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Abel Sprague

Male 1794 - 1871  (77 years)

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William H. Sprague
Male Abt 1846-Yes, date unknown
Jeremiah Sprague
Male 1820-1884
E. [--?--]
Female Abt 1825-1860
Ann Maria Wells
Female Abt 1816-1895
Abel Augustus Sprague
Male 1843-1927
Edward Elmer Sprague
Male 1866-1944
Estelle M. Wilkins
Female Abt 1860-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Mary Jane Sprague
Female 1868-1914
David Galbraith Paden
Male 1865-1937
New chart
Clarence Oscar Sprague
Male 1872-1942
Ella Wood
Female 1875-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Edith Cleminite Sprague
Female 1876-1879
Elenor Grace Sprague
Female 1879-Aft 1968
Fred B. Wright
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Budd Arthur Sprague
Male 1881-1928
Mildred Shea
Female -Yes, date unknown
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Corinne Twidia Sprague
Female 1887-1887
Robert Dell Sprague
Male 1890-1968
Olive Mae Christenson
Female 1893-1946
New chart
Hazel [--?--]
Female 1899-1970
Oscar Leonard Sprague
Male 1844-1916
Sarah Jane Smith
Female 1848-1926
Eugenia Sprague
Female 1847-1854
Adam Follmer Sprague
Male 1876-1944
Mary Ramsaur
Female 1880-1948
Blanche Reno Sprague
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Olmsted
Male -Yes, date unknown
William E. Sprague
Male 1849-1904
Margaret Clementine Strieby
Female 1852-1904
Oscar Harold Sprague
Male 1881-Yes, date unknown
Mabel G. Sprague
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
William Elliot Sprague
Male 1885-Yes, date unknown
Mary Catherine Mason
Female Abt 1883-Yes, date unknown
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Grove A. Sprague
Male 1853-1896
Rebecca Jennie Van Horn
Female 1853-1932
Evaline Sprague
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
Eleanora Sprague
Female 1858-1942
Edwin F. Pry
Male 1860-1931
Grace Sprague
Female 1861-1938
Gertrude S. Sprague
Female 1864-1921
David Sprague
Male 1822-1866
Eliza Jane Adams
Female 1819-1899
James Sprague
Male Abt 1844-Yes, date unknown
Samuel W. Sprague
Male Abt 1824-Yes, date unknown
Ellen M. Scott
Female Abt 1820-1860
Robert Lavern Sprague
Male 1902-1975
Ethel Viola Owen
Female 1901-1950
New chart
Mildred Wilson
Female -1962
Gleason Albert Sprague
Male 1910-1958
Marguerite Myrtle Gross
Female 1911-
New chart
John Corby Sprague
Male 1872-1918
Emma VanLoan
Female 1873-Yes, date unknown
Vernon Sherwood Sprague
Male 1873-1949
Isabelle [--?--]
Female 1878-1902
Dorothy V. Sprague
Female 1916-1975
Julius Jacob Kraus
Male 1902-1977
Louise C. Hocker
Female 1885-1955
Ethel F. Cummins
Female 1894-Yes, date unknown
Ralph E. Cummins
Male 1898-1966
Jennie M. Cummins
Female 1903-1959
Kenneth K. Kile
Male 1906-1985
New chart
Frances M. Sprague
Female 1875-1965
Charles G. Cummins
Male 1871-Bef 1920
Pearl E. Sprague
Female Abt 1899-1965
James R. Cook
Male 1885-1964
Austin L. Sprague
Male 1902-1981
Hilda W. Woolsey
Female 1902-1994
Sarah Ida Sprague
Female 1905-1975
John Lewis Sliter
Male 1897-1984
New chart
Margaret R. Sprague
Female 1907-1985
Edward George Tremper
Male 1900-1981
New chart
James Wilbert Vandewater
Male 1916-1965
Herbert Merritt Sprague, Jr.
Male 1911-1967
Hilda M. Davenport
Female 1908-1980
New chart
June E. Sprague
Female Abt 1913-1926
Hazel Virginia Sprague
Female 1916-1980
Charles Smith Fallon
Male 1908-1989
New chart
Herbert Abel Sprague
