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Hannah Barnes

Female 1759 - 1839  (80 years)

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Lucy Sprague
Female Abt 1804-Yes, date unknown
Richard Randall
Male -Yes, date unknown
Jacob Sprague
Male 1829-Abt 1829
Charlotta Mahala Sprague
Female 1830-1887
William Banner King
Male 1825-1886
New chart
Norman Sprague
Male 1832-Yes, date unknown
Benjamin Alden Sprague
Male 1833-1895
Alta Susan Brown
Female 1835-1929
New chart
Theodore Francis Sprague
Male 1834-1914
Mary Jane Earl
Female 1833-1909
New chart
Lucy Jane Sprague
Female 1836-1925
Edward M. Major
Male -1884
New chart
Charles Reibsomen
Male -1910
Charles Marion Sprague
Male 1838-1893
Ophelia Anna Frink
Female 1846-1896
New chart
George Washington Sprague
Male 1839-Abt 1840
Sarah Rosalie Sprague
Female 1841-1925
Sylvester Thomas Meredith
Male 1842-1881
New chart
Dr. William L. Burns
Male -Yes, date unknown
Mary Ester Sprague
Female 1843-1843
Henry Clay Sprague
Male 1844-1909
Hannah Rebecca McClain
Female 1849-1922
New chart
George Monroe Sprague
Male 1846-1927
Anna Clement
Female 1845-1921
New chart
Marietta Sprague
Female 1848-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Norman
Male -Yes, date unknown
John A. Collins
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Josephine Sprague
Female 1850-1934
George William Clement
Male 1847-1934
New chart
Nicholas Preble Sprague
Male 1806-1873
Lois Phelps
Female 1807-1898
George D. Curry
Male 1833-1878
Benjamin F. Curry
Male 1839-1875
Francis Curry
Male 1841-Yes, date unknown
Rosanah Curry
Female 1843-Yes, date unknown
Mary Curry
Female 1844-1923
Romane Curry
1849-Yes, date unknown
Harriet Curry
Female 1853-
Harriet Sprague
Female 1812-1886
Ananias Curry
Male 1807-1886
Hannah Sprague
Barnabas Phelps
Male 1806-1871
Florence Sprague
Female 1846-Yes, date unknown
Abram M. Call
Male 1839-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Claudius Sprague
Male 1849-Yes, date unknown
Anna Dyal
Female Abt 1855-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Franklin F. Sprague
Male 1851-Abt 1913
Flora C. Smith
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Cora S. Sprague
Female 1853-Abt 1914
William Thompson
Male -Yes, date unknown
Rev. Chester Sprague
Male 1856-Yes, date unknown
Ida Westlake
Female 1862-1941
New chart
Desjardin Sprague
Male 1860-Abt 1913
Ann Pugh
Female -Yes, date unknown
Cecil J. Sprague
Male 1863-1882
Norman Sprague
Male 1865-Abt 1913
Mary Moore
Female -Yes, date unknown
Lucy Sprague
Female 1868-Yes, date unknown
Larry Elliot
Male -Yes, date unknown
Benjamin Franklin Sprague
Male 1818-1893
Amanda E. Hearne
Female 1826-1885
Leander Sprague
Male Abt 1841-Yes, date unknown
Joseph H. Sprague, Jr.
Male Abt 1846-1868
Harriet Sprague
Female Abt 1849-Yes, date unknown
Joseph H. Sprague
Male Abt 1821-1893
Ann Short
Female Abt 1821-Yes, date unknown
McKendry A. Sprague
Male 1853-1929
Mary E. Kerr
Female 1858-Yes, date unknown
New chart
L. Sprague
Female Abt 1856-Yes, date unknown
Nicholas Sprague
Male Abt 1858-Yes, date unknown
Angeline C. Richards
Female Abt 1832-Yes, date unknown
Viola A. Sprague
Female 1849-1875
Pvt. Isaac White
Male 1844-1894
New chart
Ellen Sprague
Female Abt 1853-Yes, date unknown
Delura Sprague
Female Abt 1856-Yes, date unknown
David A. Sprague
Male 1827-1898
Julia Ann Holly
Female 1830-1897
Benjamin Sprague
Male 1779-1848
Lucy Haradon
Female 1784-1860
James D. Sprague
Male 1833-1864
Nancy [--?--]
Female Abt 1840-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Ozias Sprague
Male 1838-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Diantha Sprague
Female 1840-1921
Joseph Middleton
Male 1835-1896
New chart
Esther Sprague
Female 1845-Yes, date unknown
John Fast
Male Abt 1836-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Emily Sprague
Female Abt 1847-Yes, date unknown
Freeman Sprague
Male 1808-1890
Pamelia Davis
Female 1813-1887
Mary Culver
Female 1831-Yes, date unknown
Capt. Orange William Culver
Male 1834-1916
Deborah Culver
Female 1837-1922
Ebenezer Culver, Sr.
