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Plymouth Co., MA, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 41.9584367, Longitude: -70.6672576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allerton, Isaac  Between 22 May 1627 and 31 Dec 1630Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63540
2 Bartlett, Rebecca  Abt 1630Plymouth Co., MA, USA I41836
3 Billington, Rebecca  8 Jun 1648Plymouth Co., MA, USA I18595
4 Bourne, Abigail  2 Jan 1800Plymouth Co., MA, USA I53945
5 Bradford, Abigail  10 Dec 1679Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76132
6 Bradford, Alice  28 Jan 1676/77Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76131
7 Bradford, John  29 Dec 1675Plymouth Co., MA, USA I73365
8 Bradford, Joseph  Abt 1630Plymouth Co., MA, USA I84337
9 Bradford, Joseph  17 Dec 1721Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256583
10 Bradford, Mercy  20 Dec 1681Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76133
11 Bradford, Nehemiah  27 Jul 1724Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256585
12 Bradford, Priscilla  10 Mar 1685/86Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76135
13 Bradford, Lieut. Samuel  23 Dec 1683Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76134
14 Bradford, Sylvanus  6 Jul 1723Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256584
15 Bradford, William IV  11 Mar 1654/55Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63499
16 Bradford, William  15 Apr 1688Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76136
17 Brewster, Mary  16 Apr 1627Plymouth Co., MA, USA I57417
18 Church, Hannah  8 Aug 1647Plymouth Co., MA, USA I73174
19 Church, Mary  1652Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63130
20 Church, Sarah  Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63129
21 Churchill, Michael  26 Jan 1766Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256917
22 Churchill, Rachel  4 Jan 1769Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256919
23 Churchill, Deacon Winslow  30 Dec 1770Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256920
24 Churchill, Zerulah  16 Mar 1767Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256918
25 Cobb, James  14 Jan 1633/34Plymouth Co., MA, USA I221900
26 Collins, Mary E.  Plymouth Co., MA, USA I284290
27 Cushman, Eleazer  Abt 1696Plymouth Co., MA, USA I445495
28 Cushman, Elkanah  1 Jun 1651Plymouth Co., MA, USA I13991
29 Cushman, Fear  20 Jun 1653Plymouth Co., MA, USA I13992
30 Cushman, Rev. Isaac  8 Feb 1648/49Plymouth Co., MA, USA I13990
31 Cushman, James  Abt 1692Plymouth Co., MA, USA I264266
32 Cushman, John  13 Aug 1690Plymouth Co., MA, USA I445493
33 Cushman, Lydia  Abt 1662Plymouth Co., MA, USA I73747
34 Cushman, Lydia  13 Dec 1687Plymouth Co., MA, USA I445492
35 Cushman, Moses  Abt 1693Plymouth Co., MA, USA I445494
36 Cushman, Sarah  Plymouth Co., MA, USA I445496
37 Davis, John  1737Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256890
38 Eddy, Caleb  1643Plymouth Co., MA, USA I178148
39 Faunce, Thomas  15 Jul 1698Plymouth Co., MA, USA I324457
40 Fuller, Samuel  Abt 1629Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76860
41 Gorham, Desire  2 Apr 1644Plymouth Co., MA, USA I302615
42 Hammatt, William  Abt 1752Plymouth Co., MA, USA I299105
43 Howland, Desire  13 Oct 1623Plymouth Co., MA, USA I3822
44 Howland, Nicholas  13 Jul 1670Plymouth Co., MA, USA I302223
45 Lee, Mary  1632Plymouth Co., MA, USA I3837
46 Morey, Hannah  Abt 1652Plymouth Co., MA, USA I73668
47 Morton, Ebenezer  1742Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256900
48 Prence, Mercy  Jun 1631Plymouth Co., MA, USA I170362
49 Reynolds, William  30 Aug 1638Plymouth Co., MA, USA I170359
50 Rickard, Judith  1659Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63364

