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The Sprague Mill, Upwey, England
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State/Province : Latitude: 38.99855, Longitude: -105.547828333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackerman, Arthur Renard  26 Oct 1899CO, USA I200941
2 Antonio, Anna  Abt 1892CO, USA I405333
3 Augustus, Lloyd  CO, USA I194178
4 Barnes, James Ransom  31 Jan 1907CO, USA I239000
5 Bliven, Ivers Edyn  Abt Jan 1909CO, USA I405256
6 Bliven, Keith  Abt 1912CO, USA I405305
7 Chappel, Ethel May  Abt 1902CO, USA I299699
8 Chappel, Mary Ann  Abt 1900CO, USA I299698
9 Chappel, William  Abt 1896CO, USA I299700
10 Christison, Charles  1868CO, USA I2556
11 Clute (Chute), John Jr.  Abt 1916CO, USA I451858
12 Clute (Chute), Nellie  Abt 1918CO, USA I451859
13 Cook, Leslie Lelon  26 Mar 1893CO, USA I399161
14 Cothran, Warren  CO, USA I207586
15 Dodd, Katherine LaRue  21 Dec 1907CO, USA I291269
16 Donahue, Mary Cecelia  28 Feb 1902CO, USA I429014
17 Dow, Alice Elizabeth  Abt 1902CO, USA I308008
18 Dunwoody, William  25 Jul 1901CO, USA I421691
19 Edgington, William P.  18 Apr 1894CO, USA I336723
20 Estey, Ruth Alice  6 Dec 1896CO, USA I344921
21 Ewing, Kenneth  12 Jan 1914CO, USA I405314
22 Ferguson, Daisy M.  28 Nov 1882CO, USA I288849
23 Fligg, Herbert  Jan 1894CO, USA I285526
24 Flowers, S. W.  CO, USA I171357
25 Foley, Anna L.  Abt 1889CO, USA I313340
26 Fuller, Edna A.  10 Feb 1900CO, USA I455622
27 Glasson, Chester Hamilton  5 Jan 1904CO, USA I307892
28 Glasson, Harold H.  11 Oct 1925CO, USA I307897
29 Glasson, James Arthur  23 Mar 1899CO, USA I307889
30 Glasson, William Francis  14 Jun 1897CO, USA I307888
31 Gleason, Harriet L.  Abt Feb 1930CO, USA I167920
32 Hess, Eula Rae  18 Nov 1904CO, USA I399160
33 Hess, Guy  Abt 1877CO, USA I399167
34 Hess, Ross  Abt Oct 1909CO, USA I399169
35 Hosselkus, Richard Charles  19 Nov 1909CO, USA I292211
36 Jones, Flora  Abt 1900CO, USA I399159
37 Jones, Thelma  Abt 1905CO, USA I305917
38 Jorgenson, Clara Valborg  6 Aug 1896CO, USA I308392
39 Jorgenson, Gerda  Jun 1899CO, USA I308450
40 Joy, Arvene Joy  1910CO, USA I273074
41 Kaye, James H. S.  Abt 1893CO, USA I392940
42 Kellerman, Henry  Abt 1903CO, USA I326563
43 Kellerman, Leila Marie  6 Jun 1916CO, USA I326513
44 Kellerman, Mildred Mary  7 Sep 1919CO, USA I326531
45 Kiteley, James A.  6 Nov 1929CO, USA I307832
46 Lawrence, Geraldine  1904CO, USA I421690
47 Mann, Alta C.  Abt Mar 1877CO, USA I285511
48 Martin, Paul S.  May 1895CO, USA I407480
49 McKenzie, Merritt Leslie  2 Sep 1910CO, USA I399144
50 Morrison, Charles M.  Oct 1888CO, USA I292095

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Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altgelt, Sgt. John McDonald  8 Apr 1952CO, USA I313008
2 Anderson, Susan  CO, USA I262828
3 Buck, Carrie  17 Feb 1898CO, USA I238316
4 Clemens, Ella Adell  Sep 1986CO, USA I179331
5 Crouch, Horace Eugene  26 Oct 1922CO, USA I248103
6 Davis, Caleb  1898CO, USA I119030
7 Davis, Edgar  1924CO, USA I35006
8 Dixon, Clarence Arthur  6 Jan 1971CO, USA I445320
9 Drake, Stewart Livingston  12 Sep 1938CO, USA I324025
10 Dunham\Narregang, Edith  Jul 1974CO, USA I229624
11 Dunton, Blanche E.  14 Nov 1899CO, USA I466718
12 Edgington, William P.  Aug 1971CO, USA I336723
13 Eldredge, Daniel Kimball  14 Jul 1948CO, USA I280577
14 Enright, Darrel Lee  9 Dec 1996CO, USA I246125
15 Fitch, Alfred Lucius  1 Dec 1950CO, USA I460202
16 Hunter, Stanley M.  22 Sep 1994CO, USA I332758
17 Hunter, Walter M.  Jun 1964CO, USA I332752
18 Kellerman, Leila Marie  10 May 2007CO, USA I326513
19 Pike, Eva Rosalyn  27 Aug 1972CO, USA I325866
20 Rodda, Richard Charles  24 Jun 1965CO, USA I292081
21 Simonds, Harriet  1890CO, USA I36389
22 Smith, Jerry Lee  19 Nov 1955CO, USA I90216
23 Spragg, Frederick Harold  15 Feb 1974CO, USA I149870
24 Spragg, William Dale  Apr 1981CO, USA I460840
25 Sprague, Charles Bradford  1 Sep 1945CO, USA I361954
26 Sprague, Denise Dean  11 Feb 2016CO, USA I143871
27 Sprague, Ella Frances  Feb 1919CO, USA I21913
28 Sprague, Myrtle Claracy  6 Dec 1991CO, USA I88237
29 Stadler, Edward G.  1 Feb 1975CO, USA I373663
30 Stadler, Herman  1938CO, USA I373652
31 Vogl, Francis Clarence  27 Jan 1952CO, USA I373731
32 Vogl, Rose M.  17 Sep 1999CO, USA I373685
33 Waugh, Norman C.  Abt 2018CO, USA I43850
34 Whites, Roy Arland  1963CO, USA I142574
35 Wickham, Zelma Marie  10 Dec 1986CO, USA I90209
36 Wolfe, Cecil Martin  22 Oct 1995CO, USA I307583
37 [--?--], Josephine E.  18 Apr 1994CO, USA I347861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Swearingen, Winifred Blanche  CO, USA I325879


