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Multnomah Co., OR, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 45.512366, Longitude: -122.660336


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Florence Maria  7 Dec 1904Multnomah Co., OR, USA I430090
2 Wilson, Donna Ann  27 Sep 1960Multnomah Co., OR, USA I308307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adair, Margarette  22 Oct 1975Multnomah Co., OR, USA I335226
2 Allen, George Sprague  24 Mar 1999Multnomah Co., OR, USA I368346
3 Anson, Edith N.  7 Sep 1963Multnomah Co., OR, USA I436357
4 Boswell, Aline Lusile  16 Jan 1984Multnomah Co., OR, USA I12603
5 Brackey, Christella Olive  8 Dec 1999Multnomah Co., OR, USA I431486
6 Carr, Cora Bell  21 Oct 1943Multnomah Co., OR, USA I14290
7 Combes, George Wesley  30 Apr 1975Multnomah Co., OR, USA I431342
8 Cordill, Ross Herbert  2 Jan 1994Multnomah Co., OR, USA I299858
9 Davis, Fay Merle  22 Jul 1965Multnomah Co., OR, USA I378894
10 Davis, LaFerne Belle  10 Aug 1990Multnomah Co., OR, USA I135299
11 DeMoss, Gladys L.  10 Apr 1946Multnomah Co., OR, USA I378893
12 Donovan, Dorothy Mae  21 Dec 1986Multnomah Co., OR, USA I355327
13 Doty, Eldon M.  18 Jun 1966Multnomah Co., OR, USA I342036
14 Engelbracht, Sarah  17 Feb 1965Multnomah Co., OR, USA I342375
15 Finster, Lynn Edwin  21 Aug 1963Multnomah Co., OR, USA I316236
16 Frichette, Ernest George  31 Jan 1979Multnomah Co., OR, USA I298862
17 Hanson, John Mar  26 May 1978Multnomah Co., OR, USA I305348
18 Helsby, Norma Jean  18 Jun 1989Multnomah Co., OR, USA I299783
19 Hibdon, Leon Earl  24 Jan 2001Multnomah Co., OR, USA I354976
20 Hilmes, Loretta May  19 Jun 2005Multnomah Co., OR, USA I421697
21 Irwin, Moss Taylor  1 May 1958Multnomah Co., OR, USA I330681
22 Jones, Marilyn Louise  9 Dec 1998Multnomah Co., OR, USA I431042
23 Kneeland, Lester James  28 Jan 1967Multnomah Co., OR, USA I297456
24 Kneeland, Victor R.  1 Mar 1973Multnomah Co., OR, USA I297458
25 Littig, Conrad August Alexander  18 Apr 1961Multnomah Co., OR, USA I452627
26 Marburger, Helen  13 Jun 1994Multnomah Co., OR, USA I150997
27 Margelin, Dora Doris  3 Jul 1962Multnomah Co., OR, USA I289193
28 Mathieson, Margaret  1 Jun 1961Multnomah Co., OR, USA I299924
29 McMindes, William E.  11 May 1955Multnomah Co., OR, USA I133341
30 Mumpower, Susan Anna  11 Jun 1956Multnomah Co., OR, USA I299911
31 Nichols, Donald J.  27 Oct 1963Multnomah Co., OR, USA I432671
32 Philpott, Richard Alvin  24 Feb 1992Multnomah Co., OR, USA I281305
33 Popejoy, Harry Barnett  26 Jan 1973Multnomah Co., OR, USA I300115
34 Rowand, Frankie Undine  31 Oct 1962Multnomah Co., OR, USA I239738
35 Saxon, Myra Charlotte  21 Jul 1954Multnomah Co., OR, USA I147405
36 Seiz, Rose Caroline  25 Dec 2000Multnomah Co., OR, USA I411826
37 Sprague, Alice Mae  8 Dec 1963Multnomah Co., OR, USA I300886
38 Sprague, Alida E.  13 Jul 1956Multnomah Co., OR, USA I295125
39 Sprague, Archibald Marmaduke  3 Feb 1957Multnomah Co., OR, USA I239732
40 Sprague, Charles E.  29 Sep 1940Multnomah Co., OR, USA I217116
41 Sprague, Charles Munson  24 Aug 1959Multnomah Co., OR, USA I235584
42 Sprague, Don D.  25 Mar 1955Multnomah Co., OR, USA I202452
43 Sprague, Dorothy A.  14 Apr 1975Multnomah Co., OR, USA I128155
44 Sprague, Garnet  27 Dec 1962Multnomah Co., OR, USA I147672
45 Sprague, George Lee  21 Jul 1949Multnomah Co., OR, USA I335184
46 Sprague, Howard Ervin  11 Aug 1984Multnomah Co., OR, USA I132570
47 Sprague, Justin L.  19 Aug 1963Multnomah Co., OR, USA I202465
48 Sprague, Nellie Ruth  4 Oct 1970Multnomah Co., OR, USA I340729
49 Sprague, Nolan Albert  9 Dec 1952Multnomah Co., OR, USA I289184
50 Sprague, Orval Joseph  17 Apr 1948Multnomah Co., OR, USA I330408

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Clifford M.  Multnomah Co., OR, USA I267879


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Goggins, Margaret F.  1910Multnomah Co., OR, USA I85128
2 Mitchell, Esther M.  1910Multnomah Co., OR, USA I85133
3 Wiley, Cincinnatus Cecil  1910Multnomah Co., OR, USA I58857
4 Wiley, Lewis Emerson  1910Multnomah Co., OR, USA I85120
5 Wiley, Milton Cecil Patrick  1910Multnomah Co., OR, USA I85127
6 [--?--], Ida May  1910Multnomah Co., OR, USA I85119

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Popejoy, Harry Barnett  5 Jun 1917Multnomah Co., OR, USA I300115


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Combes / Reams  22 Dec 1951Multnomah Co., OR, USA F158159
2 Deakins / Grubb  4 Apr 1909Multnomah Co., OR, USA F119043
3 Hewitt / Rowand  14 Feb 1906Multnomah Co., OR, USA F120767
4 Moxley / McDaniel  13 Sep 1942Multnomah Co., OR, USA F165848
5 Pineo / Bailey  18 Oct 1945Multnomah Co., OR, USA F167828
6 Royle / Welch  3 Aug 1904Multnomah Co., OR, USA F113758
7 Searles / Welch  11 Oct 1886Multnomah Co., OR, USA F114741
8 Sprague / Merritt  27 Jul 1942Multnomah Co., OR, USA F114177
9 Sprague / Ulen  11 Sep 1916Multnomah Co., OR, USA F120778
10 Sprague / [--?--]  11 Sep 1916Multnomah Co., OR, USA F120777
11 Stensland / Anson  26 Sep 1927Multnomah Co., OR, USA F160083
12 Williams / Ogsbury  18 Nov 1917Multnomah Co., OR, USA F18941

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