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Exeter, Devonshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashton, James Henry  1903Exeter, Devonshire, England I405042
2 Beaufitz, John  Abt 1486Exeter, Devonshire, England I111912
3 Bevys, Richard  1541Exeter, Devonshire, England I111892
4 Blackmore, Doris May  1909Exeter, Devonshire, England I378858
5 Blackmore, Dorothy Mabel  1904Exeter, Devonshire, England I378851
6 Blackmore, Edith Blanch  1906Exeter, Devonshire, England I378857
7 Blackmore, Florence Catherine  1898Exeter, Devonshire, England I378855
8 Blackmore, Laura Emily  1896Exeter, Devonshire, England I378854
9 Blackmore, Walter Frederick  1876Exeter, Devonshire, England I378852
10 Blackmore, Winifred Ada  1900Exeter, Devonshire, England I378856
11 Cann, Emily Jane  1880Exeter, Devonshire, England I347902
12 Clay, William F. G.  29 Aug 1903Exeter, Devonshire, England I405072
13 Coldridge, Ernest John  1904Exeter, Devonshire, England I405074
14 Cowler, Carrie  1886Exeter, Devonshire, England I405075
15 Cowler, Lucy Jane  1880Exeter, Devonshire, England I405047
16 Curtis, Annie Louisa  22 Oct 1882Exeter, Devonshire, England I343779
17 Harris, Mary?  Abt 1841Exeter, Devonshire, England I466239
18 Hutchings, William Henry  5 Nov 1910Exeter, Devonshire, England I404887
19 Marshall, The Younger, John  1570Exeter, Devonshire, England I111883
20 Martin, Elizabeth  Abt 1841Exeter, Devonshire, England I301468
21 Pulman, Florence Mary  13 Aug 1916Exeter, Devonshire, England I405053
22 Rattenbury, Benjamin  Abt 1851Exeter, Devonshire, England I343789
23 Reed, Edith  Abt 1874Exeter, Devonshire, England I378860
24 Reed, Hannah Maria  1854Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
25 Serle, Thomas E.  14 Apr 1918Exeter, Devonshire, England I405057
26 Sprague, Alfred  1876Exeter, Devonshire, England I378861
27 Sprague, Alfred  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I405050
28 Sprague, Alfred E.  1889Exeter, Devonshire, England I405039
29 Sprague, Alfred Ernest  1888Exeter, Devonshire, England I405041
30 Sprague, Alfred Rayner  18 Jan 1924Exeter, Devonshire, England I343809
31 Sprague, Ann E.  1882Exeter, Devonshire, England I405036
32 Sprague, Annie  1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I405045
33 Sprague, Bessie A.  1861Exeter, Devonshire, England I378868
34 Sprague, Bessie A.  19 Mar 1879Exeter, Devonshire, England I378862
35 Sprague, Dora  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I405078
36 Sprague, Eliza  1816Exeter, Devonshire, England I343798
37 Sprague, Elizabeth  1830Exeter, Devonshire, England I343796
38 Sprague, Emily Sarah  Between 1 Jul 1874 and 30 Sep 1874Exeter, Devonshire, England I378853
39 Sprague, Emma Kate  1887Exeter, Devonshire, England I301529
40 Sprague, Ernest John  1883Exeter, Devonshire, England I301528
41 Sprague, Ernest William F.  1906Exeter, Devonshire, England I405076
42 Sprague, Ethel  1909Exeter, Devonshire, England I405073
43 Sprague, Ethel F.  1894Exeter, Devonshire, England I301532
44 Sprague, Fanny  1832Exeter, Devonshire, England I343797
45 Sprague, Fanny  1844Exeter, Devonshire, England I405027
46 Sprague, Francis Henry  Abt 1846Exeter, Devonshire, England I303735
47 Sprague, Frederick  Dec 1851Exeter, Devonshire, England I301524
48 Sprague, Frederick James  1871Exeter, Devonshire, England I301526
49 Sprague, George Alfred  Between 1 Jan 1843 and 31 Mar 1843Exeter, Devonshire, England I349381
50 Sprague, James  1821Exeter, Devonshire, England I343801

