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Placer Co., CA, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 39.0915751, Longitude: -120.8039474


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Calligan, Erma May  19 Jan 1911Placer Co., CA, USA I356929
2 Hebb, Samuel Ivan III  23 Aug 1859Placer Co., CA, USA I142501
3 Sprague, Charles W.  Cal 10 Jul 1853Placer Co., CA, USA I319572
4 Sprague, George  Abt 1845Placer Co., CA, USA I319570
5 Sprague, Juliette  Cal 2 Oct 1856Placer Co., CA, USA I319573
6 Sprague, Mary Jane  Abt 1850Placer Co., CA, USA I319571


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altemaier, Rosa  22 Feb 2000Placer Co., CA, USA I320249
2 Calligan, George Henry  15 Mar 1936Placer Co., CA, USA I357504
3 Fleming, Flora Fay  19 Nov 1964Placer Co., CA, USA I317677
4 Green, Gladys Henrietta  10 Nov 1985Placer Co., CA, USA I233163
5 Hart, Myrtle J.  30 Sep 1968Placer Co., CA, USA I324693
6 Hoppert, Florence  29 Jan 1929Placer Co., CA, USA I336397
7 Hosselkus, Richard Charles  13 May 1987Placer Co., CA, USA I292211
8 Lindo, Madeline Orma  16 Dec 1992Placer Co., CA, USA I318862
9 Munson, Florence  7 May 1988Placer Co., CA, USA I314860
10 Sanford, Alfred Bruce  16 Nov 1956Placer Co., CA, USA I364705
11 Sprague, Althea Elizabeth  27 Apr 1955Placer Co., CA, USA I290222
12 Sprague, Alva Gould  13 May 1965Placer Co., CA, USA I181363
13 Sprague, Clarence  15 Sep 1992Placer Co., CA, USA I320246
14 Sprague, Edward Alvah  18 Jul 1960Placer Co., CA, USA I181361
15 Sprague, Marie Mildred  27 May 1991Placer Co., CA, USA I292204
16 Sprague, Richard J. Jr.  18 Nov 1967Placer Co., CA, USA I290467
17 Sprague, Robert Leonard Jr.  17 Oct 1963Placer Co., CA, USA I324973
18 Sprague, Sylvester Moses  7 Jun 1916Placer Co., CA, USA I319561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bisbee, Albert C.  29 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I313154
2 Bisbee, Alta Margaret  29 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I313148
3 Bisbee, Clara L.  29 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I313155
4 Bisbee, George H.  29 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I313150
5 Bisbee, Ruby A.  29 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I313153
6 Bisbee, Sarah A.  29 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I313152
7 Dudley, Mary L.  1880Placer Co., CA, USA I217969
8 Dudley, Mary L.  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I217969
9 Dudley, Mary L.  1910Placer Co., CA, USA I217969
10 Dudley, Mary L.  2 Apr 1940Placer Co., CA, USA I217969
11 Fleming, Flora Fay  1930Placer Co., CA, USA I317677
12 Fleming, Flora Fay  2 Apr 1940Placer Co., CA, USA I317677
13 Grant, Ada May  1880Placer Co., CA, USA I275750
14 Grant, George Robert  1880Placer Co., CA, USA I275717
15 Grant, William Everett  1880Placer Co., CA, USA I275749
16 Haggerty, Mary Ellen  1910Placer Co., CA, USA I335186
17 Hart, Myrtle J.  20 Apr 1930Placer Co., CA, USA I324693
18 Hart, Myrtle J.  2 Apr 1940Placer Co., CA, USA I324693
19 Hoppert, Christopher  1 Aug 1870Placer Co., CA, USA I336403
20 Hoppert, Sophia E.  1 Aug 1870Placer Co., CA, USA I336405
21 Smiley, John  22 Jul 1870Placer Co., CA, USA I336390
22 Smiley, Mary Amelia  22 Jul 1870Placer Co., CA, USA I319560
23 Smiley, Mary Amelia  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I319560
24 Smiley, Mary Amelia  21 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I319560
25 Smith, Gertrude F.  2 Jun 1900Placer Co., CA, USA I117759
26 Sprague, Alva Gould  1910Placer Co., CA, USA I181363
27 Sprague, Alva Gould  1930Placer Co., CA, USA I181363
28 Sprague, Alva Gould  2 Apr 1940Placer Co., CA, USA I181363
29 Sprague, Alvah Jackson  1880Placer Co., CA, USA I39794
30 Sprague, Alvah Jackson  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I39794
31 Sprague, Alvah Jackson  1910Placer Co., CA, USA I39794
32 Sprague, Anor A.  1880Placer Co., CA, USA I217970
33 Sprague, Anor A.  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I217970
34 Sprague, Cecyl I.  2 Jun 1900Placer Co., CA, USA I336413
35 Sprague, Charles Gilmore  19 Aug 1870Placer Co., CA, USA I53447
36 Sprague, Delbert Luther  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I319559
37 Sprague, Delbert Luther  21 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I319559
38 Sprague, Edward Alvah  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I181361
39 Sprague, Ellsworth E.  2 Jun 1900Placer Co., CA, USA I319566
40 Sprague, Elva G.  2 Jun 1900Placer Co., CA, USA I331480
41 Sprague, Francis E.  1880Placer Co., CA, USA I217971
42 Sprague, Henry Alden  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I181362
43 Sprague, Henry Alden  1910Placer Co., CA, USA I181362
44 Sprague, Herbert Dudley  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I181364
45 Sprague, Herbert Dudley  1910Placer Co., CA, USA I181364
46 Sprague, Herbert Dudley  20 Apr 1930Placer Co., CA, USA I181364
47 Sprague, Herbert Dudley  2 Apr 1940Placer Co., CA, USA I181364
48 Sprague, Leland B.  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I319565
49 Sprague, Leland B.  21 Apr 1910Placer Co., CA, USA I319565
50 Sprague, Lilian  1900Placer Co., CA, USA I316050

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Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Calligan, Fred Harlan  12 Sep 1918Placer Co., CA, USA I356927


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Doane, Mary Ann  Placer Co., CA, USA I312106

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