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Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 43.0730517, Longitude: -89.4012302


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aus, Sandra Lee  1 Sep 1949Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I396625
2 Bingham, Rosemary  30 Dec 1928Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I4744
3 Burke, James K.  17 Nov 1917Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446983
4 Burke, Michael J.  16 Nov 1943Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446989
5 Burmeister, Ervin L.  8 Mar 1918Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38852
6 Burnett, Clara  5 Oct 1906Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I443076
7 Burnett, Frances  25 Jan 1908Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I443077
8 Burnett, Genevieve  Aug 1915Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I443203
9 Burnett, Hazel  21 Sep 1910Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I443202
10 Burnett, John Jr.  10 Sep 1901Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I443201
11 Burnett, Martha Lenore  Abt 1904Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I443075
12 Burris, Thomas William  28 Jan 1925Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38896
13 Cady, Francis  23 Dec 1942Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I16594
14 Cole, Lorell Ira  17 Mar 1903Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I125797
15 Crocker, Leroy Langford  8 Aug 1847Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I275742
16 Doyle, Evelyn Irene  16 Oct 1914Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I418141
17 Gleason, Ethel Elizabeth  25 Jul 1905Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I12965
18 Godshall, Kathryn Rae  1 Dec 1952Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38885
19 Keggs, Carol L.  6 May 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I981
20 Mears, Anne Louise  18 Jan 1855Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I52776
21 Mears, Helen  10 Sep 1858Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I52778
22 Mears, Samuel Maxwell  1 Jun 1856Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I52777
23 Osterhus, Bertina Joanna  22 Aug 1896Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I164251
24 Owen, Betsy Sprague M.D.  14 Sep 1911Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198617
25 Owen, Merle Pickford M.D.  25 Jun 1910Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198616
26 Owen, Sara Adeline  23 Feb 1908Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198615
27 Ponti, John Herbert  27 May 1940Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I22833
28 Sherman, Ralph Daniel Jr.  31 Aug 1927Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I447036
29 Skinner, Mary Huntington  Jan 1855Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I341496
30 Skinner, Waldo Huntington  Mar 1852Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I341495
31 Sprague, William John  11 Feb 1856Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I199628
32 Sprague, [--?--]  Abt 1926Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I401058
33 Tillotson, George K.  12 Feb 1849Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I54373
34 Zitzner, Rory A.  10 Jun 1963Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I4732


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aurand, Edward Benjamin  9 Feb 1969Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I121179
2 Bendorf, Eldon  16 Nov 1987Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I201649
3 Bonnell, William Henry  11 Sep 1937Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I139696
4 Brinker, Norma Jean  29 Mar 1964Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I11043
5 Burke, Michael J.  12 Aug 2011Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446989
6 Burmeister, Ervin L.  16 Dec 1982Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38852
7 Cole, Ira Lewis  28 Nov 1950Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I125353
8 Corcoran, Mary Ann  1922Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I454236
9 Cutsforth, Loverna Rosetta  17 Oct 1942Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I25729
10 Erickson, Eileen  9 Jun 1982Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446981
11 Erickson, Laven Johann  13 May 1982Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446973
12 Erickson, Marvin O.  3 Apr 1965Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446982
13 Forde, Norman Clarence  2 Jul 2005Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I74137
14 Fortney, Dr. Roger David  18 Oct 2015Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I313992
15 Getter, Clara Bell  4 Jun 1982Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I4759
16 Gilbert, William  9 Oct 1959Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I31032
17 Hadley, William H.  18 Apr 1922Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I248514
18 Hauge, George Henry  12 Oct 1957Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38807
19 Jenson, Keven Patrick  29 Jun 2010Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I51638
20 Kast, James Whitney  21 Jan 1864Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I455459
21 Kleiner, Catherine  8 Jul 1925Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I455125
22 Leonard, Asenath Fanny  5 Dec 1863Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I437543
23 Liddell, Emily Kathleen  14 Sep 2003Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I305042
24 McCormick, James P.  14 Jun 1957Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I26302
25 McCormick, Robert John  1949Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I386707
26 McCunn, Ella Pearl  Bef 1963Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I395346
27 Mears, James  28 Apr 1864Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38901
28 Mears, James Rockwell  26 Apr 1877Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I52686
29 Moe, Dora Christine  29 Aug 1983Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446960
30 Monks, Gertrude  23 Mar 1965Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I454201
31 Monks, James S.  16 Feb 1925Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I454235
32 Monson, Todd Michael  29 Mar 1966Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I5224
33 Mountford, Esther Louise  23 Mar 1998Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I43505
34 Owen, Merle Pickford M.D.  21 Mar 1966Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198616
35 Owen, Ray Sprague  30 Oct 1967Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198613
36 Owen, Sara Adeline  Feb 1970Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198615
37 Phillips, James  Jun 1984Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I418139
38 Pickford, Theo Beatrice  29 Jan 1981Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198614
39 Preuss, Greg Richard  4 Aug 2017Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I459893
40 Sanderson, Mary Jane  2 Apr 2004Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I12642
41 Sherman, Ralph Daniel  28 Feb 1976Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I447035
42 Skildum, Errol Peter  29 Nov 1943Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I91735
43 Sprague, Addison Roy  15 Mar 1996Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I12641
44 Sprague, James Frederick  2 Dec 1932Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I358696
45 Sprague, Jesse Edward  3 Oct 2006Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I259097
46 Sprague, John True M.D.  27 Feb 1981Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I16647
47 Sprague, Kenneth Ralph  17 Sep 1981Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I375375
48 Sprague, Lewis John  Jan 1979Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I281114
49 Sprague, Dr. Lindley Vincent  26 Mar 1982Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I6619
50 Sprague, Lois  23 May 1861Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38895

