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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England
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State/Province : Latitude: 43.837696855899445, Longitude: -71.5869140625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alden, Levi  1815NH, USA I204703
2 Andrews, Charles A.  Jun 1828NH, USA I389281
3 Archibald, John  Abt 1758NH, USA I254460
4 Archibald, Margaret  1759NH, USA I206498
5 Archibald, Martha  1760NH, USA I206499
6 Archibald, Robert  1758NH, USA I206497
7 Atherton, Sarah  28 Dec 1786NH, USA I111769
8 Bailey, Winifred  Nov 1899NH, USA I110267
9 Bennett, Alva  1804NH, USA I195398
10 Bennett, David Warner  6 Dec 1786NH, USA I128983
11 Bickford, Katherine Louise  30 Nov 1917NH, USA I425255
12 Billings, Leslie Harold Jr.  15 Aug 1931NH, USA I418733
13 Blanchard, Edward Sherburne  Feb 1778NH, USA I198324
14 Blanchard, Col. Jotham  1745NH, USA I198326
15 Blanchard, Nancy Ann  1779NH, USA I254272
16 Blodgett, Miles  2 Jun 1825NH, USA I423279
17 Bourassa, Frederick H. Sr.  26 Dec 1908NH, USA I277079
18 Bride, Samuel  4 Jan 1810NH, USA I435520
19 Bride, William Jr.  1806NH, USA I435510
20 Bridge, Joseph  NH, USA I359478
21 Brown, Hannah Locke  1803NH, USA I340696
22 Brown, Phebe G.  Abt 1796NH, USA I43937
23 Brown, Susan Morehead  1 Jan 1885NH, USA I445625
24 Brownell, David  1887NH, USA I295986
25 Brownell, Ethel  1882NH, USA I295985
26 Brownell, George Raymon  1895NH, USA I295987
27 Bryant, Francis  NH, USA I129394
28 Burbank, George W.  NH, USA I162654
29 Burleigh, Mary Clara  7 Feb 1830NH, USA I429018
30 Buzzwell, Sarah L.  Jul 1866NH, USA I284370
31 Carlton, Joseph  Jul 1817NH, USA I106202
32 Carpenter, Fredic  Abt 1895NH, USA I460047
33 Carter, Florence M.  15 Sep 1914NH, USA I418731
34 Caverly, Cynthia F.  Abt 1875NH, USA I16794
35 Chandler, Charles W.  Abt 1872NH, USA I280891
36 Chandler, Gertrude E.  Abt 1871NH, USA I280890
37 Chandler, James C.  Abt 1862NH, USA I280886
38 Chandler, Lutie E.  Jul 1874NH, USA I280882
39 Chapman, Lydia J.  Abt 1817NH, USA I327350
40 Chapman, Mary  1816NH, USA I327348
41 Clarke, Hannah R.  12 Mar 1827NH, USA I55045
42 Cochrane, Delwin A.  May 1893NH, USA I420439
43 Colby, Martha Ellen  18 Jan 1843NH, USA I340681
44 Colby, William  1803NH, USA I340695
45 Colby, William  Abt 1846NH, USA I340697
46 Cole, Abigail  1789NH, USA I296037
47 Cole, John  Jun 1897NH, USA I389273
48 Cole, Joseph B. Jr.  May 1892NH, USA I389242
49 Cook, Henry A.  Abt Oct 1908NH, USA I443774
50 Cook, Herbert  Abt 1894NH, USA I443772

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ames, Mabel  10 Sep 1929NH, USA I254576
2 Archibald, Thomas  1812NH, USA I145505
3 Ballou, Rev. Maturin  1804NH, USA I98584
4 Bowen, Albert J.  NH, USA I171144
5 Cady, Isaac Sr.  Aft 1790NH, USA I167903
6 Carroll, James David  17 Jun 1996NH, USA I382941
7 Clark, Alice Evelyn  3 Feb 1990NH, USA I96864
8 Cole, Abigail  4 Jul 1876NH, USA I296037
9 Cole, Arthur Clement Jr.  1969NH, USA I38252
10 Coleman, Jessie DeWitt  1948NH, USA I147793
11 Coombs, Sally  NH, USA I447782
12 Dennis, Ephraim W.  1816NH, USA I165031
13 Dennis, Ursula  4 Oct 1817NH, USA I165032
14 Dugan, Dorothy Ione  6 Aug 2011NH, USA I459386
15 Eastman, Thomas  18 May 1834NH, USA I459519
16 Farnsworth, Lucy  2 Feb 1825NH, USA I239289
17 Gould, George  Nov 1963NH, USA I138017
18 Gourley, Edna Frances  Nov 1982NH, USA I346921
19 Hall, Mary  1824NH, USA I239275
20 Hall, Timothy Jr.  Abt 1800NH, USA I239276
21 Hammond, Valerie Ann  13 Apr 1993NH, USA I147830
22 Hodgman, John Quincy  1939NH, USA I227070
23 Howard, Mary Curtis  24 Mar 1870NH, USA I226243
24 Jacobs, Emily Hall  17 Nov 1901NH, USA I227058
25 Jacobs, Lizzie T.  1950NH, USA I227069
26 Jesson, Thomas  NH, USA I166774
27 Moody, Sarah  15 Mar 1845NH, USA I171153
28 Reed, Frank Eugene  Nov 1963NH, USA I344314
29 Royleigh, Ada Marie  NH, USA I171145
30 Sandborn, Abigail  Abt 1756NH, USA I145399
31 Sprague, Charles  NH, USA I42413
32 Sprague, Joanna  18 Jul 1804NH, USA I42676
33 Sprague, Kloman Westinghouse  18 May 1990NH, USA I287519
34 Sprague, Lydia  Aft 1806NH, USA I42766
35 Sprague, Mabel Bailey  8 Jul 1970NH, USA I313489
36 Sprague, Walter Everett  18 Nov 1958NH, USA I166536
37 Sterns, Lucy  7 Dec 1877NH, USA I344260
38 Stevens, Martha Curtis  1892NH, USA I72520
39 Wells, Timothy  Aft 23 Oct 1832NH, USA I76491