Male 1838-1922
Leander Culver
Male 1840-1914
Joseph Culver
Male 1844-Yes, date unknown
Lavina Culver
Female 1846-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Culver
Emily Sprague
Female 1810-1886
Ozias Culver
Male 1809-1904
William Joseph Sprague
Male 1839-Bef 1921
Mary Sowers Sprague
Female 1844-Yes, date unknown
Albert Dillingham Sprague, Jr.
Male 1849-1925
Anne Miller
Female -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Judge Albert Dillingham Sprague
Male 1812-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Jane Thompson
Female 1816-Yes, date unknown
Betsy Hammond Sprague
Female 1841-1910
Samuel Wallace Saffer
Male 1831-1870
New chart
Dr. Van Rensselaer Sprague
Male 1813-Abt 1872
Josephine Hammond
Female 1816-1881
Van Rensselaer Sprague
Male 1845-1930
Harriet Hall Gill
Female 1848-Yes, date unknown
New chart
James Sprague
Male 1847-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Sprague
Male 1850-1916
William Sprague
Male 1851-1921
Lafayette Raynor Sprague
Male 1855-1929
Phoebe Pletcher
Female 1854-1939
New chart
Wallace Sprague
Male 1857-1904
Elmer E. Sprague
Male 1862-1946
Cora Bay
Female 1864-1931
New chart
Mary Sprague
Female 1865-1939
Leander Raynor Sprague
Male 1815-1883
Isabelle McConnell
Female 1817-1890
Edith Sprague
Female Abt 1851-Yes, date unknown
Cornelius Bryan Sprague
Male 1819-1897
Elizabeth Gray
Female Abt 1825-Abt 1857
Rachael [--?--]
Female -Yes, date unknown
Joseph Sprague
Male 1781-1857
Polly McQuaid
Female Abt 1777-Abt 1857
Lovilla Dennis
Female -Abt 1893
[--?--] Dean
Male -Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Whitmarsh
Male -Yes, date unknown
Hannah Dennis
Female -Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Clarke
Male -Yes, date unknown
Fanny Dennis
Female -Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Chase
Male -Yes, date unknown
Juliann Dennis
Female 1822-Abt 1877
Phineas Riggs
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Rhoda Dennis
Female 1824-Yes, date unknown
Sophronia Sprague Dennis
Female 1828-1904
Arthur W. Bronson
Male 1824-1904
New chart
Mary Dennis
Female 1830-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Clarke
Male -Yes, date unknown
Warren Dennis
Male Abt 1838-Aft 1893
Amanda M. [--?--]
Female Abt 1844-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Jenette Dennis
Female Abt 1843-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Hitchcock
Male -Yes, date unknown
John G. Dennis
Male 1847-1934
Ella Allen
Female Abt 1846-1871
New chart
Mary A. Maine
Female 1857-1917
New chart
Gilman Dennis
Male 1802-1869
Lucy C. Dennis
Female 1805-1882
Rhoda Dennis
Female 1803-1822
Lemuel Janney
Male -Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth R. Dennis
Female 1835-Yes, date unknown
Benjamin Sprague Dennis
Male 1806-1848
Zillah Jane Roby
Female 1812-1841
Louisa E. Dennis
Female 1843-1843
Albert Ford Dennis
Male 1845-Yes, date unknown
Edwin Dennis
Male 1847-Yes, date unknown
Polly M. Ford
Female 1820-Yes, date unknown
Rodney Dennis
Male 1808-1816
Ephraim W. Dennis
Male 1810-1816
Ursula Dennis
Female 1812-1817
Louisa Dennis
Female 1840-1924
John Peter Whitbeck
Male 1829-1908
New chart
Spencer Dennis
Male 1842-1894
George Washington Dennis
Male 1845-1896
Elizabeth Whiting
Female 1847-1924
New chart
Urania Isadore Dennis
Female 1848-1922
Aldice W. Brower
Male 1848-1922
New chart
Roy D. Dennis
Male 1855-1856
Sprague A. Dennis
Male 1857-1862
Rhoda Belle Dennis
Female 1861-1943
William Edwin Reynolds
Male 1859-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Robert Densmore Dennis
Male 1814-1889
Elizabeth Roy
Female 1820-1900
Rhoda Reliance Leighton
Female 1837-Yes, date unknown
Andrew J. Leighton
Male 1842-1864
Fanny Dennis
Female 1816-1845
Benjamin Leighton, Jr.