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lamont, John  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I125386
2 Sprague, Dr. Lindley Vincent  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I6619


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anstey, Lois  8 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I345903
2 Bonnell, William Henry  9 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I139696
3 Chamberlain, Alice Mary  1910Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I133330
4 Crandall, Caspar  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I285571
5 Crandall, Clarence  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I285572
6 Crandall, Helen Louisa Agusta  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I131142
7 Crandall, Dr. Joseph Brinton M. D.  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I131143
8 Gilbert, Esther May  9 Jun 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I101914
9 Gurney, Ellen M.  27 Jan 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I363735
10 Gurney, Sara Emma  27 Jan 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I332077
11 Gurney, William  27 Jan 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I363733
12 Hadley, Lloyd L.  1910Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I248515
13 Hadley, William H.  1910Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I248514
14 Herrick, Harriet  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I285569
15 Herrick, Maria Theresa  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I131144
16 Moe, Dora Christine  16 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I446960
17 Peterson, Emily M.  14 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I414730
18 Peterson, Peter R.  14 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I414737
19 Sherman, Ralph Daniel Jr.  16 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I447036
20 Sherman, Ralph Daniel  16 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I447035
21 Sprague, Ezra Thompson  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I131141
22 Sprague, James W.  10 Jul 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I27231
23 Sprague, Marion Ruth  27 Jan 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I363700
24 Sprague, Percival Ronald  10 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I281115
25 Sprague, Rosa Genevive  9 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I133331
26 Sprague, William Harvey  27 Jan 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I344871
27 [--?--], Anne E.  14 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I414738
28 [--?--], Caroline  27 Jan 1920Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I363734
29 [--?--], Viola  10 Apr 1930Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I281123

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Hadley, Lloyd L.  3 Jun 1917Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I248515
2 Hogarth, Rev. Robert Mackie  12 Sep 1918Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I358464
3 Sprague, William Harvey  Abt 1918Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I344871


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Hauge, Marne W.  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38818
2 Lepley, Eleanor Lucille  1939Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I4940
3 Mead, Arlisle M.  1907Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I122051
4 Mead, Jessie  1910Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I122052
5 Mead, Warren Judson  1906Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I122050
6 Owen, Betsy Sprague M.D.  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198617
7 Owen, Merle Pickford M.D.  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198616
8 Owen, Sara Adeline  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198615
9 Pickford, Theo Beatrice  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198614
10 Vig, Dr. Edward Nels  1945Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I76649


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Hauge, Marne W.  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38818


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bonnell, William Henry  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I139696
2 Mead, Warren Judson  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I122050
3 Owen, Merle Pickford M.D.  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I198616


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bennett, James  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I293642
2 Burleigh, Cecil Edward  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I213503
3 Crandall, Dr. Joseph Brinton M. D.  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I131143
4 Daggett, Luella Jane  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I178719
5 Ellefson, Joan  2007Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I251615
6 Erickson, Edith L.  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I59259
7 Fortney, Dr. Roger David  2009Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I313992
8 Groves, Ross  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I202707
9 Hauge, Wanda Jean  2005Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I38829
10 Huntington, Mary Amelia  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I341490
11 Zitzner, William Erman  Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA I4741


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Harris / Bucholtz  2 Nov 1940Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F75005
2 Hinds / Holmes  7 Feb 1970Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F60152
3 Marshall / Owen  13 Apr 1933Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F72055
4 Owen / Pickford  1 Aug 1906Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F72053
5 Seaton / Grannis  15 Oct 1866Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F117871
6 Sherman / Moe  16 Oct 1926Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F164031
7 Sprague / Crandall  20 Nov 1860Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F47652
8 Sprague / Gleason  4 Jul 1924Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F4988
9 Sprague / Sanderson  3 Feb 1940Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F4870
10 Steele / Owen  2 Jul 1936Madison, Dane Co., WI, USA F72057

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