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Elizabeth  10 Jan 1773Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63569
2 Bartlett, Robert  Between 19 Sep 1676 and 29 Oct 1676Plymouth Co., MA, USA I38544
3 Bartlett, Samuel  9 Mar 1749/50Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63566
4 Bourne, Fanny  1903Plymouth Co., MA, USA I101924
5 Boyer (Boyce), Anna  Abt 1642Plymouth Co., MA, USA I62260
6 Bradford, Joseph  10 Jul 1715Plymouth Co., MA, USA I84337
7 Bradford, Sylvanus  12 Jul 1723Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256584
8 Bradford, William IV  5 Jul 1687Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63499
9 Brewster, Patience  1634Plymouth Co., MA, USA I63523
10 Cogan, Judith  6 Feb 1661/62Plymouth Co., MA, USA I83228
11 Comyngs, Elizabeth  Abt 1621Plymouth Co., MA, USA I83259
12 Deane, Stephen  6 Oct 1634Plymouth Co., MA, USA I50114
13 Delano, Jonathan  Between 7 Mar 1743/44 and 20 Apr 1745Plymouth Co., MA, USA I76768
14 Dunham, Deacon John  2 Mar 1667/68Plymouth Co., MA, USA I83229
15 Durrant, Mary  Jul 1631Plymouth Co., MA, USA I50118
16 Farnsworth, Nahum Coombs  21 Aug 1947Plymouth Co., MA, USA I447938
17 Harlow, John  30 Jan 1771Plymouth Co., MA, USA I73689
18 Newland, Mary Sarah  17 Jun 1674Plymouth Co., MA, USA I301991
19 Peabody, Hannah  29 Apr 1723Plymouth Co., MA, USA I46614
20 Pratt, Marjorie Louisa  11 Dec 1991Plymouth Co., MA, USA I398445
21 Rickard, Giles Sr.  Abt 6 Feb 1684/85Plymouth Co., MA, USA I83227
22 Soule, Mary  Aft 1720Plymouth Co., MA, USA I94131
23 Southworth, Priscilla  27 Feb 1677/78Plymouth Co., MA, USA I73667
24 Southworth, Capt. Thomas  8 Dec 1669Plymouth Co., MA, USA I298636
25 Sprague, Charles Alvar  4 Mar 1985Plymouth Co., MA, USA I209314
26 Sprague, Leon Sinclair  18 Aug 1970Plymouth Co., MA, USA I324347
27 Sprague, Mary Priscilla  1934Plymouth Co., MA, USA I132347
28 Tilley, John  10 Apr 1621Plymouth Co., MA, USA I83258
29 White, William  21 Feb 1620/21Plymouth Co., MA, USA I45992
30 [--?--], Wife  22 Apr 1650Plymouth Co., MA, USA I203417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Tilley, John  1620Plymouth Co., MA, USA I83258


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Spooner, Sarah  Plymouth Co., MA, USA I256691


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   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Bierce / Bradford  1 Dec 1768Plymouth Co., MA, USA F92117
2 Bradford / Bartlett  27 Nov 1701Plymouth Co., MA, USA F28060
3 Bradford / Finney  23 Feb 1713/14Plymouth Co., MA, USA F92085
4 Bradford / Rogers  31 Jul 1687Plymouth Co., MA, USA F92073
5 Bryant / Shaw  1646Plymouth Co., MA, USA F19347
6 Dickinson / Howland  10 Jul 1651Plymouth Co., MA, USA F1441
7 Dyer / Phillips  18 May 1730Plymouth Co., MA, USA F35664
8 Fish / Sprague  30 Jun 1771Plymouth Co., MA, USA F16685
9 Howland / Tilley  4 Aug 1623Plymouth Co., MA, USA F31242
10 Ivey (Joy) / Bartlett  25 Dec 1668Plymouth Co., MA, USA F10924
11 Lathrop / Cole  3 Jan 1671/72Plymouth Co., MA, USA F13687
12 Morton / Cooper  25 Dec 1635Plymouth Co., MA, USA F13889
13 Packard / Richards  25 Feb 1750/51Plymouth Co., MA, USA F99500
14 Parker / Thomas  2 Sep 1854Plymouth Co., MA, USA F145365
15 Ripley / Bradford  28 Nov 1682Plymouth Co., MA, USA F92060
16 Sampson / Plummer  6 Feb 1635/36Plymouth Co., MA, USA F99742
17 Warren / Torrey  Abt 1678Plymouth Co., MA, USA F24641
18 Winslow / Jackson  12 May 1621Plymouth Co., MA, USA F165443

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