38 Morse, Asa Tupper  21 Apr 1887Nova Scotia, Canada I104593
39 Munro, Helen Anderson  13 Nov 1858Nova Scotia, Canada I138640
40 Murphy, Eldridge  Abt 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I433623
41 Myatt, Albert Henry  1942Nova Scotia, Canada I137355
42 Nelson, Alexander  Jul 1839Nova Scotia, Canada I236088
43 Nelson, John  Dec 1857Nova Scotia, Canada I235878
44 Nelson, Sarah  18 May 1874Nova Scotia, Canada I364411
45 Nickerson, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1824Nova Scotia, Canada I174117
46 Nickerson, Nathan  Aft 1765Nova Scotia, Canada I174151
47 Nickerson, Sarah  Mar 1828Nova Scotia, Canada I138767
48 Orr, Martha  Nova Scotia, Canada I30501
49 Purdy, John Morton  22 Jan 1954Nova Scotia, Canada I245191
50 Ransom, Temperance  Nova Scotia, Canada I234453

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Greenough, Mary  Abt 1814Nova Scotia, Canada I32044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brown, Sarah Leah  1900Nova Scotia, Canada I238889
2 Creelman, Grace  1900Nova Scotia, Canada I238890
3 Creelman, Margaret  1900Nova Scotia, Canada I238891
4 Creelman, Samuel  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I164847
5 Creelman, Stanley Turlington  1900Nova Scotia, Canada I238875
6 Peers, Alexander  1881Nova Scotia, Canada I137430
7 Peers, Joshua Horton  1881Nova Scotia, Canada I137091
8 Peers, Neil Lorrain  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I384916
9 Peers, Sarah Ellen  1881Nova Scotia, Canada I137097
10 Peers, William Roswell  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I384917
11 Purdy, Catherine Jane  1881Nova Scotia, Canada I180594
12 Reed, Christina  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I137431
13 Ripley, Anna Esther  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340858
14 Ripley, Emma Rebecca  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340852
15 Ripley, Florence Isabell  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340854
16 Ripley, Hannah Elizabeth  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I139084
17 Ripley, James Trueman  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340856
18 Ripley, Louise Mary  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340855
19 Ripley, Morley Dalton  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340857
20 Ripley, Nellie E.  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340853
21 Ripley, Robert Barry Mack  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I340851
22 Ripley, Robert Salter  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I139083
23 Ripley, William Rowland  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I31609
24 Weir, Robert T. H.  1891Nova Scotia, Canada I159042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Hay, Bessie  Nova Scotia, Canada I371546
2 Taylor, Elva Marguerite  Nova Scotia, Canada I145422


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Davis, Florence Pamela  1894Nova Scotia, Canada I170167
2 Mazelow, Benjamin  Nova Scotia, Canada I29877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    License    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Cora Marie  28 Jul 1928Nova Scotia, Canada I145438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Thompson, George Herbert  Nova Scotia, Canada I377239


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beal, Abel  Nova Scotia, Canada I190492
2 Cameron, Bessie J.  Nova Scotia, Canada I310826
3 Fisher, Samuel A.  1767Nova Scotia, Canada I86322
4 Francis, Henry  Between 1860 and 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I155781
5 Gordon, Benjamin  Nova Scotia, Canada I10748
6 Greenough, Mary  Nova Scotia, Canada I32044
7 Huntington, Ezra  Nova Scotia, Canada I203940
8 Longfellow, Elizabeth  Nova Scotia, Canada I170328
9 Longfellow, Hannah  Nova Scotia, Canada I197825
10 Longfellow, Jonathan  Nova Scotia, Canada I197820
11 McAlpine, Heather Anne  Nova Scotia, Canada I237035
12 McKenzie, Christin  Nova Scotia, Canada I10413
13 McNeill, Roberta  Nova Scotia, Canada I137324
14 Newcomb, Abraham  Aft 1760Nova Scotia, Canada I94545
15 Olney, William  Nova Scotia, Canada I84114
16 Purney, Robert Edwin  Nova Scotia, Canada I107537
17 Sanford, Endcome  1763Nova Scotia, Canada I364118
18 Sanford, Joshua  1760Nova Scotia, Canada I364119
19 Sanford, Peleg  Nova Scotia, Canada I396280
20 Sanford, Woodward  Nova Scotia, Canada I396277
21 Sprague, George Albert  1974Nova Scotia, Canada I41887
22 Whidden, Rachel  Nova Scotia, Canada I94906
23 Woodworth, Levi Charles  Nova Scotia, Canada I152969