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Daniel  24 Dec 1769Exeter, Devonshire, England I345690
2 Sprague, John Lee  14 Aug 1764Exeter, Devonshire, England I303697
3 Sprague, Joseph Lee  9 Mar 1766Exeter, Devonshire, England I23000
4 Sprague, Mary  2 Sep 1767Exeter, Devonshire, England I345689


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atwell, Maria  Between 1 Oct 1875 and 31 Dec 1875Exeter, Devonshire, England I343794
2 Bevys, Richard  26 Aug 1602Exeter, Devonshire, England I111892
3 Brice, Louisa  1906Exeter, Devonshire, England I347897
4 Cann, Emily Jane  1951Exeter, Devonshire, England I347902
5 Carew, Anna Elizabeth  1893Exeter, Devonshire, England I405034
6 Clay, William F. G.  1980Exeter, Devonshire, England I405072
7 Coish, Annie  1902Exeter, Devonshire, England I347906
8 Cork, Marjorie Jessie  26 Mar 2009Exeter, Devonshire, England I405083
9 Court, Lily  1983Exeter, Devonshire, England I347916
10 Cowler, Carrie  1965Exeter, Devonshire, England I405075
11 Cowler, Lucy Jane  1948Exeter, Devonshire, England I405047
12 Cummins, Fanny  Bef 1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I405026
13 Curtis, Annie Louisa  1971Exeter, Devonshire, England I343779
14 Davey, Ada Alice Kate  9 Jul 1970Exeter, Devonshire, England I347907
15 Galling, Emma  1900Exeter, Devonshire, England I301466
16 Hurford, Walter  2 Nov 1953Exeter, Devonshire, England I422868
17 Hutchings, William Henry  31 May 2003Exeter, Devonshire, England I404887
18 Lancaster, Benjamin David  20 Jul 1971Exeter, Devonshire, England I467053
19 Long, Jean Hyacinth  6 Feb 1990Exeter, Devonshire, England I447239
20 Lugg, Thomas James  1924Exeter, Devonshire, England I465688
21 Manley, Sarah  27 Oct 1900Exeter, Devonshire, England I378863
22 Mann, William J.  1970Exeter, Devonshire, England I405071
23 Marshall, The Younger, John  17 Aug 1624Exeter, Devonshire, England I111883
24 Pulman, Florence Mary  2001Exeter, Devonshire, England I405053
25 Reed, Hannah Maria  Between 1 Apr 1916 and 30 Jun 1916Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
26 Serle, Thomas E.  1975Exeter, Devonshire, England I405057
27 Sprague, Alfred  1935Exeter, Devonshire, England I378861
28 Sprague, Alfred Ernest  1970Exeter, Devonshire, England I287837
29 Sprague, Alfred Rayner  Jun 1984Exeter, Devonshire, England I343809
30 Sprague, Daniel  29 Apr 1790Exeter, Devonshire, England I23005
31 Sprague, Ellen  1985Exeter, Devonshire, England I287394
32 Sprague, Ernest John  1960Exeter, Devonshire, England I301528
33 Sprague, Frank Redvers H.  1956Exeter, Devonshire, England I287811
34 Sprague, Frederick  Between 1 Oct 1922 and 31 Dec 1922Exeter, Devonshire, England I301524
35 Sprague, Frederick James  1931Exeter, Devonshire, England I301526
36 Sprague, Hubert  1923Exeter, Devonshire, England I347870
37 Sprague, James  30 Aug 1887Exeter, Devonshire, England I343801
38 Sprague, James  1903Exeter, Devonshire, England I405037
39 Sprague, James  1906Exeter, Devonshire, England I287822
40 Sprague, James  1934Exeter, Devonshire, England I378866
41 Sprague, John  Exeter, Devonshire, England I23002
42 Sprague, John  1906Exeter, Devonshire, England I287804
43 Sprague, John  Abt 1952Exeter, Devonshire, England I347867
44 Sprague, Leonard Tucker  1982Exeter, Devonshire, England I343699
45 Sprague, Lewis George  1968Exeter, Devonshire, England I287853
46 Sprague, Mabel Georgina  31 Dec 1978Exeter, Devonshire, England I301531
47 Sprague, Mabel Kate  1997Exeter, Devonshire, England I405070
48 Sprague, Mary Frances Hilda  1980Exeter, Devonshire, England I467092
49 Sprague, Maud  22 Jan 1899Exeter, Devonshire, England I287854
50 Sprague, Percy Reginald  1988Exeter, Devonshire, England I405052

