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Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, James  Abt 1835Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I352434
2 Angus, Thomas  16 Nov 1807Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I177888
3 Barrowman, Samuel McClymont  4 Jan 1901Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I387682
4 Blair, Bryce Ronald  21 Sep 1832Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I116150
5 Boyd, Mary  1858Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I433143
6 Brown, Joan  1902Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I154731
7 Bryson, Eliza Snow  13 Jun 1854Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I133697
8 Campbell, John  12 Oct 1891Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312914
9 Carroll, Alexander Frederick  28 Oct 1899Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I414334
10 Cock, Christiann  1762Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I94606
11 Crosby, James  Abt 1794Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I234959
12 Ferguson, Joseph  1778Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I295448
13 Garvie, Margaret  18 Mar 1835Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I325391
14 Livingstone, Isabella Rennie  13 Sep 1846Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I358525
15 Livingstone, Janet Smith  4 Jun 1848Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I358526
16 Love, William  1580Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I230836
17 Luiff, John  1530Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I230840
18 Luiff, Robert  1555Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I230838
19 MacDonald, Anna Mae  1911Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I347491
20 McCunn, James D.  19 Feb 1851Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I395358
21 McGregor, William Campbell  11 Apr 1833Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I193708
22 McIlvride, Lewis  27 Jan 1882Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I212209
23 McLean, Elizabeth Margaret  17 Oct 1937Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I444929
24 Pyer, Cyril Sleep  14 Apr 1917Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I382777
25 Rollo, James  25 Jul 1819Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I84176
26 Russell, John  Abt 1865Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I318172
27 Smyth, Eugene Helen  1869Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I352620
28 Stevenson, Alexander  17 Nov 1867Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I358580
29 Stewart, Alexander  1753Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I162148
30 Thomson, Mary Malcolm  31 Dec 1880Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I166200
31 Walker, Janet  1581Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I230837
32 [--?--], Agnes  Abt 1871Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I318173
33 [--?--], Barbara  1560Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I230839


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ferguson, Joseph  31 Oct 1778Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I295448


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Henrietta  20 May 1909Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312917
2 Blair, William  23 Oct 1858Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I116151
3 Campbell, Daniel  5 Mar 1945Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334786
4 Campbell, Donald  18 Jun 1882Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334784
5 Campbell, John  1 Apr 1921Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312916
6 Dunsmore, James Rennie  10 Apr 1917Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312918
7 Dunsmore, Penuel Baillie  28 Jul 1950Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I352628
8 Gordon, William  21 Jan 1901Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I352460
9 Love, William  1645Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I230836
10 Myles, Margaret Nimmo  15 May 1886Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334785
11 Robinson, Alice  18 Sep 1953Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I358592
12 Robinson, Marcus  16 Oct 1927Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I352667
13 Robinson, Wilson  9 Dec 1953Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I358589
14 Stewart, Margaret  28 Jan 1847Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I116153


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Henrietta  1861Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312917
2 Anderson, Henrietta  1881Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312917
3 Anderson, Henrietta  1891Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312917
4 Campbell, Daniel  1881Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334786
5 Campbell, Donald  1861Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334784
6 Campbell, Donald  1871Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334784
7 Campbell, Donald  1881Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334784
8 Campbell, John  1881Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312916
9 Campbell, John  1891Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312916
10 Campbell, John  1901Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312916
11 Campbell, John  1901Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312914
12 Campbell, John  1911Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I312916
13 Myles, Margaret Nimmo  1881Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I334785


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MacCorkdindale, William  Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland I371604


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Angus / Miller  5 Jun 1791Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F65025
2 Campbell / Anderson  27 Jun 1884Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F112450
3 Campbell / Dunsmore  27 Jul 1920Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F112449
4 Dunsmore / Smyth  7 Aug 1891Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F127263
5 Gordon / Hamilton  19 Apr 1813Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F127212
6 Paterson / Jack  29 Apr 1914Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F127283
7 Robinson / Colvil  9 Jun 1909Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F129528
8 Swan / McCallam  6 Aug 1786Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F73559
9 Thomson / Paterson  15 Jul 1903Glasgow (Mileend), Lanark Co., Scotland F127284

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