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Sacramento Co., CA, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 38.5815719, Longitude: -121.4943996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bassford, Henry A.  3 Jan 1910Sacramento Co., CA, USA I429093
2 Bassford, Thirsa Louise  17 Aug 1911Sacramento Co., CA, USA I429094
3 Bellmer, Alice Lillian  5 Oct 1909Sacramento Co., CA, USA I434154
4 Bellmer, Edgar Howard Sr.  25 Jun 1883Sacramento Co., CA, USA I434153
5 Bellmer, John A.  2 Nov 1916Sacramento Co., CA, USA I434156
6 Hughes, Emma Frances  26 Sep 1871Sacramento Co., CA, USA I282430
7 Jagger, Anna Belle  19 May 1916Sacramento Co., CA, USA I271248
8 Jones, Richard Allen  20 May 1952Sacramento Co., CA, USA I305920
9 McDonald, Helen M.  6 Nov 1908Sacramento Co., CA, USA I328429
10 Pineo, Melva Jane  15 Jul 1915Sacramento Co., CA, USA I457825
11 Pineo, Roland Wilson  17 Dec 1913Sacramento Co., CA, USA I457824
12 Remington, Dwight Irving  4 May 1938Sacramento Co., CA, USA I420692
13 Sprague, Blanche W.  23 Dec 1910Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324498
14 Sprague, Durham Daniel  4 Jun 1926Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324489
15 Sprague, Edward Harmond  28 Feb 1889Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324478
16 Sprague, George James  21 Apr 1885Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318248
17 Sprague, Harold Edgar  8 May 1893Sacramento Co., CA, USA I282433
18 Sprague, Joseph Melbourne  18 Jun 1880Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313439
19 Sprague, Leslie James  12 Jan 1895Sacramento Co., CA, USA I282434
20 Sprague, Marilyn Rich  18 Jun 1933Sacramento Co., CA, USA I297775
21 Sprague, Marjorie Annette  18 Dec 1938Sacramento Co., CA, USA I378840
22 Sutherland, John Michael  7 Dec 1955Sacramento Co., CA, USA I412438
23 Williams, Clarence T.  10 Aug 1908Sacramento Co., CA, USA I336441


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bagwell, Mary Evelyn  5 Aug 1936Sacramento Co., CA, USA I457896
2 Bowman, Lester Vernon  30 Jan 1994Sacramento Co., CA, USA I431952
3 Briggs, Giluanah  26 Mar 1916Sacramento Co., CA, USA I315246
4 Chamberlain, Olive Violet  5 May 1950Sacramento Co., CA, USA I467640
5 Cowman, Carolyn Ruth  19 Jan 1991Sacramento Co., CA, USA I455415
6 Cox, Maude May  17 Feb 1978Sacramento Co., CA, USA I376868
7 Detel, Julia  22 Sep 1972Sacramento Co., CA, USA I290925
8 Detel, Max  16 Jul 1964Sacramento Co., CA, USA I363327
9 Enney, Mary Lucille  17 May 1997Sacramento Co., CA, USA I168275
10 Fielding, Joanne Marian  13 Sep 1989Sacramento Co., CA, USA I430376
11 Frenzell, Ernest Herbert  15 Jan 1964Sacramento Co., CA, USA I300009
12 Furlong, Jack Raymond  21 Jun 1997Sacramento Co., CA, USA I298277
13 Furlong, Thomas Raymond  21 Oct 1946Sacramento Co., CA, USA I298275
14 Giacomini, Hazel Geneva  18 Feb 1988Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313808
15 Gilkey, Emerson P.  26 Jun 1903Sacramento Co., CA, USA I447333
16 Hard, James Carlton  Aug 1970Sacramento Co., CA, USA I467639
17 Hutchinson, Lee W.  16 Jun 1963Sacramento Co., CA, USA I457912
18 Johnson, Olive L.  14 Jun 1952Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324505
19 Johnston, Susie Dana  23 Nov 1947Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318252
20 Lilly, Marjorie Elaine  31 Dec 1982Sacramento Co., CA, USA I458746
21 Mayhew, Leo  23 Jan 1899Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313440
22 McDowell, Thomas  18 May 1970Sacramento Co., CA, USA I420620
23 Mosgaard, Niels Christian  16 Jan 1938Sacramento Co., CA, USA I419577
24 Pineo, Benjamin William  18 Aug 1995Sacramento Co., CA, USA I457826
25 Remington, Harold Edward  11 Aug 1994Sacramento Co., CA, USA I420608
26 Rich, Emeline Grover  20 Dec 1964Sacramento Co., CA, USA I299510
27 Rouner, Edna May  18 Jul 1981Sacramento Co., CA, USA I298281
28 Sheean, Mamie Ellen  4 Jan 1990Sacramento Co., CA, USA I457900
29 Spragg, Clarence Edwin  3 May 1994Sacramento Co., CA, USA I819
30 Spragg, John Edwin  5 Apr 2006Sacramento Co., CA, USA I824
31 Sprague, Alvah Jackson  28 Dec 1930Sacramento Co., CA, USA I39794
32 Sprague, Blanche W.  10 Jun 1985Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324498
33 Sprague, Cora  13 Feb 1984Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318255
34 Sprague, Delbert Luther  26 Jan 1968Sacramento Co., CA, USA I319559
35 Sprague, Durham Dexter  14 Oct 1958Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324483
36 Sprague, Earl Kenneth  17 Jun 1993Sacramento Co., CA, USA I349424
37 Sprague, Edith Ilene  14 Oct 1987Sacramento Co., CA, USA I299447
38 Sprague, Edwin Henry  15 Apr 1945Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318258
39 Sprague, Elizabeth Wren  24 Jun 1980Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318253
40 Sprague, Florence Donna  2 Jan 1942Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318257
41 Sprague, Fred Bertrand  29 May 1978Sacramento Co., CA, USA I299509
42 Sprague, Gerald Leroy  27 Oct 1986Sacramento Co., CA, USA I320250
43 Sprague, Julia C. Thelma  16 Feb 1968Sacramento Co., CA, USA I420605
44 Sprague, Marian Eunice  14 Jan 1968Sacramento Co., CA, USA I181366
45 Sprague, Marjorie  27 May 1964Sacramento Co., CA, USA I420607
46 Sprague, Robert Edwin  25 Nov 1985Sacramento Co., CA, USA I434058
47 Sprague, Winona  10 Dec 1996Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324499
48 Summers, Grant Leroy  25 Jan 1964Sacramento Co., CA, USA I352160
49 Sutherland, James Leroy  25 Feb 1983Sacramento Co., CA, USA I412434
50 Thomas, Elmer A.  13 Dec 1974Sacramento Co., CA, USA I433930

