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Campbell Co., KY, USA



County/Shire : Latitude: 38.8951891, Longitude: -84.3962535


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartlow, Emma H.  Sep 1866Campbell Co., KY, USA I234404
2 Culbertson, Matthew  1 Jan 1818Campbell Co., KY, USA I241139
3 Daniel, Charles H.  22 Mar 1944Campbell Co., KY, USA I404300
4 Daniel, Linda L.  10 Dec 1941Campbell Co., KY, USA I404298
5 Faulkner, Angeline Flora  29 Sep 1875Campbell Co., KY, USA I241408
6 Faulkner, Charles Huston  9 Jun 1873Campbell Co., KY, USA I241405
7 Faulkner, Hugh Knox  18 Sep 1870Campbell Co., KY, USA I241403
8 Faulkner, Mahala Louise  5 Apr 1884Campbell Co., KY, USA I241418
9 Faulkner, Nola Elizabeth  9 Jan 1880Campbell Co., KY, USA I241414
10 Faulkner, Pandora Walker  9 Mar 1882Campbell Co., KY, USA I241416
11 Faulkner, Sarah Amezet  23 Aug 1868Campbell Co., KY, USA I241401
12 Hogle, Earl Clifford  5 Oct 1922Campbell Co., KY, USA I426906
13 Kees, Cordelia A.  23 Feb 1859Campbell Co., KY, USA I234382
14 Kees, Mahalia  9 Feb 1831Campbell Co., KY, USA I234369
15 Leap, Melvin H.  20 Aug 1942Campbell Co., KY, USA I404296
16 Martin, Susannah  28 Oct 1832Campbell Co., KY, USA I241378
17 Sprague, Alfred David  3 Aug 1846Campbell Co., KY, USA I139838
18 Sprague, Allen K.  20 Jun 1926Campbell Co., KY, USA I426895
19 Sprague, Amezet  19 Dec 1859Campbell Co., KY, USA I234373
20 Sprague, Angeline  17 Feb 1856Campbell Co., KY, USA I234372
21 Sprague, Bernice L.  18 Sep 1914Campbell Co., KY, USA I404263
22 Sprague, Bessie  23 Oct 1882Campbell Co., KY, USA I234399
23 Sprague, Beulah Lula  20 Mar 1924Campbell Co., KY, USA I404274
24 Sprague, Charles A.  20 Dec 1854Campbell Co., KY, USA I241548
25 Sprague, Charles Albert  2 Dec 1861Campbell Co., KY, USA I234374
26 Sprague, Charles M.  4 Dec 1825Campbell Co., KY, USA I234359
27 Sprague, Clarence Taylor  Abt 1915Campbell Co., KY, USA I404243
28 Sprague, George H.  1 Dec 1852Campbell Co., KY, USA I234371
29 Sprague, Hiram A.  10 Sep 1833Campbell Co., KY, USA I234362
30 Sprague, Isaac Taylor  29 Apr 1869Campbell Co., KY, USA I234377
31 Sprague, James A.  28 Dec 1838Campbell Co., KY, USA I234364
32 Sprague, Jerusha Elizabeth  29 Jul 1849Campbell Co., KY, USA I234370
33 Sprague, Malinda Frances  5 Mar 1894Campbell Co., KY, USA I135902
34 Sprague, Margaret M.  21 Dec 1830Campbell Co., KY, USA I234361
35 Sprague, Martha E.  4 Apr 1852Campbell Co., KY, USA I241547
36 Sprague, Mary E.  21 Apr 1836Campbell Co., KY, USA I234363
37 Sprague, Robert Andrew  27 Sep 1866Campbell Co., KY, USA I234376
38 Sprague, Rolla  13 Oct 1877Campbell Co., KY, USA I460578
39 Sprague, Ruby M.  4 Sep 1918Campbell Co., KY, USA I404269
40 Sprague, Shirley Arthur  Jan 1882Campbell Co., KY, USA I234394
41 Sprague, Taylor K.  5 Dec 1859Campbell Co., KY, USA I159633
42 Sprague, Vernor  13 Feb 1873Campbell Co., KY, USA I234378
43 Sprague, William A.  27 Feb 1865Campbell Co., KY, USA I234375
44 Sprague, William Alfred  15 Apr 1843Campbell Co., KY, USA I159629
45 Sprague, William H.  16 Sep 1912Campbell Co., KY, USA I355944


