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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England
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Steuben Co., NY, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 42.321027, Longitude: -77.3783789


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Ellen Sylvia  26 Jul 1855Steuben Co., NY, USA I35937
2 Burleson, Adeline  2 Feb 1818Steuben Co., NY, USA I442893
3 Burleson, Chester  15 May 1821Steuben Co., NY, USA I442895
4 Burleson, Daniel  19 May 1830Steuben Co., NY, USA I442899
5 Burleson, Henrietta  10 Aug 1826Steuben Co., NY, USA I442897
6 Burleson, Juliette  28 Apr 1820Steuben Co., NY, USA I442894
7 Burleson, Lydia  20 Nov 1813Steuben Co., NY, USA I442890
8 Burleson, Samuel  2 May 1828Steuben Co., NY, USA I442898
9 Burleson, William  4 Oct 1823Steuben Co., NY, USA I442896
10 Carman, Sarah  3 Jul 1853Steuben Co., NY, USA I458484
11 Daly, James S.  Abt 1831Steuben Co., NY, USA I404853
12 Dennis, Boardman  30 Nov 1853Steuben Co., NY, USA I143652
13 Francis, John Jay  24 Jan 1934Steuben Co., NY, USA I391690
14 Hendrick, James J.  9 May 1826Steuben Co., NY, USA I121617
15 Kenyon, Melissa Jane  17 Apr 1835Steuben Co., NY, USA I214306
16 Little, Addie  15 Jan 1883Steuben Co., NY, USA I423510
17 Little, Clarence  28 Aug 1877Steuben Co., NY, USA I423508
18 Little, Dwight  29 Jul 1871Steuben Co., NY, USA I280236
19 Little, Emma  7 Sep 1873Steuben Co., NY, USA I423507
20 Little, Merrill  2 Feb 1880Steuben Co., NY, USA I423509
21 Martin, Calvin Searle  15 Jun 1813Steuben Co., NY, USA I167875
22 Martin, Clarissa  10 Aug 1807Steuben Co., NY, USA I114276
23 Martin, Lucretia  11 May 1815Steuben Co., NY, USA I167877
24 Martin, Thomas  30 Mar 1803Steuben Co., NY, USA I167871
25 Mitchell, Roxana A.  Oct 1836Steuben Co., NY, USA I435454
26 O'Dell, Howard E.  23 Mar 1927Steuben Co., NY, USA I386202
27 Orcutt, Henry M.  15 Jul 1842Steuben Co., NY, USA I181234
28 Pomeroy, Mary Ann  7 Mar 1847Steuben Co., NY, USA I206472
29 Prentice, William Francis  2 Jan 1861Steuben Co., NY, USA I16751
30 Remer, Justin R.  1846Steuben Co., NY, USA I25454
31 Rexford, Daniel  9 Sep 1827Steuben Co., NY, USA I118120
32 Seely, Sarah Maria  8 Mar 1847Steuben Co., NY, USA I216174
33 Silliman, Emily Jane  Abt 1843Steuben Co., NY, USA I163222
34 Simons, James C. D. O.  22 Aug 1870Steuben Co., NY, USA I41519
35 Sprague, Cornelius Franklin  14 Jan 1830Steuben Co., NY, USA I97201
36 Sprague, Jane  30 Jun 1805Steuben Co., NY, USA I79943
37 Sprague, Marie  8 Aug 1935Steuben Co., NY, USA I307622
38 Sprague, Mary  1846Steuben Co., NY, USA I80064
39 Sprague, Robert Orin  18 Nov 1917Steuben Co., NY, USA I452713
40 Taylor, Bennett  Jul 1837Steuben Co., NY, USA I446731
41 Watson, Eleanor Jane (Nell)  1889Steuben Co., NY, USA I85060
42 Wells, Edward  27 Apr 1850Steuben Co., NY, USA I146379
43 Wells, Emily  27 Apr 1850Steuben Co., NY, USA I146525


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Lucinda  26 Feb 1881Steuben Co., NY, USA I212999
2 Ferre, Sabrina  1837Steuben Co., NY, USA I68391
3 Fitch, Mercy Hannah  1804Steuben Co., NY, USA I293825
4 Flanders, Mary  1856Steuben Co., NY, USA I435313
5 Little, Harold C.  1967Steuben Co., NY, USA I423531
6 O'Dell, Anna  Jul 1969Steuben Co., NY, USA I385036
7 O'Dell, Elijah  3 Apr 1989Steuben Co., NY, USA I385039
8 Rouse, Philander Henry  Bef 1876Steuben Co., NY, USA I435314
9 Shoemaker, William Lenard  3 Mar 1977Steuben Co., NY, USA I126734
10 Silliman, Emily Jane  4 Dec 1896Steuben Co., NY, USA I163222
11 Sprague, Amos  14 Apr 1882Steuben Co., NY, USA I128982
12 Sprague, Elizabeth  1 Oct 1876Steuben Co., NY, USA I79927
13 Sprague, Hannah  7 Feb 1924Steuben Co., NY, USA I126501
14 Sprague, Joseph G.  6 Feb 1880Steuben Co., NY, USA I212998
15 Stone, Anna  26 May 1836Steuben Co., NY, USA I25609
16 Tobias, Earl Charles  Jul 1977Steuben Co., NY, USA I385046


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Elmer  13 Jun 1900Steuben Co., NY, USA I385084
2 Armstrong, Mabel  13 Jun 1900Steuben Co., NY, USA I385080
3 Armstrong, Stewart  13 Jun 1900Steuben Co., NY, USA I385087
4 Little, Dwight  1920Steuben Co., NY, USA I280236
5 Little, Edith Irene  1920Steuben Co., NY, USA I423516
6 Little, Leona Evangeline  1920Steuben Co., NY, USA I423517
7 Little, Wilma Gertrude  1920Steuben Co., NY, USA I423515
8 Matthew, Fannie  1920Steuben Co., NY, USA I423514
9 Simons, Louisa  13 Jun 1900Steuben Co., NY, USA I385085
10 Sprague, Hannah  1920Steuben Co., NY, USA I126501
11 [--?--], Sarah  13 Jun 1900Steuben Co., NY, USA I385088

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Fisk, Elmer Moses  12 Sep 1918Steuben Co., NY, USA I385019
2 Orcutt, William Wallace  5 Jun 1917Steuben Co., NY, USA I386130
3 Sprague, Frank Eugene  Abt 1918Steuben Co., NY, USA I247109
4 Sprague, John Robert  12 Sep 1918Steuben Co., NY, USA I89472


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DeSilva, Dwight M.  1880Steuben Co., NY, USA I217536
2 Sprague, Abram Van Gelder (Abe)  1841Steuben Co., NY, USA I80056
3 Sprague, James  Between 1820 and 1830Steuben Co., NY, USA I43201
4 Sprague, John Ira?  Steuben Co., NY, USA I97202


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Crane / Armstrong  3 Mar 1915Steuben Co., NY, USA F139474
2 Crane / Dickerman  22 Sep 1923Steuben Co., NY, USA F139476
3 Flint / Crane  25 Sep 1909Steuben Co., NY, USA F139475
4 Garnett / Jewett  1869Steuben Co., NY, USA F9789
5 Jewett / Haradon  Mar 1823Steuben Co., NY, USA F9784
6 Little / Sprague  26 Dec 1859Steuben Co., NY, USA F154998
7 O'Dell / Strait  29 Oct 1921Steuben Co., NY, USA F139928
8 Orcutt / O'Dell  1 Mar 1915Steuben Co., NY, USA F139906
9 Sprague / Maggart  3 Jan 1924Steuben Co., NY, USA F119306

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