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Harry A.  1940CO, USA I39557
2 Sprague, Paul Sumner  1940CO, USA I466559
3 Sprague, Roy  1940CO, USA I466560
4 Widen, Selma  1940CO, USA I466558
5 Wilson, Susannah  1930CO, USA I421685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Babcock, Julius Lackey  CO, USA I30723
2 Bennett, Ira Sprague  CO, USA I293641
3 Christison, Wilburn  1861CO, USA I2505
4 Combs, Alberta Isabelle  Aft 1957CO, USA I199775
5 Comer, Rev. George William Vickery  CO, USA I222489
6 Drake, Charles Livingston  1943CO, USA I324021
7 Owens, Howard  1974CO, USA I315019
8 Spragg, William Harding  1859CO, USA I149094
9 Sprague, Arthur Mildren  1920CO, USA I11011
10 Sprague, Goldie  CO, USA I134162
11 Tower, Charles S.  CO, USA I81220
12 Tracy, Harvey Nelson  CO, USA I67878

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 50 of 79

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Boyer, William Joseph Jr.  CO, USA I326535
2 Burback, Esther D.  CO, USA I308349
3 Cleaves, Ruth E.  CO, USA I467190
4 Cole, Catherine  CO, USA I304768
5 Dodd, Adrian D.  CO, USA I291270
6 Dodd, Katherine LaRue  CO, USA I291269
7 Dodd, Paul D.  CO, USA I291267
8 Dunwoody, Martha Lucille  CO, USA I421692
9 Dunwoody, William Jr.  CO, USA I421695
10 Dunwoody, William  CO, USA I421691
11 Ewing, George Orin  CO, USA I405270
12 Fitch, Alfred Lucius  CO, USA I460202
13 Floyd, Patricia Ann  CO, USA I308378
14 Gale, George Marlin  CO, USA I374587
15 Glasson, Harold H.  CO, USA I307897
16 Glasson, William Francis  CO, USA I307888
17 Gulbrandsen, Halbert  CO, USA I349352
18 Hess, Eula Rae  CO, USA I399160
19 Hockley, Carl Thomas  CO, USA I326515
20 Hockley, Clifford William  CO, USA I326514
21 Hosselkus, Richard Charles  CO, USA I292211
22 Hunter, Phillip M.  CO, USA I332755
23 Hunter, Stanley M.  CO, USA I332758
24 Hunter, Walter M.  CO, USA I332752
25 Jorgenson, Clara Valborg  CO, USA I308392
26 Kaseberg, Wilma C.  CO, USA I421829
27 Kellerman, John Fred  CO, USA I326512
28 Kellerman, Leila Marie  CO, USA I326513
29 Kellerman, Mildred Mary  CO, USA I326531
30 Kellerman, Virginia A.  CO, USA I326543
31 Kiteley, Frank Arthur  CO, USA I307820
32 Kiteley, Fred H.  CO, USA I307830
33 Kiteley, James A.  CO, USA I307832
34 Kiteley, Ray C.  CO, USA I307828
35 Kiteley, Robert Northrop  CO, USA I307827
36 Lawrence, Gerald Sprague  CO, USA I421688
37 McKenzie, Merritt Leslie  CO, USA I399144
38 Northrop, Elizabeth Blair  CO, USA I307819
39 Perillo, George Albert  CO, USA I405307
40 Perkins, Glen Claborn  CO, USA I7443
41 Pike, Glendola Mae  CO, USA I325867
42 Rodda, Richard Charles  CO, USA I292081
43 Rodda, Sprague  CO, USA I299702
44 Rubash, Violet  CO, USA I342467
45 Singleton, Fred James  CO, USA I421712
46 Smith, Frank  CO, USA I308439
47 Sprague, Albert Kenneth  CO, USA I292205
48 Sprague, Archie Mearl  CO, USA I304767
49 Sprague, Arthur Ray  CO, USA I308343
50 Sprague, Arthur Willard  CO, USA I298768

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Quaintance / Anderson  13 Oct 1863CO, USA F94328
2 Rand / Newcomb  8 Jul 1905CO, USA F82175
3 Sprague / Fligg  CO, USA F100717
4 Sprague / MacCabe  25 Nov 1888CO, USA F154258
5 Stalley / Pring  8 Sep 1936CO, USA F67086

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