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King Philip's War



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Barker, John  King Philip's War I80616
2 Bliss, Thomas  King Philip's War I57647
3 Bradford, Major William III  King Philip's War I83065
4 Church, Benjamin  King Philip's War I63125
5 Damon, John  King Philip's War I70798
6 Denison, Capt. George  King Philip's War I130456
7 Fickett, John  King Philip's War I11210
8 Gallop, Capt. John III  King Philip's War I50043
9 Gallup, John III  King Philip's War I177402
10 Gillam, Benjamin Jr.  King Philip's War I68111
11 Gleason, John  Between 25 Jan 1676 and 7 Aug 1676King Philip's War I451515
12 Gleason, Nathaniel  King Philip's War I451601
13 Gleason, Philip  1676King Philip's War I451600
14 Haskell, Mark  King Philip's War I55265
15 Holbrook, Capt. John  King Philip's War I85971
16 Hovey, James  King Philip's War I87218
17 Jennings, Richard  King Philip's War I81426
18 Johnson, Capt. Isaac  King Philip's War I17792
19 Lay, John  King Philip's War I65061
20 Loomis, Lieut. Samuel  King Philip's War I47792
21 Marsh, Onesipherous  King Philip's War I98413
22 Mower, Samuel  King Philip's War I132086
23 Mowry, John  King Philip's War I46139
24 Nye, Benjamin  King Philip's War I94468
25 Olmstead, Capt. Nicholas  King Philip's War I48711
26 Pierce, Isaac  King Philip's War I96298
27 Porter, John  King Philip's War I62658
28 Rhodes, John  King Philip's War I19287
29 Salisbury, John  King Philip's War I23589
30 Salisbury, William  King Philip's War I23586
31 Soule, Benjamin  King Philip's War I21416
32 Spaulding, John  King Philip's War I68943
33 Spencer, Ensign Gerrard  King Philip's War I87289
34 Sprague, John Sr.  King Philip's War I115908
35 Sprague, Capt. John  King Philip's War I42554
36 Sprague, John  King Philip's War I38508
37 Sprague, Jonathan  King Philip's War I58371
38 Sprague, Phineas  King Philip's War I58174
39 Sprague, Phineas  King Philip's War I42559
40 Sprague, Lt. Samuel  King Philip's War I42557
41 Stanley, Capt. John  King Philip's War I49989
42 Stanton, Capt. John  1675King Philip's War I181752
43 Stephens, Henry  King Philip's War I50034
44 Tubbs, Samuel  King Philip's War I61336
45 Walker, Samuel  King Philip's War I80743
46 Webster, Lt. Robert  King Philip's War I138113
47 Wilder, Edward  King Philip's War I41848
48 Williamson, Timothy  King Philip's War I98430

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