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Spanish American War



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davis, Hugh  Spanish American War I113542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Bird, Roy Fowler  Spanish American War I340206
2 Boulter, Winthrop Boston  Between 1 Jul 1898 and 25 Oct 1899Spanish American War I48746
3 Chesmore, Charles William  Spanish American War I443063
4 Combes, Reason Ford  Abt 1898Spanish American War I431340
5 Conner, Arthur Burdette  Spanish American War I16036
6 Donaldson, Frank  Spanish American War I183569
7 Doud, Earle Edward  Spanish American War I45369
8 Furlong, Thomas Raymond  Spanish American War I298275
9 Gilbert, Willis H.  Spanish American War I296902
10 Hale, Gustavus Edward  1898Spanish American War I200709
11 Jagger, John C.  Spanish American War I269348
12 Jenkins, William Dunbar  Spanish American War I220704
13 Johnson, Dr. William G. M. D.  Abt 1898Spanish American War I40581
14 Kenley, Walter McClusky  Spanish American War I339380
15 Kipp, Edward Eugene  Spanish American War I413773
16 Lane, David Adelbert  Spanish American War I26815
17 Lawrence, Gerald Sprague  Abt 1897Spanish American War I421688
18 Lehman, Julius J.  Abt 1898Spanish American War I424459
19 McCallum, Claude Lorraine  Spanish American War I212971
20 McMaster, Theophilus Elziver DePoss  Spanish American War I421742
21 McMaster, Theophilus Elziver DePoss  Spanish American War I421742
22 Overshiner, Charles Colfax  Spanish American War I336456
23 Pendleton, Harris IV  Spanish American War I289239
24 Philipp, Emil  Spanish American War I414743
25 Potter, Mark James  Abt 1898Spanish American War I332076
26 Robinson, Melvin Squire  Spanish American War I31123
27 Sanno, James Madison Johnston  Spanish American War I289230
28 Sanno, William Worth  Between 2 May 1898 and 10 Oct 1898Spanish American War I289241
29 Schlagle, Albert Winfield  Spanish American War I113704
30 Sprague, Andrew J.  Spanish American War I294256
31 Sprague, Bert  Spanish American War I13380
32 Sprague, Bert H.  Spanish American War I247123
33 Sprague, Charles Eastman  Between 2 Dec 1898 and 4 Dec 1901Spanish American War I316016
34 Sprague, Charles Henry  Spanish American War I90593
35 Sprague, Charles Joseph  Abt 1898Spanish American War I363237
36 Sprague, Elmer Ellsworth  Spanish American War I127419
37 Sprague, Ernest Linn  Spanish American War I285649
38 Sprague, Frank Clinton  Abt 1898Spanish American War I343630
39 Sprague, Frank W.  Spanish American War I120074
40 Sprague, Fred Davis  Between 1899 and 1902Spanish American War I315061
41 Sprague, Fred Joseph  Spanish American War I129576
42 Sprague, George Dennison  Spanish American War I251778
43 Sprague, Harrison Shannon  Between 6 Jan 1899 and 18 Jan 1903Spanish American War I316017
44 Sprague, Jacob F.  Spanish American War I176081
45 Sprague, James Milton  Spanish American War I1788
46 Sprague, Joseph Brown  Abt 1898Spanish American War I313659
47 Sprague, Leroy Augustus  Spanish American War I56354
48 Sprague, Oliver W.  16 Oct 1905Spanish American War I238424
49 Sprague, Richard Harley  Spanish American War I40664
50 Sprague, Robert Harvey  Spanish American War I378130

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