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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England
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State/Province : Latitude: 35.5174913, Longitude: -86.5804473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albright, Effie  Abt 1895TN, USA I431908
2 Allen, Kenneth W.  1902TN, USA I230802
3 Arlington, Susan  TN, USA I323228
4 Atchison, Sarah  31 Jan 1800TN, USA I267866
5 Ayers, James Frank  Abt 1905TN, USA I430322
6 Bailey, Nancy  1780TN, USA I208366
7 Baldwin, James  Abt 1907TN, USA I319436
8 Baldwin, Joseph  Abt 1896TN, USA I319435
9 Baldwin, Joseph  Abt 1896TN, USA I407435
10 Balkigan, Mimmie Belle  Abt 1888TN, USA I230815
11 Ball, Jane  1805TN, USA I208367
12 Berryhill, Emily Edith  28 Mar 1876TN, USA I343681
13 Berryhill, Margaret Elizabeth  6 Mar 1869TN, USA I343678
14 Bilyeu, John Long  23 Jul 1824TN, USA I85151
15 Bishop, William  Abt 1908TN, USA I314715
16 Borchert, Judith Ann  21 Jan 1947TN, USA I312856
17 Boren, Andrew  Abt 1814TN, USA I158055
18 Boren, Angeline  26 Jul 1839TN, USA I118177
19 Bowman, Clarissa  1824TN, USA I333395
20 Brown, Anderson Alden  21 Sep 1905TN, USA I449543
21 Brown, James Alvin  8 Sep 1882TN, USA I449536
22 Dalrymple, [--?--]  TN, USA I237076
23 Daniel, Bula Mae  Abt 1908TN, USA I430323
24 Daub, Edison  Abt Feb 1910TN, USA I425283
25 Deane, Lillian A.  1 Mar 1899TN, USA I223656
26 Diffey, Stephen  Abt 1825TN, USA I303179
27 Draper, William Marvin Sr.  1886TN, USA I206088
28 Duke, Browning Gorden  Bef Jul 1940TN, USA I312836
29 Evans, James  Abt 1824TN, USA I275551
30 Ferguson, Ann  Abt 1855TN, USA I204798
31 Ferguson, Frank D.  Abt 1814TN, USA I204795
32 Ferguson, R. William  Abt 1852TN, USA I204797
33 Foust, John S.  1863TN, USA I252967
34 Foutch, James Calvin  15 Feb 1858TN, USA I394177
35 Gammon, John  1822TN, USA I20611
36 Good, James R. Sr.  Abt 1956TN, USA I463549
37 Hall, James L.  Abt 1865TN, USA I270917
38 Hall, Minnie Lee  3 Jul 1881TN, USA I192757
39 Hanks, Julia M.  Nov 1881TN, USA I40055
40 Harlan, Sarah A.  6 Jun 1841TN, USA I395787
41 Harmon, Matilda V.  22 Feb 1857TN, USA I20824
42 Harrison, William R.  1791TN, USA I120698
43 Hatch, Amos Simmons  Abt 1837TN, USA I86143
44 Hatch, Lemuel S.  Abt 1835TN, USA I86142
45 Hatch, William B.  Abt 1839TN, USA I86144
46 Hill, Harvey Scott  12 May 1878TN, USA I108821
47 Hill, Isaac  16 Jan 1847TN, USA I113146
48 Hilliard, Curry  17 Nov 1893TN, USA I312833
49 Hitch, Rebeccah  Abt 1851TN, USA I113147
50 Hunter, Cynthia  22 Sep 1819TN, USA I71775

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Rachel  31 Mar 1988TN, USA I312854
2 Borchert, Mattie Lou  29 Apr 1962TN, USA I312820
3 Congdon, Claude Charles  Sep 1964TN, USA I252744
4 Hannah, Elizabeth  16 Oct 1820TN, USA I76503
5 Hill, Harvey Scott  3 Feb 1959TN, USA I108821
6 Hill, Isaac  9 Jul 1926TN, USA I113146
7 Hooten, Mary Ellen  21 Nov 1955TN, USA I312840
8 Humphreys, William  Aug 1835TN, USA I76500
9 Keene, Jeanne Marie  17 Jun 2017TN, USA I431373
10 Lindman, Anna Albertine  1945TN, USA I305580
11 Mitchell, Edward G.  TN, USA I344815
12 Moore, Benjamin  3 Aug 1904TN, USA I78837
13 Polhemus, William Lee  1 Mar 2009TN, USA I453133
14 Sprague, Sylvia Amanda  2 May 2004TN, USA I306220
15 Williams, Charlie L.  7 May 1976TN, USA I20815
16 Williams, Elmer E.  13 Sep 1961TN, USA I20813
17 Williams, Florrie Hestella  15 Jun 1956TN, USA I20816
18 Williams, L. D.  23 Jan 1900TN, USA I20810
19 Williams, Virginia M.  16 Jul 1891TN, USA I20817
20 Williams, W. C.  29 Dec 1899TN, USA I20812
21 Wisecarver, James  11 Dec 1915TN, USA I20624


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Spriggs, John Milton  1870TN, USA I160983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Redus, Leonard  TN, USA I311558

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Angel, Sarah Ann  TN, USA I440527
2 Blevins, Roy Alton  TN, USA I439855
3 Brenner, Marguerite Anne  TN, USA I401255
4 Hampton, Julia S.  TN, USA I362427
5 Myers, Eston  TN, USA I331204
6 Sprague, Ova  TN, USA I326666
7 Tanner, Glenn Marion  TN, USA I438438
8 Tanner, Walter Arnold  TN, USA I438612
9 Thornton, William Randolph  TN, USA I322460


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   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Broaddus / Fuell  Aft 1885TN, USA F75141
2 Hooten / Borchert  Abt 1920TN, USA F112425
3 Littlejohn / Chisholm  Abt 1836TN, USA F94342
4 Oakes / Hutchison  29 Apr 1810TN, USA F41559
5 Rader / Williams  27 Jan 1907TN, USA F8055
6 Sprague / Risner  1904TN, USA F75138
7 Williams / Drake  26 Jun 1898TN, USA F8050

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