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Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 43.984131, Longitude: -69.338676


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bickmore, Carrie Amelia  5 Sep 1870Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I195607
2 Bradford, Ann  10 Jan 1785Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256930
3 Bradford, Benjamin  28 May 1753Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I73344
4 Bradford, Cornelius  19 Feb 1788Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256931
5 Bradford, Isaiah  18 Jul 1778Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256927
6 Bradford, Joshua  2 Apr 1746Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I73341
7 Bradford, Joshua  30 Jun 1791Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256932
8 Bradford, Nancy  6 Oct 1780Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256928
9 Bradford, Paul  17 Aug 1776Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256926
10 Bradford, Rachel  29 Aug 1774Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256925
11 Bradford, Robert  14 Dec 1783Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256929
12 Bradford, Winslow  1757Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I73346
13 Brazier, Clara M.  Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I369854
14 Condon, Catherine  1763Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296095
15 Condon, David  1772Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296098
16 Condon, David L.  Jul 1805Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I295990
17 Condon, Eleanor  26 Mar 1756Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296093
18 Condon, George  1758Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296094
19 Condon, Sarah  24 Jul 1775Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296099
20 Condon, Thomas Joiles  10 Oct 1809Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296041
21 Condon, Wealthy  1770Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296097
22 Condon, William  1764Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296096
23 Davis, Bradford  1770Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256897
24 Davis, Cornelius  1765Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256896
25 Davis, Deborah  1760Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256893
26 Davis, John II  13 Feb 1764Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256895
27 Davis, Lydia  1775Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256899
28 Davis, Mary  22 Oct 1762Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256894
29 Davis, Robert  1773Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256898
30 Davis, Rosetta A.  28 Apr 1839Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I248451
31 Jameson, Martha  30 Jun 1751Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256924
32 Morse, Fernando Florence  13 Oct 1872Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I279286
33 Morse, Nelson Thompson  22 Feb 1868Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I279438
34 Morton, Cornellum  18 Mar 1767Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256901
35 Morton, Ebenezer  23 Sep 1780Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256908
36 Morton, Hannah  26 Oct 1774Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256905
37 Morton, Isaac  8 Sep 1772Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256904
38 Morton, John  15 Jul 1782Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256909
39 Morton, Joshua  Abt 1784Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256910
40 Morton, Mary Bradford  28 Aug 1776Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256906
41 Morton, Rebecca  24 Sep 1770Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256903
42 Morton, Sally  5 May 1778Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256907
43 Morton, Susanna  12 Dec 1765Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256636
44 Morton, Zenas  27 Sep 1768Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256902
45 Murphy, Ella May  16 Dec 1860Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I248453
46 Prior, Lucinda  Abt 1810Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I248449
47 Simmons, Elbridge Gilbert  1 Mar 1897Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I279952
48 Simmons, Merrill W.  14 Oct 1860Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I248452
49 Winslow, Eva  13 Jul 1887Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I249649


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradford, Rachel  28 Apr 1823Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I73338
2 Condon, Samuel  1803Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I296038
3 Davis, Patience  9 Jul 1857Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256865
4 Jameson, Martha  3 Nov 1837Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256924
5 Morton, Ebenezer  3 Aug 1831Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256900


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bradford, Carpenter  Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA I256594


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradford / Jameson  26 Apr 1773Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA F92232
2 Simmons / Davis  21 Jan 1860Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA F89195
3 Simmons / Murphy  3 Jan 1881Friendship, Knox Co., ME, USA F89196

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