Male 1806-1882
Apama Ella Dennis
Female Abt 1850-Yes, date unknown
Moses Dennis
Male 1818-1871
Pama Fellers
Female Abt 1819-Bef 1850
Ella Dennis
Female -Yes, date unknown
Squire Alman Dennis
Male Abt 1856-1886
Carrie [--?--]
Female 1856-1932
Carlton Samuel Dennis
Male 1860-Yes, date unknown
Flora Belle Dennis
Female 1867-Yes, date unknown
L. Tague
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Julia Way
Female Abt 1828-1913
Rhoda Sprague
Female 1784-1841
Moses Dennis
Male 1779-
Sally Sprague
Female 1786-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Fudger
Male -Yes, date unknown
Hannah Sprague
Female Abt 1788-1789
John Sprague
Male 1789-Yes, date unknown
Ede Fisk
Female -Yes, date unknown
Susan Gilmore
Male Abt 1820-1896
Susannah Conners Sprague
Female 1791-Yes, date unknown
Isaac Gilmore
Male Abt 1790-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Sprague
Female 1794-1824
James Hill
Male -Yes, date unknown
Armanda Sprague
Male 1797-1881
Mary Gardner
Female Abt 1810-Yes, date unknown
Alden Horace P. Sprague
Male 1835-1853
Sophronia Stores Sprague
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
Hiram A. Leister
Male -Yes, date unknown
Rev. James Alden Wright Sprague
Male 1864-1936
Mary Louisa Smith
Female 1865-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Cecelia Sprague
Female 1865-1870
Charles Lewis Sprague
Male 1868-1891
Armande Jackson Sprague
Male 1870-1870
John Dexter Sprague
Male 1872-Yes, date unknown
Callie C. Sprague
Female 1874-1895
Ada Helen Sprague
Female 1877-1965
William D. Clark
Male -1943
New chart
Horace Alfred Sprague
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Ella Bailey
Female -Yes, date unknown
Alfred Wright Sprague
Male 1838-Yes, date unknown
Parmelia Simpson
Female 1841-Yes, date unknown
George Eldridge Sprague
Male 1840-Yes, date unknown
Charles Leslie Sprague
Male 1842-1863
Dr. Alden Sprague
Male 1800-1847
Sophronia Stores Eldridge
Female 1806-1853
Benjamin Dexter Sprague
Male 1827-Yes, date unknown
Lucy A. McCall
Female -Yes, date unknown
Sophronia Alden Sprague
Female 1830-Yes, date unknown
Mary A. Sprague
Female 1833-Yes, date unknown
Peter G. Lameremy
Male -Yes, date unknown
Harriet Eliza Sprague
Female 1835-Yes, date unknown
Lowell L. Sprague
Male 1838-Yes, date unknown
Monroe Horr Sprague
Male 1876-1963
Daza M. Glover
Female 1877-1949
New chart
Mary Alice Sprague
Female 1886-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Lein
Male -Yes, date unknown
Milton Allen Sprague
Male 1843-1917
Hattie H. Graves
Female 1856-1937
Lowell Sprague
Male 1803-1849
Hepsibeth Flint
Female 1806-1864
New chart
Hannah Barnes
Female 1759-1839
Benjamin Sprague
Male 1752-1839

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