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Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 44.2097928, Longitude: -69.06478379


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Anita G.  6 Nov 1850Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448519
2 Adams, George F.  27 Sep 1852Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448521
3 Adams, William G.  17 Sep 1851Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448520
4 Ames, Mary Elizabeth  22 Sep 1939Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415337
5 Anderson, Cornelia K.  8 Aug 1836Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I54998
6 Becket, Mary  12 Jun 1812Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I284069
7 Britton, Harold Stewart  8 Jul 1934Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389632
8 Gilkey, Andrew  7 Dec 1834Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448513
9 Gilkey, Caroline Maria  4 May 1837Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448525
10 Gilkey, Emerson P.  2 Apr 1830Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447333
11 Gilkey, Frances  29 Jul 1835Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447337
12 Gilkey, George Pendleton  9 Sep 1828Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447331
13 Gilkey, Grace L.  Cal 8 May 1880Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448538
14 Gilkey, Marion Louisa  23 Jun 1833Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447335
15 Gilkey, Nathaniel Bourne  20 Aug 1847Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448531
16 Gould, Daniel  2 Apr 1799Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448061
17 Gould, Daniel J.  28 Aug 1825Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448063
18 Gould, Nathaniel C.  1828Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448064
19 Gould, William Tillson  4 May 1824Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448062
20 Gregory, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1754Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I296114
21 Heald, Kathleen Marie  22 Dec 1921Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415397
22 Horton, Ruth  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449164
23 Keller, Mary E.  30 Nov 1849Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268100
24 McGlathery, Martha  Abt 1781Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I5693
25 Morse, Ellen  15 May 1824Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448516
26 Norwood, Frances  20 Jun 1815Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I296009
27 Pelton, Maria Ann  1843Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I109708
28 Pendleton, Andrew  15 Sep 1809Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448508
29 Pendleton, Belinda  15 Jun 1808Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448507
30 Pendleton, Clarence F.  22 Aug 1853Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447878
31 Pendleton, Cyrus  7 Mar 1814Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448509
32 Pendleton, Frank L.  24 Mar 1856Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447879
33 Pendleton, Georgiana  9 Sep 1844Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447876
34 Pendleton, James Wallace C.  Abt 23 Jul 1853Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447519
35 Pendleton, Joseph Huse  28 May 1817Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448510
36 Pendleton, Lincoln N.  2 Dec 1848Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447518
37 Pendleton, Lizzie F.  29 Jul 1858Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447880
38 Pendleton, Sabrina  21 Sep 1806Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448506
39 Pendleton, Thomas J.  13 Feb 1849Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447877
40 Seward, Caroline  2 Nov 1842Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448462
41 Seward, Ellen  1839Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448461
42 Seward, Josephine A.  16 Jun 1846Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448464
43 Seward, Margaret  1837Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448460
44 Shibles, Mary  30 Dec 1821Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I27657


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ames, Grace  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I6387
2 Ames, Harold Leslie  9 Feb 1994Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415332
3 Cotton, Cora E.  21 Feb 1918Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447883
4 Farnsworth, Robert Jr.  15 May 1850Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I5675
5 Gilkey, Caleb Bates  26 Sep 1886Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I5705
6 Gilkey, Grace L.  19 Feb 1881Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448538
7 Gilkey, Horace M.  5 Apr 1881Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448535
8 Gilkey, Jane  10 Nov 1883Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I5663
9 Gilkey, Laura Ellen  1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448536
10 Gilkey, Lucy Pendleton  20 May 1888Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448517
11 Goulding, Richard Arthur  12 Oct 1994Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I350922
12 Grey, David  Dec 1983Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I251914
13 Hall, James  24 Aug 1828Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I296047
14 Hatch, Lemuel Palmer  7 Feb 1908Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447892
15 Higgins, Olive Edna  13 Nov 1971Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415331
16 Lawson, Inez F.  17 Jan 1975Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I279467
17 Mason, Gladys Emeline  15 Apr 1988Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I248443
18 Morse, Ellen  14 Oct 1903Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448516
19 Morton, Harold Stephen  28 Dec 1978Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449260
20 Pendleton, Andrew  1 Sep 1900Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447626
21 Pendleton, Arthur  1859Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447349
22 Pendleton, Belinda  22 Sep 1854Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448507
23 Pendleton, Clarence F.  3 Jul 1863Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447878
24 Pendleton, Dorothy  1814Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447516
25 Pendleton, Elizabeth  29 Dec 1871Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447660
26 Pendleton, Georgiana  28 Oct 1844Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447876
27 Pendleton, Isaac  12 Mar 1873Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447476
28 Pendleton, Jane 2nd  Jan 1892Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447625
29 Pendleton, Jane Emeline  15 Mar 1864Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447848
30 Pendleton, Jefferson  Jun 1902Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268317
31 Pendleton, John  2 Mar 1850Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447480
32 Pendleton, Lincoln N.  12 Mar 1857Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447518
33 Pendleton, Martha  27 Feb 1840Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I5679
34 Pendleton, Thomas J.  4 Feb 1859Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447877
35 Pendleton, William  26 Aug 1837Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I44655
36 Safford, James P.  20 Aug 1881Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448512
37 Shadie, Blanche B.  10 Jan 1936Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I109790
38 Shadie, Grace  19 Jun 1976Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I109796
39 Shadie, Herbert L.  2 May 1980Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I109795
40 Shadie, Samuel B.  5 Feb 1954Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I109794
41 Stanley, Vira E.  28 Jun 1975Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I223090
42 Strout, Walter C.  14 Jan 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I395431
43 Thayer, Hon. Jonathan  20 Sep 1853Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I226485
44 Thomas, Jane  10 Nov 1910Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448076
45 Torp, Liv Coucheron  14 Apr 1969Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I291079
46 Townsend, Nina Eugenia  22 Dec 1992Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I155965
47 Veazie, Abiezer  Abt 1840Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I6400
48 Wadsworth, Charles Dell  1943Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448537
49 Willis, Ann Frances  12 Sep 1881Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I302146
50 Young, Ai  16 Jun 1937Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I28078


