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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England


A Sad Note! It is with great sadness that I report to the many correspondents of the Sprague Project that A. Arnold Sprague passed away on Sunday, July 18th. Arnold was the Sprague Project Web Master for about 30 years. He convinced my late wife Ellie and the two of them convinced me that we should create a website from my Sprague Database. He created two earlier versions of the Sprague Website and was instrumental in helping me set up a new Sprague website, hosted by the Guild of One Name Studies, so that I could learn to also serve as the Web Master. His contributions to the Sprague Project were enormous. I will miss Arnold as a friend, advisor and motivating supporter. Arnold will be greatly missed by his wife, Claudia, his friends, family and the greater Sprague family who has come to know so much about their ancestry because of the work and dedication of Arnold.

For several years we have been maintaining two separate websites in an effort to provide continuity for long-time users and an eye to the future for generations to come. At this time the Sprague Project will transition to a single website at The Guild of One Name Studies, which has provided a wonderful new home for the Sprague Website for several years.

Please use this link to visit The Official Home of The Sprague Website.

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