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Dutchess Co., NY, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 41.7784372, Longitude: -73.7477857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Nehemiah  5 Apr 1768Dutchess Co., NY, USA I86365
2 Allen, Sarah  7 Jul 1761Dutchess Co., NY, USA I86363
3 Allen, Stephen Olney  17 Sep 1758Dutchess Co., NY, USA I86362
4 Angevine, Stephen  21 Mar 1791Dutchess Co., NY, USA I146131
5 Avery, Esther  11 Mar 1762Dutchess Co., NY, USA I32501
6 Barrett, Amos  30 Mar 1812Dutchess Co., NY, USA I111942
7 Barrett, George F.  20 Jul 1855Dutchess Co., NY, USA I122138
8 Barrett, Joseph R.  Oct 1868Dutchess Co., NY, USA I122152
9 Barrett, Sarah Ann  1852Dutchess Co., NY, USA I122134
10 Bassett, Abiram Lawrence  Dutchess Co., NY, USA I34148
11 Bolt, Lydia  27 May 1800Dutchess Co., NY, USA I9610
12 Cary, Joseph  22 Feb 1730/31Dutchess Co., NY, USA I342330
13 Chase, Daniel  9 Jan 1719/20Dutchess Co., NY, USA I183989
14 Cole, David  15 Apr 1749Dutchess Co., NY, USA I36838
15 Cole, Parker  29 Nov 1746Dutchess Co., NY, USA I36837
16 Cole, Priscilla  1754Dutchess Co., NY, USA I36841
17 Drake, Uriah  7 Feb 1763Dutchess Co., NY, USA I133267
18 Earl, Clement  Dutchess Co., NY, USA I107012
19 Earl, Joseph  Aug 1758Dutchess Co., NY, USA I107014
20 Earl, Robert  Abt 1737Dutchess Co., NY, USA I107011
21 Earll, Benjamin  2 Mar 1743/44Dutchess Co., NY, USA I104221
22 Earll, Ezra  1750Dutchess Co., NY, USA I104222
23 Earll, Peter  Abt 1748Dutchess Co., NY, USA I93536
24 Gage, Cyrus Benjamin  16 Nov 1784Dutchess Co., NY, USA I10862
25 Grant, Anna Marie  Cal 23 Aug 1823Dutchess Co., NY, USA I264545
26 Gregory, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1748/49Dutchess Co., NY, USA I191691
27 Height, Anna  5 May 1832Dutchess Co., NY, USA I423400
28 Hogeboom, Jacob  1767Dutchess Co., NY, USA I12792
29 Hubbard, Cornelia  12 Apr 1807Dutchess Co., NY, USA I32509
30 Hunt, Samuel  Abt 1735Dutchess Co., NY, USA I32856
31 Hunt, William  Abt 1710Dutchess Co., NY, USA I282350
32 Kelley, John  Between Jan 1744/45 and May 1745Dutchess Co., NY, USA I191690
33 Kelty, Eliza  10 May 1831Dutchess Co., NY, USA I254206
34 Knapp, Lavina  Abt 1811Dutchess Co., NY, USA I267741
35 Knapp, Robert T.  5 Jul 1852Dutchess Co., NY, USA I397813
36 Kniffin, Mary Betsy  1803Dutchess Co., NY, USA I117417
37 Lee, Delilah  Abt 1811Dutchess Co., NY, USA I79436
38 Lee, John Palmer  12 Apr 1841Dutchess Co., NY, USA I289864
39 Marsh, Daniel  30 Apr 1777Dutchess Co., NY, USA I340943
40 McArthur, Governor Duncan  14 Jan 1772Dutchess Co., NY, USA I369119
41 McDonald, Nancy  1777Dutchess Co., NY, USA I312706
42 Millard, Abiather  Between 6 May 1762 and 6 May 1763Dutchess Co., NY, USA I213605
43 Peck, Ann M.  1843Dutchess Co., NY, USA I117844
44 Peers, Ephraim  1767Dutchess Co., NY, USA I30570
45 Peers, Ezekiel  17 Jan 1766Dutchess Co., NY, USA I16089
46 Peers, John  1769Dutchess Co., NY, USA I30571
47 Ray, Rachel  Dutchess Co., NY, USA I184092
48 Reynolds, Abraham  12 Dec 1775Dutchess Co., NY, USA I82275
49 Rhyndress, Sarah  13 Sep 1786Dutchess Co., NY, USA I51657
50 Ricketson, Timothy Jr.  Abt 1745Dutchess Co., NY, USA I303335