Male 1878-1946
Harriet F. Merritt
Female 1879-1939
Alice Maretta Sprague
Female 1907-1907
Clarence Austin Sprague
Male Abt 1908-1912
Reynold Holcomb Sprague
Male 1881-1957
Lucinda A. VanLoan
Female 1885-
Charlotte E. Irwin
Female 1906-1994
Charles Stewart Van Kleeck
Male 1903-1947
New chart
Fannie Ethel Sprague
Female 1887-1956
Nelson Abraham Irwin
Male 1880-1942
Maretta J. Cole
Female 1853-1906
Mary Sprague
Female Abt 1855-Yes, date unknown
William Oscar Sprague
Male 1825-1897
Mary Rebecca Myers
Female 1838-1855
Ann E. Sprague
Female Abt 1859-Bef 1870
Albert Phillips
Male 1880-
Elizabeth J. [--?--]
Female 1880-1934
Elizabeth Sprague
Female 1860-1948
John M. Phillips
Male 1849-1931
Melvin Fulton
Male 1881-Yes, date unknown
Floyd H. Fulton
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Sadie G. [--?--]
Female Abt 1887-Yes, date unknown
New chart
[--?--] Fulton
-Bef 1900
Ella Sprague
Female 1863-Yes, date unknown
Charles H. Fulton
Male 1849-Yes, date unknown
Ida F. Sprague
Female Abt 1865-Yes, date unknown
Herman Payne
Male -Yes, date unknown
Violet B. Tracy
Female 1896-Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Anderson
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Ada L. Sprague
Female 1871-Yes, date unknown
George Tracy
Male 1865-Yes, date unknown
Grace A. Bonnell
Female Abt 1911-Yes, date unknown
Sadie E. Bonnell
Female Abt 1914-Yes, date unknown
M. Lewis Bonnell
Male Abt 1877-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Ann Paye
Female 1840-1926
Harry F. Hindley
Male 1888-1963
Sarah M. Wells
Female 1891-1935
New chart
Maud M. Hindley
Female 1892-Yes, date unknown
Arthur Merritt
Male -Yes, date unknown
Alice Alfrettia Sprague
Female 1859-1926
Benjamin Hindley
Male 1867-1953
Margaret Terwilliger
Female 1889-1966
Louis Lawrence Moshier
Male 1887-1996
New chart
Susan Sprague
Female 1864-1921
Levi C. Terwilliger
Male 1852-1899
Esther Elizabeth Sprague
Female 1868-1883
Madeline Sprague
Female 1910-1912
Harold F. Sprague
Male 1913-1990
Frederick H. Sprague
Male 1872-1947
Margaret A. Campbell
Female 1878-1953
Frederick Peter Flynn
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Beatrice M. Flynn
Female 1901-1994
Mabel Margaret Flynn
Female 1902-1983
Michael Rudolph Pape
Male 1896-1954
New chart
Lenora Tyler Sprague
Female 1875-1950
Peter Flynn
Male 1875-1944
Clifford Sprague
Male Abt 1908-Yes, date unknown
Samuel D. Sprague
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Sadie L. [--?--]
Female Abt 1888-Yes, date unknown
James Alexander Sprague
Male 1827-1909
Lydia Frances Tyler
Female 1839-1913
Frank Phillips
Male -Yes, date unknown
William Phillips
Male -Yes, date unknown
George Phillips
Male -Yes, date unknown
John Phillips
Male -Yes, date unknown
Alice Phillips
Female -Yes, date unknown
Andrew Jump
Male -Yes, date unknown
Carrie Phillips
Female -Yes, date unknown
[--?--] Embler
Male -Yes, date unknown
Mead Phillips
Male -Yes, date unknown
Sarah Phillips
Female 1850-1924
Andrew Olmsted
Male 1840-1897
William E. Allen
Male 1835-1921
Harriet Phillips
Female Abt 1868-1912
Thomas Mitchell
Male -1924
Seth M. Phillips
Male Cal 1871-1872
Anna Eliza Sprague
Female 1830-1893
John Abram Phillips
Male 1826-1902
Warren Sprague
Male Abt 1836-Yes, date unknown
Hanford Sprague
Male Abt 1840-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Abel Sprague
Male 1794-1871
Tabitha Hazen
Female 1794-1871

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