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     The names listed below and listed in the links above (blue and underlined) have contacted the Sprague Project in the past and most have contributed information to the Sprague database. The e-mail address which these individuals used to contact the Sprague Project is no longer valid. As a result, I'm unable to contact these individuals or to "introduce" them to others researching the same family line.
      If you are one of these individuals, or if you know how to contact one of them, please send the project developer a message informing him of the new e-mail address.
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Sack, Donna
Saling, Rochelle Leavelle
Salisbury, Andrew
Salisbury, Mary Ann
Samland, Will
Sanchez, Sandra
Sanders, Jean E.
Sanders, Robert Walter
Sarvay, Donna
Sauvé, Bobbi
Sawyer, George E.
Saylor, Shelly
Schanes, Susan (Bottensek)
Schescke, Sonia L.
Schlue, John William
Schmid, Kevin D.
Schoening, Donna
Schoenmaker, Jean Bennett
Schoenwolf, Beverly
Scott, Amy
Scott, Amy L.
Scott, Donald
Scott, Homer
Scott, Janet Kleiner
Scott, Nancy
Scrafford, Don
Scribner, Vickie Willis
Sedivey, Shirley
Segrest, Tricia
Sewell, Kapua
Sharpless, Tom
Shaw, John A.
Shea, David L.
Sheppard, Diane
Sherman, Frederick
Shessler, Mary Ann
Shien, Jnana Z.
Shirey, Candy
Shook, Persis
Siedlecki, Edward
Siegfried, Richard R.
Sievers, Mary Lou
Silvins, Michael
Simmons, Glenn
Simmons, Henry
Simons, Robert Louis
Simpson, Amy Bond
Singer, Carol
Slater, Lindsey
Slingerland, Richard
Small, Karen
Smith, Adell Carr
Smith, Dee
Smith, Diane Earl
Smith, John A.
Smith, LaShawn
Smith, Laura
Smith, Marion L.
Smith, Norma
Smith, Richard A.
Smith, Richard W.
Smith, Sue
Smith, Twila
Smith, Virginia R. (Jen)
Smith, William Huston, II
Snyder, Toni
Sorelle, Norma F.
Sousa, Robert
Souther, Richard Dennis
Southward, Bruce
Spalding, Marti
Sparks, Pam (Norrad)
Sparrow, Tom
Spaulding, Edward S.
Spaulding, Michael A.
Speckerman, Shirley Pebler
Spence, Joe
Spencer, Rob
Spickerman, Shirley
Spragg, Gerald L.
Spragg, Simon
Spragg, Terry
Spevak, Drew
Spragg, Alma Titus
Sprague, Allison
Sprague, Andrea
Spragge, Andrew
Sprague, Allen
Sprague, Alta
Sprague, Art
Sprague, Arthur Yale
Sprague, Asa William (Bill)
Sprague, Ben
Sprague, Bill
Sprague, Bill
   (Canal Winchester, OH)
Sprague, Bill & Elsie
Sprague, Jr., Billy M.
Sprague, Billy Ray
Sprague, Bob
Sprague, Bradley
Sprague, Brian
Sprague, Brian