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jessie-Durst, James Edward  9 Oct 1928Sacramento Co., CA, USA I169190


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Donovan, Hannah  18 Sep 1850Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313139
2 Hostetter, Daniel  18 Sep 1850Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313141
3 Hostetter, Edward  18 Sep 1850Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313143
4 Hostetter, George  18 Sep 1850Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313142
5 Hostetter, John  18 Sep 1850Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313138
6 Hostetter, Robert  18 Sep 1850Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313140
7 Smiley, Mary Amelia  1920Sacramento Co., CA, USA I319560
8 Sprague, Delbert Luther  1920Sacramento Co., CA, USA I319559
9 Sprague, Durham  1870Sacramento Co., CA, USA I251383
10 Sprague, Mildred E.  1920Sacramento Co., CA, USA I319562

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Delbert Luther  26 Apr 1942Sacramento Co., CA, USA I319559
2 Sprague, Edward Harmond  Abt 1918Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324478
3 Sprague, Edward Harmond  26 Apr 1942Sacramento Co., CA, USA I324478
4 Sprague, George James  Abt 1918Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318248
5 Sprague, George James  27 Apr 1942Sacramento Co., CA, USA I318248

Voter Registration

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voter Registration    Person ID 
1 Calligan, Fred Harlan  1906Sacramento Co., CA, USA I356927
2 Powell, Arthur Richard  Between 1912 and 1914Sacramento Co., CA, USA I289185
3 Sprague, Anor A.  1930Sacramento Co., CA, USA I217970
4 Sprague, Leon Delbert  1904Sacramento Co., CA, USA I313434
5 Sprague, Maude Elise  Between 1912 and 1914Sacramento Co., CA, USA I289180


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Bates / Bellmer  1934Sacramento Co., CA, USA F159189
2 Bradshaw / Remington  Abt 27 Mar 1959Sacramento Co., CA, USA F153810
3 Butts / Chrisman  11 Oct 1922Sacramento Co., CA, USA F79050
4 Carter / Lilly  1928Sacramento Co., CA, USA F139630
5 Charles / Dodd  12 Nov 1961Sacramento Co., CA, USA F104477
6 Daggett / Gray  28 Apr 1862Sacramento Co., CA, USA F169709
7 Fiel / Sartain  27 Dec 1887Sacramento Co., CA, USA F113321
8 Remington / Graham  1 Jun 1898Sacramento Co., CA, USA F153812
9 Scott / Remington  13 Sep 1964Sacramento Co., CA, USA F153811
10 Sprague / Deringer  1907Sacramento Co., CA, USA F66185
11 Sprague / Hughes  1888Sacramento Co., CA, USA F101312
12 Sprague / Smiley  30 Sep 1872Sacramento Co., CA, USA F114812
13 Steadman / Fleming  1905Sacramento Co., CA, USA F159196
14 Wilbur / Pineo  1935Sacramento Co., CA, USA F167833

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