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Moone, Alice  26 Jul 1628Exeter, Devonshire, England I191807
2 Symonds, William  8 Jan 1634/35Exeter, Devonshire, England I191806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ashton, James Henry  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I405042
2 Atwell, Maria  1841Exeter, Devonshire, England I343794
3 Atwell, Maria  1851Exeter, Devonshire, England I343794
4 Atwell, Maria  1871Exeter, Devonshire, England I343794
5 Blackmore, Doris May  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378858
6 Blackmore, Dorothy Mabel  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378851
7 Blackmore, Edith Blanch  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378857
8 Blackmore, Florence Catherine  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I378855
9 Blackmore, Florence Catherine  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378855
10 Blackmore, Laura Emily  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I378854
11 Blackmore, Laura Emily  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378854
12 Blackmore, Walter Frederick  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I378852
13 Blackmore, Walter Frederick  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378852
14 Blackmore, Winifred Ada  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I378856
15 Blackmore, Winifred Ada  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378856
16 Carew, Anna Elizabeth  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I405034
17 Clarence, Sarah  1861Exeter, Devonshire, England I343785
18 Clarence, Sarah  1871Exeter, Devonshire, England I343785
19 Clarence, Sarah  1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I343785
20 Clarence, Sarah  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I343785
21 Cowler, Carrie  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I405075
22 Cowler, Lucy Jane  1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I405047
23 Cowler, Lucy Jane  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I405047
24 Cowler, Lucy Jane  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I405047
25 Cummins, Fanny  1851Exeter, Devonshire, England I405026
26 Cummins, Fanny  1861Exeter, Devonshire, England I405026
27 Cummins, Fanny  1871Exeter, Devonshire, England I405026
28 Curtis, Annie Louisa  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I343779
29 Manley, Sarah  1861Exeter, Devonshire, England I378863
30 Manley, Sarah  1871Exeter, Devonshire, England I378863
31 Rattenbury, Benjamin  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I343789
32 Reed, Hannah Maria  1861Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
33 Reed, Hannah Maria  1871Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
34 Reed, Hannah Maria  1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
35 Reed, Hannah Maria  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
36 Reed, Hannah Maria  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
37 Reed, Hannah Maria  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I301525
38 Sprague, Alfred  1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I378861
39 Sprague, Alfred  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I378861
40 Sprague, Alfred  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I405050
41 Sprague, Alfred  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I378861
42 Sprague, Alfred E.  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I405039
43 Sprague, Alfred E.  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I405039
44 Sprague, Alfred E.  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I405039
45 Sprague, Alfred Ernest  1911Exeter, Devonshire, England I405041
46 Sprague, Ann E.  1891Exeter, Devonshire, England I405036
47 Sprague, Annie  1901Exeter, Devonshire, England I405045
48 Sprague, Bessie A.  1861Exeter, Devonshire, England I378868
49 Sprague, Bessie A.  1871Exeter, Devonshire, England I378868
50 Sprague, Bessie A.  1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I378862

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Alfred  1899Exeter, Devonshire, England I378861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Henry John  25 Apr 1932Exeter, Devonshire, England I287830
2 Sprague, John  24 Jul 1888Exeter, Devonshire, England I369747