S (Continued)
Sprague, Brian George
Sprague, Carol (bbb@aol.com)
Sprague, Casey Nicole
Sprague, Catherine (Chicago, IL)
Sprague, Cathleen
Sprague, Cathy Marie
Sprague, Charlene
Sprague, Charlene Patrice
Sprague, Charles G.
Sprague, Charles R.
Sprague, Chris
Sprague, Christopher Scott
Sprague, Christopher Troy
Sprague, Clinton
Sprague, Clinton T.
Sprague, Clifford
Sprague, Cody
Sprague, Colby
Sprague, Cory
Sprague, Curtis A.
Sprague, Danell
Sprague, Darry
Sprague, David
Sprague, David A.
    (East Providence, RI)
Sprague, David Eugene
Sprague, David John
Sprague, David Samuel
Sprague, Deborah Maloney
Sprague, Dennis (dsent@acsalaska.net)
Sprague, Dennis C.
Sprague, Dennis J.
Sprague, Dominica Glynora
Sprague, Donald
Sprague, Donald N., Jr.
Sprague, Donald W., Jr.
Sprague, Donna A.
Sprague, Donnie L.
Sprague, Dustin
Sprague, Edwin John
Sprague, Eric Matthew
Sprague, Frank
Sprague, Frederick (Basking Ridge)
Sprague, Glenn
Sprague, Grant D.
Sprague, Harley Lee
Sprague, Harold
Sprague, Irene
Sprague, Jacki
Sprague, James
Sprague, James Andrew
Sprague, James Monroe, III
Sprague, Janet
Sprague, Jared
Sprague, Juanita
Sprague, Jay (Ottawa)
Sprague, Jerry (jdandlorisprague@yahoo.com)
Sprague, Jesse A.
Sprague, JoAnn
Sprague, Joe
Sprague, John
Sprague, John (jsprague16@charter.net)
Sprague, John A.
Sprague, John & Mary
Sprague, John Norman
Sprague, Jon William
Sprague, Jonathon
Sprague, Jolene (Redmond)
Sprague, Judith Marie
Sprague, Julie
Sprague, Karen (kad999@charter.net)
Sprague, Karin (KarinSprague@aol.com)
Sprague, Kathryn
Sprague, Kelly
Sprague, Kenneth Walter, Jr.
Sprague, Kerri
Sprague, Kimberly L.
Sprague, Lance R.
Sprague, Larry D.
Sprague, Lauren
Sprague, Lawrence E.
Sprague, Leigh Alexander
Sprague, Lynda L.
Sprague, M. Sue
Sprague, Maggie
Sprague, Mark Allen
Sprague, Marguerite
Sprague, Matthew
Sprague, Michael
Sprague, Michael
Sprague, Michael
Sprague, Michael
Sprague, Michael
Sprague, Michael Edward
Sprague, Michelle
Sprague, Mike
Sprague, Nancy Buckalew
Sprague, Nathan

S (Continued)
Sprague, Nicole
Sprague, Pat D.
Sprague, Patricia D.
Sprague, Patrick
Sprague, Paul David
Sprague, Peter Frost
Sprague, Philip
Sprague, Philip A.
Sprague, Priscilla
Sprague, Randy
Sprague, Raymond
Sprague, Raymond Gene, Jr.
Sprague, Raymond P.
Sprague, Reid Christian
Sprague, Richard (rsprague@power.net)
Sprague, Richard Anthony
Sprague, Richard J.
Sprague, Richard L.
Sprague, Richard Lawrence
Sprague, Richard W.
Sprague, Rick
Sprague, Robert
Sprague, Robert (Miami, FL)
Sprague III , Robert
Sprague, Robert Daniel
Sprague, Robert J.
Sprague, Robert K.
Sprague, Robert Leroy
Sprague, Robert S.
Sprague, Robert S., Jr.
Sprague, Robert W.
Sprague, Robin Ann
Sprague, Roger A.
Sprague, Rosanne
Sprague, Rosemarie
Sprague, Russell
Sprague, Russell Maxwell
Sprague, Sandra A.
Sprague, Sanford L.
Sprague, Seth
Sprague, Scott
Sprague, Shaw
Sprague, Sidney
Sprague, Stacy Lynn
Sprague, Stephanie
Sprague, Stephen
Sprague, Steven
   (Wapakoneta, OH)
Sprague, Stuart Andrew
Sprague, Susan
Sprague, Terri
Sprague, Timothy Austin
Sprague, Tomas
Sprague, Thomas S.
Sprague, Tracy
Sprague, Verna
Sprague, Welton
Sprague, Wesley
Sprague, William Post
Sprague-Manke, Nancy
Sprake, Andrew
Sprake, David
Sprake, Nina
Sprakes, Simon
Sprigg, John Marvin
Spriggs, Allan
Springer, Jim
Sprous, Sr., Paul W.
Squires, Sandy
Stahl, Sherrie
Stancill, Phyllis
Starr, Dara
Steedle, Sheree
Steele, Cindy
Steinbach, Ruth Allen
Stern, Betsy Sprague
Stearns, Janet
Stevens, Samuel P.
Stevenson, Lynne
Stewart, Allan
Stewart, Doris
Stielow, David
Stobart, Edna C.
Stoker, Samantha
Stone, Avery Booth
Stott, Greg
Stracke, Mary
Stralko, April
Strand, Jean
Stroud, Greg
Street, Cathy
Strong, Cheryl
Struck, Norma Sprague
Stufflebeam, Linda
Sunderland, Charles W.
Sutton, Gay
Swaine, Judith
Sweet, Joseph
Swenson, Carol L.
Symes, Shane

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