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Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 39.604498, Longitude: -74.334369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Stiles, Sarah S.  13 Jun 1926Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285003
2 Stiles, Leon Herbert Jr.  17 Jul 1924Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285001
3 Stiles, Hazel Malinda  26 Apr 1924Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I284968
4 Stiles, Burton  5 Sep 1908Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I284899
5 Stevens, Joseph  10 Sep 1909Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I332328
6 Pharo, Walter Ernest  10 Jan 1923Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468775
7 Pharo, Timothy Franklin  1 May 1928Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468778
8 Pharo, Robert Ralph  20 Aug 1925Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468777
9 Pharo, Robert Franklin  4 May 1912Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468806
10 Pharo, Ralston William  8 Feb 1922Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468774
11 Pharo, Ralph Leslie  13 Apr 1914Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468807
12 Pharo, Mary Olivia  14 Mar 1917Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468772
13 Pharo, Franklin Alfred  12 Jun 1913Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468770
14 Pharo, Clarence Ernest  21 Jan 1908Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468710
15 Lippincott, Joseph Earl  1 Sep 1913Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468779
16 Grant, John Jefferson  20 Feb 1894Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I454579
17 Gaskill, Harold Ernest  26 May 1878Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468826
18 Gaskill, Clara E.  Aug 1874Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I33110


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 [--?--], Caroline E.  1921Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I332353
2 Stiles, Martha Elizabeth  8 Jun 1905Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285073
3 Stiles, Leon Herbert  19 Jul 1953Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I284955
4 Stiles, Hazel Malinda  3 Mar 1993Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I284968
5 Stark, Jennie  23 May 1956Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468639
6 Pharo, Myrtle A.  24 Apr 1987Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468771
7 Pharo, Mary Elizabeth  23 Sep 1964Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285086
8 Pharo, Harvey E.  Aug 1949Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285089
9 Pharo, Franklin Alfred  13 May 1999Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468770
10 Pharo, Ethelyn  8 Sep 1969Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468769
11 Pharo, Archelaus P.  12 Mar 1945Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285084
12 Pharo, Albert Clarence  10 Jan 1902Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285074
13 Letts, Jennie N.  19 Sep 1950Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I285085
14 Letts, Jean Elaine  20 Oct 2007Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I467440
15 Lafferty, Myrtle Anna Estelle  18 Feb 2005Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I470253
16 Ireland, Mahlon  22 Feb 1914Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468645
17 Gaskill, Olive B.  18 Jan 1975Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468827
18 Gaskill, George Thomas  7 Jul 1941Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468041
19 Carr, Mary Letitia  26 Oct 1916Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468036
20 Andrews, Ida Mae  1981Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I284963


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 [--?--], Adelia  7 Jun 1905Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I452485
2 [--?--], Adelia  12 Jun 1900Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I452485
3 Sprague, Harold Ross Sr.  1910Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I468831
4 Hicks, Walter Edward  7 Jun 1905Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I452473
5 Hicks, Walter Edward  12 Jun 1900Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I452473
6 Hicks, Samuel James  7 Jun 1905Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I452483
7 Hicks, Samuel James  12 Jun 1900Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I452483
8 Chaffer, Samuel J.  7 Jun 1905Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA I452488


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Pharo / Parker  1 Aug 1902Tuckerton, Ocean Co., NJ, USA F171795

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