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ames, Harold Leslie  9 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415332
2 Ames, Harold Leslie  4 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415332
3 Ames, Mary Elizabeth  4 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415337
4 Britton, Harold Stewart  8 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389632
5 Britton, Walter Wilson  8 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389641
6 Cotton, Cora E.  5 May 1910Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447883
7 Farrow, Bernice Etta  8 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449159
8 Farrow, Bernice Etta  9 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449159
9 Fish, Ann H.  6 Jun 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268389
10 Gilkey, Anna  26 Jul 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268391
11 Herrick, Blanche E.  16 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389630
12 Herrick, Blanche E.  8 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389630
13 Higgins, Olive Edna  9 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415331
14 Higgins, Olive Edna  4 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I415331
15 Holliday, Eliza K.  10 Jun 1880Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I366816
16 Kibble, John Atkins  10 Jun 1880Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I366803
17 Larrabee, Nathan  5 May 1910Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449162
18 Morton, Harold Stephen  9 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449260
19 Murphy, Ernest Dwight  16 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389631
20 Murphy, Winifred R.  16 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389253
21 Murphy, Winifred R.  8 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I389253
22 Pendleton, Capt. Ephraim  26 Jul 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268390
23 Pendleton, Herbert H.  6 Jun 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449035
24 Pendleton, Isabelle Anna  26 Jul 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447521
25 Pendleton, James Wallace C.  26 Jul 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I447519
26 Pendleton, Llewellyn N.  6 Jun 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449034
27 Pendleton, Capt. Nelson  6 Jun 1860Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268388
28 Reed, Fannie H.  14 Jun 1900Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I344328
29 Thomas, Paul Rutherford  8 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449255
30 Thomas, Paula Ruth  8 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449256
31 Thomas, Paula Ruth  9 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449256
32 Thomas, Winifred Virginia  8 Apr 1930Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449259
33 Thomas, Winifred Virginia  9 Apr 1940Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I449259
34 Watson, Amanda A.  14 Jun 1900Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I252715
35 Wentworth, Edward A.  10 Jun 1880Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I366818
36 Wentworth, Elbridge A.  10 Jun 1880Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I366817


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Coombs, Isaac  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448256


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Veazie, Abiezer  4 May 1841Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I6400


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Gilkey, Caleb Bates  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I5705
2 Gilkey, Capt. William Elisha  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I5667
3 Hatt, Agnes L.  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I248314
4 Pendleton, Jefferson  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268317
5 Pendleton, Reuben  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268315
6 Seward, James  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I268325
7 Seward, Sarah  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I448463
8 Thayer, Sarah Robinson  Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA I226488


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Currier / Cotton  12 Apr 1913Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA F164699
2 Gilkey / Pendleton  5 Oct 1828Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA F164421
3 Hewett / Packard  3 Apr 1864Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA F115438
4 Kent / Gott  21 Sep 1919Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA F100485
5 Pendleton / Hatch  11 Jul 1802Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA F2161
6 Thomas / Higgins  26 Oct 1797Camden, Knox Co., ME, USA F164245

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