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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England
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State/Province : Latitude: 43.9408683333333, Longitude: -120.600776666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anundi, Axel  Abt 1897OR, USA I355698
2 Anundi, Robert Verl  4 Dec 1916OR, USA I355363
3 Bass, Sam C.  1896OR, USA I411226
4 Bedwell, Loring E. Jr.  12 Oct 1910OR, USA I403865
5 Boss, Robert C.  Abt 1889OR, USA I335334
6 Bowe, Alleen M.  Abt Feb 1918OR, USA I330669
7 Bowe, Ronald D.  5 Mar 1919OR, USA I330677
8 Buell, Leslie James  Apr 1896OR, USA I96408
9 Cain, Luella M.  9 Aug 1888OR, USA I167432
10 Chamberlain, Blanche  16 Jul 1881OR, USA I20413
11 Chambers, Clifford Willis  8 Dec 1912OR, USA I168996
12 Chambers, Edward F.  25 May 1915OR, USA I168997
13 Christianson, Ira James  1 Aug 1885OR, USA I132300
14 Christianson, William Dexter  21 Jul 1883OR, USA I132298
15 Clark, Kenneth Richard  23 Mar 1915OR, USA I430964
16 Closner, Vernon  23 May 1912OR, USA I299717
17 Coleman, William Henry Jr.  16 May 1949OR, USA I12609
18 Collins, Melville Ted  22 Nov 1894OR, USA I14323
19 Cordill, Alta O.  Abt 1912OR, USA I299854
20 Cordill, Alvin H.  Mar 1914OR, USA I299855
21 Cordill, Idora  Abt 1922OR, USA I299857
22 Cordill, Leona A.  Abt 1909OR, USA I299852
23 Cordill, Lulu  1910OR, USA I299853
24 Dale, Chauncey W.  Abt 1892OR, USA I107511
25 Dart, Virgil E.  13 Apr 1894OR, USA I344417
26 Daugherty, Harry Dan  29 Nov 1906OR, USA I330682
27 Daugherty, Ida Mabel  17 Apr 1897OR, USA I330667
28 Deakins, David M.  Abt 1863OR, USA I330665
29 Dodd, Isabelle P.  Abt 1910OR, USA I290646
30 Donovan, Dorothy Mae  22 Nov 1924OR, USA I355327
31 Donovan, Howard J.  3 Dec 1921OR, USA I355311
32 Fisher, Averell Augustin  1 Mar 1900OR, USA I82913
33 Fleming, Jasper  Abt 1920OR, USA I304580
34 Gamberling, Isora  Abt 1904OR, USA I291245
35 Gardner, Gladys N.  29 Apr 1900OR, USA I476741
36 Gibson, Jennie  Abt 1900OR, USA I278868
37 Graham, Oliver J. Jr.  Cal 14 Aug 1924OR, USA I355218
38 Groves, Charles Montgomery  27 Nov 1909OR, USA I171965
39 Hailey, John  Oct 1859OR, USA I280373
40 Hailey, Paralee  Aug 1890OR, USA I280376
41 Hailey, Roy  Abt 1882OR, USA I280374
42 Harpole, Ethel E.  28 May 1887OR, USA I99284
43 Hatton, Carolyn Elizabeth  Dec 1861OR, USA I14280
44 Hess, Asa Clinton  Dec 1876OR, USA I85130
45 Hess, Hiram J.  Abt 1874OR, USA I236186
46 Hess, Joseph E.  Abt 1884OR, USA I236188
47 Hess, Liza  Abt 1870OR, USA I236185
48 Hess, Nora  Abt 1880OR, USA I236187
49 Hess, Samuel  Abt 1868OR, USA I236184
50 Hewitt, Clyde A.  Abt 1907OR, USA I335243

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Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennet, Guy Virgle  May 1963OR, USA I147401
2 Clark, Wilma Alfretta  21 Apr 1916OR, USA I430962
3 Coffey, Charles  Abt 1930OR, USA I338372
4 Coleman, William Henry Jr.  9 Mar 2019OR, USA I12609
5 Comer, Lynn Leslie  5 Dec 1999OR, USA I222669
6 Darling, Hattie V.  16 Feb 1933OR, USA I297453
7 Doxsee, Raymond H.  18 Apr 1952OR, USA I406155
8 Gardner, Winona  1968OR, USA I476747
9 Glasson, John Charles  12 Nov 1954OR, USA I292088
10 Goggins, Margaret F.  OR, USA I85128
11 Hardin, Minerva  19 Oct 1978OR, USA I469646
12 Harris, Ada J.  OR, USA I119486
13 Hayes, Jean Mary  10 Oct 1996OR, USA I222668
14 Horsell, Frederick W.  21 Mar 1954OR, USA I270779
15 Howell, Leroy Walter  3 May 1956OR, USA I440846
16 Johnson, Elizabeth  OR, USA I315167
17 Koberstein, Lt. Col. Henry Karl  11 Jan 1980OR, USA I335544
18 Koch, Lewis Julius  21 Apr 1957OR, USA I299720
19 McDaniel, Donald Lawrence  15 Oct 1975OR, USA I452200
20 Murphy, Vida Edith  3 Jul 1975OR, USA I28151
21 Perrenoud, Marilyn L.  11 Sep 2010OR, USA I387769
22 Phernetton, Charles William  Jul 1967OR, USA I24282
23 Plumb, Lillian Ellen  2 Jan 1992OR, USA I429268
24 Quatermass, Reuben  26 Sep 1938OR, USA I329259
25 Quick, Alice Linegar  15 Jul 1950OR, USA I335371
26 Reiber, Stanley Deloss Jr.  19 Aug 2016OR, USA I475945
27 Riley, John Kenneth  Abt 1980OR, USA I228245
28 Sauer, Virgil Leroy  22 Jan 2007OR, USA I387830
29 Sprague, George Edward  29 Oct 2019OR, USA I361956
30 Sprague, Nellie May  19 May 1874OR, USA I147387
31 Sprague, Rosa  OR, USA I217107
32 Sprague, Theodore Francis  5 Oct 1914OR, USA I90064
33 Sprague, William Borden  20 Nov 1944OR, USA I131575
34 Upham, Daniel Alfonso  17 Apr 1882OR, USA I47818
35 Wiebe, Esther C.  26 Jul 1996OR, USA I360223
36 Woods, Tracy  27 Nov 1954OR, USA I96451
37 [--?--], Effie W.  29 Feb 2000OR, USA I361772
38 [--?--], Marcia Georgine  24 Sep 2010OR, USA I335085


