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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England
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Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 42.8583925, Longitude: -70.9300376


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, John Jr.  22 Jul 1783Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I192941
2 Bagley, Judith  Abt 1737Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I283801
3 Bartlett, Lydia  20 Jul 1754Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I54536
4 Billings, Douglas Perley  19 Jun 1937Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I418825
5 Blaisdell, Dr. Henry  Abt 1685Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I62250
6 Colby, Josephine May  5 May 1871Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I6077
7 Crocker, Anna  Abt 1744Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317928
8 Flanders, Daniel  9 Aug 1707Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317891
9 Flanders, Daniel  May 1777Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317889
10 Flanders, Enoch  23 Oct 1739Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317890
11 Flanders, Enoch  10 Apr 1772Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317953
12 Flanders, Ezekiel  1 Jun 1768Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317950
13 Flanders, Ezikiel  25 May 1741Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I178205
14 Flanders, Ichabod  20 Aug 1770Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317951
15 Flanders, James  10 Jul 1766Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317949
16 Flanders, Sarah  24 Jun 1743Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317970
17 Flanders, Thomas  19 May 1749Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317975
18 Geddes, Lois Geraldine  8 Apr 1923Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I421588
19 Jones, Jonathan  16 Apr 1763Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I317958
20 Mills, Abigail Mary  10 Jun 1747Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I425225
21 Morse, Amos Currier  5 Aug 1809Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12212
22 Morse, Darius  7 Sep 1802Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12208
23 Morse, Edwin C.  10 Dec 1811Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12213
24 Morse, John Currier  30 Mar 1804Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12209
25 Morse, John Currier  6 Feb 1816Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12215
26 Morse, Martha  29 Dec 1805Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12210
27 Sprague, Josephine  28 Aug 1859Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I408569
28 Stevens, Abigail  21 Jan 1672/73Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I100768
29 Swett, George Victor  Dec 1888Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I284443
30 Titcomb, Elizabeth  Abt 1773Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I283760


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bagley, Judith  1 Aug 1813Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I283801
2 Barnard, Thomas  7 Jul 1677Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I424914
3 Bartlett, Martha  8 Sep 1718Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I100765
4 Bemis, Medora  2 Sep 1929Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I284440
5 Billings, Howard Osborne  6 Mar 2002Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I418822
6 Currier, Hannah  7 Aug 1845Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12207
7 Fillmore, David Pearl  3 Aug 1927Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I284442
8 Morse, Amos Currier  21 Jul 1810Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12212
9 Morse, Darius  12 Jul 1886Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12208
10 Morse, Edwin C.  8 Aug 1827Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12213
11 Morse, Elizabeth Ann  16 Feb 1895Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12214
12 Morse, John Currier  23 Sep 1805Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12209
13 Morse, Merrill  11 Apr 1861Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12198
14 Moulton, Ruth  19 Apr 1778Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I362099
15 Perkins, Temperance  28 Dec 1836Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I444401
16 Stevens, Thomas  14 Apr 1729Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I100767
17 Swett, Beatrice Medora  29 Feb 1980Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I284441
18 Swett, George H.  14 Apr 1936Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I284257


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Beairsto, Samuel E.  15 Apr 1910Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I366820
2 Billings, Bruce Osborne  2 Apr 1940Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I418824
3 Billings, Douglas Perley  2 Apr 1940Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I418825
4 Billings, Howard Osborne  2 Apr 1940Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I418822
5 Goodwin, Lois Mae  2 Apr 1940Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I418823
6 McDonegall, Martha P.  15 Apr 1910Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I366821
7 Morse, Susan Currier  1850Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12211
8 Morse, Susan Currier  1860Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I12211
9 Peabody, Archibald Franklin  15 Apr 1910Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I366836
10 Sprague, Reginald Bridgman  6 Jan 1920Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I33795
11 Sprague, Reginald Bridgman  8 Apr 1930Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I33795


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Colby, Isaiah  Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I68613
2 Jones, Elizabeth  Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I68584
3 Jones, Ruth  Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA I68637


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Burnham / Morse  20 Aug 1848Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F4745
2 Fillmore / Swett  Abt 1904Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F102065
3 Flanders / Eastman  3 Nov 1726Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F65116
4 Hoag / Hoag  13 Jan 1744/45Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F155431
5 Sprague / Evans  9 Jan 1859Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F151887
6 Sprague / Ramsey  14 Jan 1855Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F113449
7 Swett / Bagley  3 Oct 1795Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F101863
8 Swett / Titcomb  9 Nov 1794Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F101844
9 Williamson / Morse  Amesbury, Essex Co., MA, USA F4743

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