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     The names listed below and listed in the links above (blue and underlined) have contacted the Sprague Project in the past and most have contributed information to the Sprague database. The e-mail address which these individuals used to contact the Sprague Project is no longer valid. As a result, I'm unable to contact these individuals or to "introduce" them to others researching the same family line.
      If you are one of these individuals, or if you know how to contact one of them, please send the project developer a message informing him of the new e-mail address.
      Current date:

Tang, Yvonne
Taylor, Connie
Taylor, Cornelia
Taylor, Joanne
Telford, Bryan
Temple, Linda
Thayer, Glenda
Thielen, Kelly
Thomas, Patricia P.
Thompson, Thomas
Thornton, Tom
Thusing, Taylor R.
Threlkel, Deborah
Tillotson, Scott
Titus, Diane Dickinson
Tomecek, Karen
Tonn, Mark
Toth, Deb
Toth, Nancy J.
Townsend, Robert W.
Travels, Peter
Trim, Donna
Trimble, Scott
Truesdell, Annette
Trusty, Steve
Tschiggfrey, Jean
Tuccinardi, Judy
Tucker, Gary
Tucker, Tina
Turner, Arlene
Turner, Jean
Turner, Karen
Tveiten, Penny Martin

Ungerleider, Neil

Vadzemnieks, Melanie
Van de Water, Fritz
Van Etten, Mark
Van Hal, Patty
Van Norman, Treva
Van Verth, Paul F.
Van Voast, Wayne
Vaughan, Courtenay


Vellema, Grace M.
Venable, Karen
Vick, T.
Vinson, Linda
Vizas, Lynn
von Schill, Lyndele
Von Wert Justice, Debra
Voorhees, Steven
Vos, Betty

Waddoups, Kimperly
Wahl, Sid
Waight, Darrell J.
Walcott, Cindy
Wales, Lucinda
Walker, Patricia
Walker, Robert
Walker, William
Wall, Alvin
Wall, Sherry
Walter, Marion
Walter, Michael
Walz, Arthur J., Jr.
Ward, Melissa Bruno
Warden, Jenny
Warne, Joe
Warns, Lafaye
Washburn, Heidi
Washburn, Rodney
Waskowich, Barbara Lewis
Watanabe, Joyce
Watkins, April Wiles
Watterson, Virginia Hewitt
Weaver, Pat Langwell
Webb, Kathleen
Webb, Royan
Webb, Shirley Truesdell
Weed, James Leslie
Weingarden, John
Weld, Gail
Wells, Dick
Welton, Delores
Wentrcek, Ernie
Westmoreland, Patricia
Wetherell, Tom

W (Continued)
Wetmore, Donald C.
White, Deana
White, Dorothy Higson
White, Letha
White, Lucile N.
White, Renee
Whiteman, H. Anne
Whithurst, Rebekah
Whitford, Sarah Watts
Wiberg, Joan
Wight, Dave
Wilcox, Bruce
Wiley, Earl
Willett, Richard
Williams, Donald V.
Willis, Charles R.
Wilson, Charlee
Wilson, Roger G.
Wilson, Shannon
Wimmer, Kathy
Windham, Adriana
Winkler, Janet
Winsor, Bill
Winter, Penny A.
Wisecarver, Ken
Wiseman, Mary
Wolff, Karen L.
Wood, Debbie A.
Wood, Robert
Woodworth, Bruce
Wright, Alan C.
Wright, Jeff
Wurts, Reed
Wyatt, William Edgar, Jr.
Wylie, Pam

Yeomans, Lois
Young, Glen

Zabaleta, Lorna
Zapp, Carole Anne
Zingle, Mark R.
Zullo, Bill
Zintz, Linda S.

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