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cooksey, Duane Arthur  OR, USA I431499
2 Sprague, Mary Ann  OR, USA I71484


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dart, Virgil E.  1920OR, USA I344417
2 Dart, Virgil E.  1930OR, USA I344417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Grubbs, David  OR, USA I102155
2 Grubbs, John  OR, USA I102151
3 Grubbs, William  OR, USA I102154


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Plank, Asa Wilson  OR, USA I90943
2 Sprague, Governor of Oregon Charles Arthur  Between 9 Jan 1939 and 11 Jan 1943OR, USA I4031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Researcher    Person ID 
1 Thompson, Isaac  Aft 1900OR, USA I135232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bottensek, Harold Wesley  OR, USA I207903
2 Bottensek, Ronald Wallace  OR, USA I207907
3 Coffey, Nelson  OR, USA I338192
4 Jones, Anna Lovina  OR, USA I247825
5 Sprague, Judson P.  1934OR, USA I341006

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 50 of 157

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Adair, Margarette  OR, USA I335226
2 Adams, Mildred  OR, USA I308046
3 Albertsen, John E.  OR, USA I355355
4 Aldrich, Loretta L.  OR, USA I354904
5 Anundi, Robert Verl  OR, USA I355363
6 Bennet, Guy Virgle  OR, USA I147401
7 Bennet, Harold A.  OR, USA I300143
8 Bennet, Robert Virgel  OR, USA I300142
9 Bilyeu, Wanda Jane  OR, USA I85134
10 Blain, Christine Susan  OR, USA I420453
11 Botzer, Bessie Louise  OR, USA I418862
12 Bowe, Edward David  OR, USA I330668
13 Bowe, Ronald D.  OR, USA I330677
14 Braden, Marjorie Ellen  OR, USA I297536
15 Brock, Rosalie  OR, USA I312579
16 Campbell, Donna Louise  OR, USA I354974
17 Case, Barbara Jean  OR, USA I418864
18 Casey, Leona Rozella  OR, USA I341654
19 Castle, Myrtie Eugenia  OR, USA I355366
20 Castle, Vera June  OR, USA I355309
21 Cheney, Donald Warren  OR, USA I355719
22 Cheney, Mary Louise  OR, USA I355725
23 Closner, Vernon  OR, USA I299717
24 Coleman, Charles Henry  OR, USA I12592
25 Coleman, Sandra Jeanne  OR, USA I12604
26 Coleman, William Henry  OR, USA I12597
27 Cordill, Elmer L.  OR, USA I299851
28 Cordill, Sidney Alvin  OR, USA I133339
29 Cover, John Roy Jr.  OR, USA I407431
30 Currie, Lucille  OR, USA I306590
31 Daugherty, Harry Dan  OR, USA I330682
32 Daugherty, Ida Mabel  OR, USA I330667
33 Dodd, Gregory E.  OR, USA I290654
34 Donovan, Charmain Loene  OR, USA I355769
35 Donovan, Dorothy Mae  OR, USA I355327
36 Donovan, Gregory M.  OR, USA I355335
37 Donovan, Patricia Coleen  OR, USA I355328
38 Donovan, Steven Lewis  OR, USA I355314
39 Eichinger, Cecil Sprague  OR, USA I85131
40 Farr, Edwin Franklin  OR, USA I299922
41 Farr, Marvin Sanford  OR, USA I299923
42 Finster, Lynn Edwin  OR, USA I316236
43 Fowler, Walter Douglas  OR, USA I355748
44 Graham, Howard  OR, USA I355220
45 Graham, Myrtie E.  OR, USA I355285
46 Green, Carl Edward  OR, USA I233190
47 Groves, Charles Montgomery  OR, USA I171965
48 Harpole, Ethel E.  OR, USA I99284
49 Hibdon, Leon Earl  OR, USA I354976
50 Hillard, Joseph Laru  OR, USA I355331

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Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Ackley / Fernside  1875OR, USA F81156
2 Hanson / Sprague  1942OR, USA F109617
3 Helvey / Phernetton  22 Apr 1916OR, USA F9343
4 Koch / Sprague  Abt 1929OR, USA F107594
5 Mack / Seely  5 Oct 1929OR, USA F124823
6 Minne / Benson  26 Sep 1969OR, USA F141054
7 Sprague / Clinkinbeard  20 Dec 1877OR, USA F48209
8 Sprague / Loos  24 Jun 1866OR, USA F160656
9 Sprague / Wise  1911OR, USA F79043

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