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Researcher    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Mabel Georgina  Between 1927 and 1978Exeter, Devonshire, England I301531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cork, Marjorie Jessie  1952Exeter, Devonshire, England I405083
2 Cork, Marjorie Jessie  Between 2002 and 2009Exeter, Devonshire, England I405083
3 Cowler, Carrie  1952Exeter, Devonshire, England I405075
4 Cowler, Lucy Jane  1899Exeter, Devonshire, England I405047
5 Hutchings, William Henry  Between 1937 and 1938Exeter, Devonshire, England I404887
6 Manley, Sarah  Exeter, Devonshire, England I378863
7 Manley, Sarah  1844Exeter, Devonshire, England I378863
8 Sprague, Alfred  Exeter, Devonshire, England I378861
9 Sprague, Bessie A.  Exeter, Devonshire, England I378862
10 Sprague, Bessie A.  1881Exeter, Devonshire, England I378868
11 Sprague, Ernest John  Exeter, Devonshire, England I301528
12 Sprague, Mabel Georgina  1913Exeter, Devonshire, England I301531
13 Sprague, Mabel Georgina  2 Jul 1913Exeter, Devonshire, England I301531
14 Sprague, Mabel Georgina  1916Exeter, Devonshire, England I301531
15 Sprague, Percy Reginald  1915Exeter, Devonshire, England I301523
16 Tredgett, James Henry  1913Exeter, Devonshire, England I404885
17 Tredgett, James Henry  2 Jul 1913Exeter, Devonshire, England I404885
18 Tredgett, James Henry  Between 1915 and 1916Exeter, Devonshire, England I404885
19 Tredgett, James Henry  1919Exeter, Devonshire, England I404885
20 Tredgett, James Henry  Between 1927 and 1964Exeter, Devonshire, England I404885
21 Tredgett, James Henry  1952Exeter, Devonshire, England I405082
22 Tredgett, James Henry  Between 2002 and 2003Exeter, Devonshire, England I405082
23 Tredgett, Mildred Gwendolene  2 Jul 1913Exeter, Devonshire, England I404886
24 Tredgett, Mildred Gwendolene  1937Exeter, Devonshire, England I404886


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   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Ackland / Sprague  Mar 1941Exeter, Devonshire, England F125249
2 Bevys / Price  6 Mar 1566Exeter, Devonshire, England F41096
3 Blackmore / Sprague  Between 1 Oct 1895 and 31 Dec 1895Exeter, Devonshire, England F137242
4 Brown / Sprague  1909Exeter, Devonshire, England F137245
5 Clay / Sprague  1954Exeter, Devonshire, England F147488
6 Coldridge / Sprague  1931Exeter, Devonshire, England F147489
7 Hooker / Sprague  1853Exeter, Devonshire, England F147466
8 Hurford / Sprague  12 Jun 1912Exeter, Devonshire, England F154739
9 Mann / Sprague  1926Exeter, Devonshire, England F147487
10 Marshall / [--?--]  Exeter, Devonshire, England F41102
11 Neale / Sprague  1931Exeter, Devonshire, England F147491
12 Pyne / Sprague  6 Sep 1824Exeter, Devonshire, England F171592
13 Sprague / Bennellick  Between 1 Jan 1876 and 31 Mar 1876Exeter, Devonshire, England F103227
14 Sprague / Carew  1880Exeter, Devonshire, England F147473
15 Sprague / Cowler  24 Dec 1899Exeter, Devonshire, England F147476
16 Sprague / Cowler  1904Exeter, Devonshire, England F147490
17 Sprague / Cummins  1847Exeter, Devonshire, England F147470
18 Sprague / Curtis  Between 1 Apr 1904 and 30 Jun 1904Exeter, Devonshire, England F123964
19 Sprague / Davey  1904Exeter, Devonshire, England F125435
20 Sprague / Dawes  18 Jun 1792Exeter, Devonshire, England F148615
21 Sprague / Reed  Between 1 Apr 1870 and 30 Jun 1870Exeter, Devonshire, England F108185
22 Sprague / Tucker  Between 1 Oct 1894 and 31 Dec 1894Exeter, Devonshire, England F103224
23 Sprague / Wannell  Between 1 Apr 1842 and 30 Jun 1842Exeter, Devonshire, England F126078
24 Sprague / Willey  1928Exeter, Devonshire, England F147486
25 Sprague / [--?--]  3 Apr 1628Exeter, Devonshire, England F117122
26 Sprague / [--?--]  1743Exeter, Devonshire, England F8838
27 Sprague / [--?--]  Abt 1883Exeter, Devonshire, England F147474
28 Tredgett / Sprague  1 Sep 1912Exeter, Devonshire, England F147420
29 Tretheway / Sprague  Oct 1941Exeter, Devonshire, England F147485
30 White / Sprague  1912Exeter, Devonshire, England F147494
31 Williams / Sprague  18 Nov 1939Exeter, Devonshire, England F147479
32 Woodbury / Sprague  1900Exeter, Devonshire, England F147482
33 Woodridge / Sprague  1928Exeter, Devonshire, England F147484
34 Yeo / Sprague  Jan 1913Exeter, Devonshire, England F147483

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