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Amos  24 Nov 1897Dutchess Co., NY, USA I111942
2 Barrett, Sarah Ann  1913Dutchess Co., NY, USA I122134
3 Calkin, Abigail  Aft 1738Dutchess Co., NY, USA I122110
4 Cary, Joseph  1814Dutchess Co., NY, USA I342330
5 Cole, Sylvanus  28 Oct 1765Dutchess Co., NY, USA I397623
6 Cottrell, Emeline  26 Jul 1848Dutchess Co., NY, USA I111931
7 Davis, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Dutchess Co., NY, USA I296989
8 DuBois, Matthew  1748Dutchess Co., NY, USA I80187
9 Gilbert, Melissa  22 Nov 1927Dutchess Co., NY, USA I397814
10 Gould, Hannah  Dutchess Co., NY, USA I6385
11 Howland, Lydia  Aft 1776Dutchess Co., NY, USA I3945
12 Kenyon, James  23 Sep 1774Dutchess Co., NY, USA I213843
13 Knapp, Robert T.  28 Jan 1928Dutchess Co., NY, USA I397813
14 Marchant, Martha  Dutchess Co., NY, USA I191693
15 McLain, James Wesley  1922Dutchess Co., NY, USA I376390
16 O'Killey, John  1760Dutchess Co., NY, USA I191692
17 Pendleton, Brian  1752Dutchess Co., NY, USA I447420
18 Slack, Catherine A.  12 Apr 1876Dutchess Co., NY, USA I122135
19 Sprague, Emma E.  1943Dutchess Co., NY, USA I376355
20 Walker, Priscilla  Aft 1780Dutchess Co., NY, USA I397624

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Drake, Elizabeth  Abt 1771Dutchess Co., NY, USA I118235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Orrey  18 Feb 1850Dutchess Co., NY, USA I35089


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hopkins, Tabitha  Dutchess Co., NY, USA I19026
2 Hunt, Samuel  Dutchess Co., NY, USA I32856


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   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Angevine / Elton  Abt 1791Dutchess Co., NY, USA F53263
2 Avery / Daniels  Abt 1758Dutchess Co., NY, USA F12200
3 Bassett / Powers  2 Feb 1807Dutchess Co., NY, USA F12820
4 Hogeboom / Sprague  Dutchess Co., NY, USA F4920
5 Howland / Sprague  1803Dutchess Co., NY, USA F123468
6 Kelley / Gregory  Abt 1767Dutchess Co., NY, USA F69776
7 King / Mead  Abt 1781Dutchess Co., NY, USA F19488
8 Lamb / Avery  8 Jun 1780Dutchess Co., NY, USA F12199
9 Lamb / Dillis  Abt 1748Dutchess Co., NY, USA F12195
10 Mead / Townsend  13 Jan 1784Dutchess Co., NY, USA F45435
11 Mead / Townsend  Abt 1787Dutchess Co., NY, USA F45438
12 Reynolds / Wilber  Abt 1800Dutchess Co., NY, USA F30838
13 Ripley / Lumbard  3 Oct 1835Dutchess Co., NY, USA F124819
14 Toby / Wilcox  Dutchess Co., NY, USA F102075
15 Townsend / Mead  Abt 1780Dutchess Co., NY, USA F45437
16 [--?--] / Sprague  Dutchess Co., NY, USA F12000

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