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   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Archibald / Cox  14 Feb 1788Nova Scotia, Canada F50118
2 Archibald / Denny  17 Feb 1791Nova Scotia, Canada F91294
3 Archibald / Hamilton  1784Nova Scotia, Canada F91292
4 Archibald / Wittier  27 Apr 1785Nova Scotia, Canada F90939
5 Atkinson / Purdy  1969Nova Scotia, Canada F171315
6 Bent / Barnaby  Nova Scotia, Canada F133963
7 Bent / Miner  23 Oct 1799Nova Scotia, Canada F65803
8 Bent / Morse  12 Sep 1837Nova Scotia, Canada F133961
9 Butcher / Booth  17 Feb 1932Nova Scotia, Canada F135387
10 Cameron / Archibald  1794Nova Scotia, Canada F91295
11 Campbell / Ellis  30 Jan 1845Nova Scotia, Canada F133545
12 Cox / Tupper  18 Sep 1879Nova Scotia, Canada F78575
13 Creelman / Ellis  11 Feb 1834Nova Scotia, Canada F50544
14 Creelman / Tupper  27 Jan 1831Nova Scotia, Canada F35194
15 Deyarmond / Murray  1863Nova Scotia, Canada F127837
16 Dickey / Scott  22 Jun 1788Nova Scotia, Canada F59821
17 Dickie / Chase  14 Sep 1892Nova Scotia, Canada F48381
18 Eaton / Bulmer  1806Nova Scotia, Canada F55656
19 Finley / Brownell  1839Nova Scotia, Canada F134809
20 Hoag / Mills  1783Nova Scotia, Canada F155671
21 Johnson / Archibald  16 Oct 1860Nova Scotia, Canada F59204
22 Johnson / Pearson  23 Jun 1836Nova Scotia, Canada F59205
23 Kenney / Doane  23 Nov 1773Nova Scotia, Canada F50801
24 Lindsay / Fader  8 Aug 1884Nova Scotia, Canada F89386
25 Nash / Creelman  4 Oct 1859Nova Scotia, Canada F128959
26 Nelson / MacNeill  Abt 1946Nova Scotia, Canada F171318
27 Nelson / Theakston  Nova Scotia, Canada F171319
28 Newcomb / Creelman  27 Mar 1838Nova Scotia, Canada F6173
29 Newcomb / Dickie  7 Jan 1862Nova Scotia, Canada F48334
30 Newcombe / McLannan  10 Nov 1910Nova Scotia, Canada F103770
31 Nichols / Strong  5 Dec 1928Nova Scotia, Canada F132137
32 Purdy / Embree  31 Jul 1907Nova Scotia, Canada F65938
33 Purdy / MacDonald  1938Nova Scotia, Canada F171313
34 Purdy / Payne  24 Aug 1871Nova Scotia, Canada F65848
35 Read / Thompson  17 Jan 1826Nova Scotia, Canada F136561
36 Sprigg / Martin  1785Nova Scotia, Canada F150872
37 Stewart / Dean  3 Jun 1875Nova Scotia, Canada F91428
38 Taylor / Lynds  Nova Scotia, Canada F49546
39 Tower / Tupper  Nova Scotia, Canada F79772
40 Trueman / Ripley  22 Jan 1806Nova Scotia, Canada F59726
41 Tupper / Creelman  27 Jul 1859Nova Scotia, Canada F6115
42 Tupper / Graham  29 Feb 1820Nova Scotia, Canada F35178
43 Tupper / Morse  8 Oct 1846Nova Scotia, Canada F35167
44 Tupper / Newcomb  13 Mar 1821Nova Scotia, Canada F35180
45 Tupper / Waddell  28 Feb 1869Nova Scotia, Canada F48916
46 Virgie / Wright  14 Aug 1828Nova Scotia, Canada F59780
47 Whidden / Gould  Nova Scotia, Canada F37846
48 Wood / Tupper  26 Dec 1849Nova Scotia, Canada F120440

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