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bartlow, Emma H.  28 Dec 1963Campbell Co., KY, USA I234404
2 Condin, William  21 Apr 1890Campbell Co., KY, USA I241141
3 Daniel, Herbert F.  17 Apr 1967Campbell Co., KY, USA I404282
4 Hogle, Earl Clifford  18 Mar 1983Campbell Co., KY, USA I426906
5 Kees, Mahalia  12 Sep 1916Campbell Co., KY, USA I234369
6 Leap, Henry C. A.  12 Feb 1976Campbell Co., KY, USA I404277
7 Leap, Melvin H.  11 May 1981Campbell Co., KY, USA I404296
8 Martin, Eliza Jane  Dec 1889Campbell Co., KY, USA I241384
9 Martin, Susannah  20 May 1866Campbell Co., KY, USA I241378
10 Mattox, Sarah  23 Jan 1873Campbell Co., KY, USA I234314
11 Nelson, Violet M.  30 Jul 1988Campbell Co., KY, USA I404242
12 Rardin, Malinda Agnes  1905Campbell Co., KY, USA I234388
13 Smith, James Robert  8 Jun 1940Campbell Co., KY, USA I241163
14 Sprague, Alfred D.  1 Aug 1840Campbell Co., KY, USA I217930
15 Sprague, Bessie  3 Mar 1895Campbell Co., KY, USA I234399
16 Sprague, Charles M.  13 Apr 1914Campbell Co., KY, USA I234359
17 Sprague, Emery W.  5 Apr 1929Campbell Co., KY, USA I56924
18 Sprague, Henry Asher  21 Mar 1969Campbell Co., KY, USA I234395
19 Sprague, Henry W.  4 Mar 1883Campbell Co., KY, USA I152102
20 Sprague, Jonathan Keene  1 Dec 1877Campbell Co., KY, USA I152100
21 Sprague, Luther Howell  27 Jun 1918Campbell Co., KY, USA I404281
22 Sprague, Mary E.  16 Jun 1912Campbell Co., KY, USA I234363
23 Sprague, Sarah Ann  14 May 1884Campbell Co., KY, USA I234360
24 Sprague, Shirley Arthur  23 Sep 1971Campbell Co., KY, USA I234394
25 Sprague, Taylor K.  15 Sep 1941Campbell Co., KY, USA I159633
26 Sprague, William Alfred  1 May 1932Campbell Co., KY, USA I159629
27 Sprague, William Mahlon  6 Sep 1965Campbell Co., KY, USA I234393
28 White, Jonathan C.  May 1893Campbell Co., KY, USA I241385
29 [--?--], [--?--]  1893Campbell Co., KY, USA I412970

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Hiram A.  10 Dec 1833Campbell Co., KY, USA I234362


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gray, Sarah Susan  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I241375
2 Sprague, Alfred David  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I139838
3 Sprague, Charles A.  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I241548
4 Sprague, Jonathan  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I241549
5 Sprague, Martha E.  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I241547
6 Sprague, Mary  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I241550
7 Sprague, William  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I241377
8 Sprague, William F.  13 Aug 1860Campbell Co., KY, USA I217934


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Culbertson / Sprague  30 Dec 1845Campbell Co., KY, USA F86646
2 Martin / Sprague  23 Sep 1830Campbell Co., KY, USA F84357
3 Sprague / Bartlow  6 Oct 1891Campbell Co., KY, USA F84365
4 Sprague / Gray  21 Aug 1845Campbell Co., KY, USA F20249
5 Sprague / Gray  21 Aug 1845Campbell Co., KY, USA F86758
6 Sprague / Kees  21 Aug 1847Campbell Co., KY, USA F84359
7 Sprague / Mattox  22 Oct 1821Campbell Co., KY, USA F84334
8 Tennant / Miller  19 Oct 1843Campbell Co., KY, USA F168962
9 Ware / Martin  2 Mar 1855Campbell Co., KY, USA F86759

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