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Hezekiah Andrews

Male 1777 - 1857  (80 years)

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Permilla McCrea
Female Abt 1818-Yes, date unknown
Edward McCrea
Male Abt 1820-Yes, date unknown
Jennette McCrea
Female Abt 1822-Yes, date unknown
Jesse McCrea
Male Abt 1824-Yes, date unknown
Hezekiah Andrew McCrea
Male Abt 1825-Yes, date unknown
William Andrew McCrea
Male Abt 1829-Young
Harriet Andrews
Female 1800-1836
James McCrea
Male 1797-1873
Mary Ann Watts
Female Abt 1844-Yes, date unknown
John Watts
Male 1847-1867
Permilla Watts
Female 1849-Yes, date unknown
Maria Watts
Female 1851-Yes, date unknown
David Watts
Male 1853-Yes, date unknown
Annie York
Female 1856-1893
New chart
Henrietta Watts
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
Nadab Watts
Female 1857-1883
Elizabeth Phillips Watts
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Phoebe Watts
Female Abt 1861-Yes, date unknown
Hiram Alexander Watts
Male 1862-1920
Martha Jamison
Female 1859-1920
New chart
Hiram Watts
Male 1822-1907
Rachel Elizabeth Eastman
Female Abt 1824-1878
Alice May Watts
Female 1891-1950
John Calvin Wallace
Male 1889-1937
New chart
Susan Trimble
Female 1862-1937
Asa Orlando Watts
Male 1853-1929
Emma Augusta Miner
Female 1860-1920
New chart
Florence A. Hawkes
Female 1852-1948
John H. Watts
Male Abt 1857-1892
Almira Lovina Watts
Female 1858-1945
Martin Pelton
Male 1841-1900
New chart
A. S. Bowen
Male -Yes, date unknown
Clarissa Watts
Female Abt 1860-Yes, date unknown
Henry Watts
Male 1824-1908
Melissa A. Webster
Female 1829-1915
John Florence Watts
Male 1853-Child
Alexander Watts
Male 1854-Abt 1891
Ellen [--?--]
Female -Yes, date unknown
New chart
Alexander McCrea Watts
Male 1826-Aft 1871
Phoebe Priscilla Chester
Female Abt 1828-Yes, date unknown
Permilla Ann Andrews
Female 1802-1830
John Watts
Male Abt 1795-1881
Anna Andrews
Female 1803-1830
Charles Wood
Male -Yes, date unknown
Tyrus Porter Andrews
Male 1829-1832
Russell Alonzo Andrews
Male 1831-1832
Harriet Caroline Andrews
Female 1833-1834
Yatty Elizabeth Andrews
Female 1835-1839
Russell Alonzo Andrews
Male -Bef 1913
Amy Elizabeth Andrews
Female -Bef 1913
James Wellington Andrews
Male -Aft 1913
Annie Andrews
Female -Aft 1913
M. J. Adams
Male -Yes, date unknown
New chart
William Andrews
Male -Bef 1913
Herman Andrews
Male -Bef 1913
William Hezekiah Andrews
Male 1838-Abt 1906
Eliza Ann Johnson
Female Abt 1838-Abt 1891
Henry Oscar Andrews
Male 1871-Yes, date unknown
Amy Ann Andrews
Female 1874-Yes, date unknown
Silas William Andrews
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Margueretta May Andrews
Female 1883-1908
James Alexander Andrews
Male 1841-1913
Ellen Louisa Brewer
Female 1850-Yes, date unknown
Silas Augustus Andrews
Male 1844-1846
Silas Andrews
Male 1805-1884
Amy Holmes
Female 1802-1850
Bertha Maude Andrews
Male 1880-1905
Silas Colin Andrews
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
James Russell Andrews
Male 1885-Yes, date unknown
Ernest Clifford Andrews
Male 1891-Yes, date unknown
Erma Selina Andrews
Female 1893-Yes, date unknown
Otto Holmes Andrews
Male 1896-1906
Maria Louise Andrews
Female 1900-Yes, date unknown
Silas Jerome Andrews
Male 1852-1934
Melinda Glazier
Female 1858-Yes, date unknown
Colin Ashbury Andrews
Male 1855-Yes, date unknown
Charles Ferdinand Andrews
Male 1885-1893
Francis William Andrews
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ellen Hill
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Amy Alice Andrews
Female 1890-Yes, date unknown
Homer Ferdinand Andrews
Male 1856-1914
Orilla Ann Ward
Female -Yes, date unknown