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Willis, Susie N.  2 Jul 1884NH, USA I252635

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Volney Albert  5 Jun 1917NH, USA I227170


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Colbrath, Sarah A.  NH, USA I190402
2 Green, Charles Francis  Jul 1939NH, USA I233146
3 Green, Henry Jonathon  Jul 1939NH, USA I233191
4 Green, Mary Ellen  Jul 1939NH, USA I233194
5 Longfellow, Jacob  NH, USA I197831
6 Longfellow, Jacob  NH, USA I197814
7 Longfellow, Molly  NH, USA I197822
8 Longfellow, Sarah  NH, USA I197823
9 Neddeau, A. Franklin  2001NH, USA I261667
10 Nelson, Margaret  NH, USA I235946
11 Sprague, Carolyn  1987NH, USA I285238

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Bezanson, Bessie Marie  NH, USA I320759
2 Bickford, Hazel Elizabeth  NH, USA I425254
3 Branch, Arthur Clark  NH, USA I275416
4 Bressette, Fred Theodore  NH, USA I393832
5 Burt, Leonard Hoyt  NH, USA I392803
6 Carter, Florence M.  NH, USA I418731
7 Christie, Paul Harold  NH, USA I416833
8 Colson, Samuel  NH, USA I237126
9 Condon, Frank Ray  NH, USA I141349
10 Consigny, William Henry  NH, USA I418735
11 Corbett, Hazel Lillian  NH, USA I467823
12 Cove, James Richard  NH, USA I415202
13 Crandlemire, Aurie Helen  NH, USA I355813
14 Downs, Francis Joseph  NH, USA I344308
15 Drowns, Leonard Charles  NH, USA I215528
16 Farley, Evelyn M.  NH, USA I41894
17 Felski, Paul Otto Rudolf  NH, USA I237130
18 Fleming, Pearl E.  NH, USA I297377
19 Glidden, James E.  NH, USA I262232
20 Gould, Dean Edward  NH, USA I424359
21 Gray, Alice L.  NH, USA I359429
22 Gray, Mable L.  NH, USA I359430
23 Greenleaf, Patricia Ann  NH, USA I129000
24 Herrick, Norman Alwin  NH, USA I449432
25 Hillsgrove, Lernia Gladys  NH, USA I141427
26 Howland, Charles Warren  NH, USA I465355
27 Huddleston, Eric Trevor  NH, USA I360816
28 Kelley, Leemont  NH, USA I358228
29 La Bombard, Mildred V.  NH, USA I418730
30 Leach, Doris  NH, USA I392999
31 McLaughlin, Thomas Joseph  NH, USA I425250
32 Moran, Sadie  NH, USA I418732
33 Morris, Beverly Mary  NH, USA I443852
34 Pelkey, Harold Julius  NH, USA I392653
35 Rainville, Eugene Robert  NH, USA I393080
36 Reed, Clayton Woodbury  NH, USA I331856
37 Reed, Francis Bryant  NH, USA I331857
38 Reed, Frank Eugene  NH, USA I344314
39 Ronco, Miriam Helena  NH, USA I465339
40 Sanborn, Elmer  NH, USA I141416
41 Sprague, Agnes May  NH, USA I425249
42 Sprague, Almon R.  Bef 1951NH, USA I45735
43 Sprague, Althea Rose  NH, USA I281209
44 Sprague, Anne Marie  NH, USA I291171
45 Sprague, Bertha  NH, USA I290434
46 Sprague, Birney Buker  NH, USA I320758
47 Sprague, Bradbury E.  NH, USA I227172
48 Sprague, Charles  NH, USA I209299
49 Sprague, Clarence Edward  NH, USA I16821
50 Sprague, Clifford Reuben  NH, USA I469043

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Abbott / Sprague  Bef 1820NH, USA F59752
2 Appleby / Sly  15 Sep 1771NH, USA F25245
3 Archibald / Orr  Abt 1757NH, USA F74778
4 Barrows / Alden  Abt 1830NH, USA F71487
5 Bowen / Royleigh  NH, USA F62536
6 Brooks / Cole  22 Jan 1895NH, USA F155664
7 Canney / Moody  28 Nov 1805NH, USA F62540
8 Creelman / Newton  9 Jun 1870NH, USA F50586
9 Haradon / Sterns  Abt 1820NH, USA F124133
10 Hurd / Farnsworth  28 Nov 1799NH, USA F86030
11 Jenks / Weston  23 Jun 1891NH, USA F68080
12 Logan / Braden  Abt 1760NH, USA F84874
13 Lynds / Fisher  31 Mar 1910NH, USA F90805
14 Sly / [--?--]  NH, USA F25244
15 Swett / Buzzwell  17 Mar 1888NH, USA F102041
16 Swett / Knight  25 Dec 1839NH, USA F101997
17 Swett / Peabody  1 Mar 1865NH, USA F101987
18 Swett / Townsend  13 Oct 1859NH, USA F102043
19 Swett / Trueax  29 Oct 1854NH, USA F101984
20 Wilson / Bucknam  1 Apr 1850NH, USA F131541
21 [--?--] / Nelson  NH, USA F84896

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