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Lucy Attwood

Female 1810 - 1877  (67 years)

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Edward Spragg
Male 1834-Abt 1905
Eliza Spragg
Female 1836-Abt 1906
Eliza Spragg
Female 1858-1865
William Spragg
Male 1881-Abt 1952
Albert Henry Spragg
Male 1884-1958
Stella Lillian Edwards
Female 1878-1964
New chart
Frank Spragg
Male Abt 1888-Abt 1958
Alfred Charles Spragg
Male 1892-1933
Kate Perkins
Female Abt 1895-1965
New chart
Jesse Spragg
Male Abt 1894-Abt 1954
Harry Spragg
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1966
William Henry Spragg
Male 1858-1932
Ann Darke
Female Abt 1860-Abt 1923
Edwin Jethro Spragg
Male 1860-1865
Walter William Spragg
Male 1884-1946
Dorothy M. A. Buxey
Female 1893-Abt 1963
New chart
Lucy Spragg
Female 1886-1930
Albert Spragg
Male 1896-1956
Alice Coopey
Female 1900-1974
New chart
Walter Spragg
Male 1863-1947
Elizabeth [--?--]
Female Abt 1866-Abt 1918
Gertrude Annie Spragg
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
William B. Turner
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Jesse Spragg
Male Abt 1890-1917
Olive L. Moore
Female -Yes, date unknown
Noel Turner
Male Abt 1893-Yes, date unknown
Jesse Spragg
Male 1865-1940
Mary Ann Stanton
Female Abt 1866-Abt 1934
George Spragg
Male Abt 1888-Abt 1968
Alice Reeves
Female Abt 1890-Abt 1950
New chart
Kitty Spragg
Female Abt 1890-Abt 1960
Ben Short
Male Abt 1886-Abt 1956
New chart
Ben Chittleborough
Male Abt 1888-Abt 1968
New chart
Albert Spragg
Male 1891-1932
Lucy Jones
Female 1901-1944
New chart
Anne Spragg
Female Abt 1895-Abt 1960
William Attwood
Male Abt 1894-Abt 1959
New chart
Joseph Spragg
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1966
Doris [--?--]
Female Abt 1898-Abt 1968
New chart
Hilda Spragg
Female Abt 1896-1961
William Poole
Male Abt 1894-Abt 1964
Floss Spragg
Female Abt 1898-Abt 1975
Fred Stride
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1971
New chart
Rose Spragg
Female Abt 1900-Abt 1980
George Swan
Male Abt 1898-Abt 1978
Lilian Spragg
Female Abt 1902-Abt 1977
Thomas Harris
Male Abt 1900-Abt 1980
New chart
Harriet Spragg
Female Abt 1904-Abt 1974
Ernest Spragg
Male 1912-1971
[--?--] McDermott
Female -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Albert Spragg
Male 1867-1956
Harriet Mann
Female Abt 1867-1944
Lily Spragg
Female 1891-Abt 1961
James Weaver
Male Abt 1890-Abt 1965
New chart
Florence Spragg
Female 1892-1980
Wilfred Whitcombe
Male -Abt 1970
Elsie Norah Spragg
Female 1894-Abt 1964
Oliver Carter
Male Abt 1892-Abt 1967
New chart
Lucy Spragg
Female 1896-Abt 1966
William Theodore Andrews
Male Abt 1894-Abt 1974
New chart
Nita Spragg
Female Abt 1898-Abt 1974
Gerald Crook
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1976
Albert Spragg
Male 1902-Yes, date unknown
Charles Spragg
Male 1869-1948
Norah [--?--]
Female 1871-1925
Ann Spragg
Female 1871-1897
Harry Williams
Male Abt 1900-Yes, date unknown
Clifford Williams
Male 1907-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Spragg
Female 1873-1958
Clifford Williams
Male Abt 1871-Yes, date unknown
Jane Spragg
Female 1876-1876
Harry Spragg
Male 1905-1989
Madge Gough
Female 1907-1991
New chart
Muriel Spragg
Female 1908-1990
Oliver Vinton
Male 1906-1941
Walter William Spragg
Male Abt 1910-Abt 1980
Margaret Heath
Female Abt 1912-Abt 1982
New chart
Trixie Spragg
Female Abt 1912-1992
New chart
Edwin Spragg
Male 1878-1968
Sarah Hannah Watson
Female Abt 1880-Abt 1950
Edith Annie Spragg
Female 1904-1987
W. A. Stanley
Male Abt 1902-Abt 1975
New chart
William John Spragg
Male 1905-1958
Edith Jane Stephens
Female 1909-1986
New chart
Edwin Leslie Spragg
Male 1908-1983
Janet Irene Bartlett
Female 1910-1981
New chart
Louisa Jessie Spragg
Female 1911-2003
George William Crump
Male 1909-1978
New chart
Nellie May Spragg
Female 1915-1972
David Horne
Male 1908-1987
New chart
John William Spragg
Male 1881-1966
Annie Elizabeth Field
Female Abt 1883-1961
Walter William Spragg
Male 1839-1919
Ann Shakespeare
Female 1838-1912
Mary Spragg
Female 1841-Abt 1902
Elizabeth Spragg
Female 1844-Abt 1904
Jane Spragg
Female 1846-Abt 1910
Henry Day
Male Abt 1852-Abt 1910
Richard A. Spragg
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
William H. Spragg
Male Abt 1883-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Wood
Male 1913-Stillborn
Sarah Jeanie Spragg
Female 1885-Yes, date unknown
Peter Hugh Morton Wood
Male Abt 1880-Yes, date unknown
Walter H. Spragg
Male 1887-1918
Isabella Jane Richardson
Female 1908-1988
Amelie Elizabeth Richardson
Female 1910-1996
Percy Edwards
Male Abt 1903-Yes, date unknown
Clara Spragg
Female 1889-1915
George Richardson
Male 1865-1950
Richard Albert Spragg
Male 1847-1898
Hannah Horton
Female Abt 1855-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Wood
Male 1913-Stillborn
Sarah Jeanie Spragg
Female 1885-Yes, date unknown
Peter Hugh Morton Wood
Male Abt 1880-Yes, date unknown
Cyril James Spragg
Male 1898-1966
Annie Barnes
Female Abt 1897-1917
New chart
Clara Eliza Bostock
Female Abt 1898-Abt 1966
New chart
Helena Frances Spragg
Female 1899-1984
John William Barlow
Male Abt 1897-Abt 1977
New chart
Charles Edward Spragg
Male 1900-1995
Elsie Quincey
Female 1903-1996
New chart
George Spragg
Male 1902-Abt 1977
Susan Annie Sales
Female Abt 1904-1951
Catherine Spragg
Female 1909-1985
James Spragg
Male 1871-1950
Sarah Blizzard
Female Abt 1878-1927
Herbert William Spragg
Male 1874-Abt 1945
Charles Spragg
Male 1876-Abt 1946
Annie Spragg
Female 1879-Abt 1944
Walter Spragg
Male 1882-1938
Charles Spragg
Male 1848-1887
Mahala Leech
Female Abt 1840-1941
Lucy Attwood
Female 1810-1877
Richard Spragg
Male 1810-1885

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