Imogene Andrews
Female 1859-1859
Hattie Elizabeth Leonard
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
Colin Alonzo Leonard
Male 1887-Yes, date unknown
Silas Frank Leonard
Male 1889-Yes, date unknown
Amy Jean Leonard
Female 1896-Yes, date unknown
Alice Emily Leonard
Female 1898-Yes, date unknown
Amy Isodine Andrews
Female 1859-Yes, date unknown
Russell Alonzo Leonard
Male 1856-Yes, date unknown
Emma Selina Andrews
Female 1861-1910
Almiretta Holmes
Female Abt 1820-1892
Ella E. Flemming
Female 1864-Yes, date unknown
James Flemming
George S. Flemming
Male 1869-Yes, date unknown
Permela Andrews
Female 1834-1872
Simpson Flemming
Male 1829-1916
Hester Andrews
Female 1837-Yes, date unknown
John Ralston
Male 1830-Yes, date unknown
Permilla Andrews
Female 1872-Yes, date unknown
Hester Andrews
Female 1874-Yes, date unknown
Rufus R. Andrews
Male 1876-Yes, date unknown
Lillian Melissa Andrews
Female 1881-Yes, date unknown
Hezekiah Andrews
Male 1840-1882
Sarah Elizabeth Johns
Female 1848-Yes, date unknown
William H. Andrews
Male 1842-Yes, date unknown
Russell Henry Proper
Male 1878-Yes, date unknown
Frederick William Proper
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Harriet Andrews
Female 1845-Yes, date unknown
Charles A. Proper
Male -Yes, date unknown
Rufus Andrews
Male 1808-1879
Roxey Draper
Female 1815-1882
Russell Leonard
Male -Yes, date unknown
Russell Alonzo Leonard
Male 1856-Yes, date unknown
Amy Isodine Andrews
Female 1859-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Sarah Jane Leonard
Female 1858-1908
Niney Adelaide Leonard
Female 1862-Yes, date unknown
Forest Campbell Leonard
Male 1880-1881
Elizabeth Leonard
Female 1882-Yes, date unknown
Phernando Cortis Leonard
Male 1831-1909
Elizabeth Brownlee
Female 1838-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Andrews
Female 1810-1855
[--?--] Leonard
Male -Yes, date unknown
David Callander
Male 1854-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Callander
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
John Warren Callander
Male 1858-1889
Lilis Callander
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Robert Clinton Callander
Male 1864-Yes, date unknown
Jennet Birns Callander
Female 1865-Yes, date unknown
Willie Curtis Callander
Male 1871-Yes, date unknown
Anna Laura Callander
Female 1874-Yes, date unknown
Harriet Ann Barrows
Female 1835-Yes, date unknown
William Callander
Male 1832-1912
David Johnston Barrows
Male 1864-Yes, date unknown
Lucinda Alice Barrows
Female 1866-Yes, date unknown
William Frederick Barrows
Male 1868-Yes, date unknown
Phoebe Gertrude Barrows
Female 1869-Yes, date unknown
Roland Forest Barrows
Male 1872-Yes, date unknown
James Barrows
Male 1875-Yes, date unknown
Albert Stenson Barrows
Male 1878-Yes, date unknown
Rowland Garrett Barrows
Male 1837-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Larken
Female Abt 1838-Yes, date unknown
Phoeba Barrows
Female 1841-1882
Richard Craig
Male 1835-1896
Alford Clair Chester
Male 1868-Yes, date unknown
Nelson Clement Chester
Male 1870-1871
Mary Katie Chester
Female 1873-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Estella Chester
Female 1875-Yes, date unknown
Carl Gordon Chester
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Stanley Chester
Male Abt 1886-Yes, date unknown
Yatty Elizabeth Barrows
Female 1846-Yes, date unknown
Horation Nelson Chester
Male 1843-Yes, date unknown
David Barrows
Male 1809-1880
Russell Andrews
Male 1814-1904
Melissa Beamish
Female 1820-1894
Henry Andrews
Male 1816-1823
Hezekiah Andrews
Male 1777-1857
Henrietta (Yatty) Earl
Female 1780-1855

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