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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England
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State/Province : Latitude: 47.5514926, Longitude: -101.0020119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Nelson, Marie L.  Abt 1893ND, USA I23410
52 Perry, Vearl Mae  28 Feb 1908ND, USA I324171
53 Pringle, Alexander G.  Sep 1895ND, USA I271861
54 Rohrabacher, Vernel Glenn  15 Sep 1922ND, USA I144117
55 Senior, Mildred Gertrude  12 Feb 1907ND, USA I388369
56 Severson, Clifford Allen  1 Feb 1916ND, USA I432190
57 Sheils, Margaret  26 Oct 1904ND, USA I308585
58 Southward, Rosalie M.  17 Oct 1908ND, USA I224325
59 Sprague, Alfred W.  Jul 1897ND, USA I267121
60 Sprague, Alice F.  21 Jul 1889ND, USA I166979
61 Sprague, Alice M.  14 Jan 1927ND, USA I305040
62 Sprague, Ara D.  Mar 1894ND, USA I267120
63 Sprague, Camille I.  Abt 1898ND, USA I336620
64 Sprague, Charles M.  23 Nov 1916ND, USA I340728
65 Sprague, Crystal  1929ND, USA I342065
66 Sprague, Delores  Abt 1927ND, USA I342064
67 Sprague, Emma May  Nov 1888ND, USA I339802
68 Sprague, Floyd M.  Abt 1906ND, USA I430100
69 Sprague, Frances  Jul 1889ND, USA I267118
70 Sprague, Frederic C.  29 May 1921ND, USA I342069
71 Sprague, Gladys Birdella  13 Oct 1912ND, USA I431818
72 Sprague, Harry C.  1916ND, USA I231010
73 Sprague, Henry Arthur  4 Apr 1907ND, USA I431817
74 Sprague, Irma M.  13 Oct 1891ND, USA I23408
75 Sprague, Leo J.  2 Jun 1921ND, USA I431842
76 Sprague, Lucy  Sep 1890ND, USA I267119
77 Sprague, Marjorie  Abt Dec 1908ND, USA I285390
78 Sprague, Mary G.  Abt 1894ND, USA I336623
79 Sprague, Maud Irene  18 Apr 1886ND, USA I166977
80 Sprague, Maude C.  Mar 1887ND, USA I267117
81 Sprague, Mavis E.  27 Mar 1916ND, USA I23416
82 Sprague, Ralph P.  Abt 1902ND, USA I285388
83 Sprague, Robert D.  Abt 1917ND, USA I431841
84 Sprague, Robert E.  Abt 1908ND, USA I430101
85 Sprague, Stephen A.  Abt 1905ND, USA I285389
86 Sprague, Violet  Abt 1910ND, USA I431828
87 Sprague, Vivian I.  31 Oct 1890ND, USA I166980
88 Strong, Anne Florence  21 Nov 1918ND, USA I470754
89 Waldron, Berton M.  8 Oct 1905ND, USA I432123
90 Waldron, Ethel J.  Abt 1916ND, USA I432160
91 Whipple, Charlotte E.  18 Feb 1905ND, USA I151035
92 Whipple, Richard Russell  Jun 1891ND, USA I150963
93 York, Rose Lillian  11 Nov 1890ND, USA I150980
94 [--?--], Emily  Abt 1892ND, USA I279221
95 [--?--], Jennie  Abt 1881ND, USA I342043
96 [--?--], Pearl  Abt 1910ND, USA I400600

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