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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
5051 S842 Vital Records of Knox Co., OH
5052 S3313 Vital Records of Mendon, Massachusetts
5053 S144 Vital Records of Michigan: Michigan Marriages from 1840 - 1899.
5054 S291 Vital Records of New Brunswick: Births
5055 S1086 Vital Records of Pembroke, Massachusetts
5056 S4861 Vital Records of Petersham, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849
Petersham, Massachusetts 
5057 S3097 Vital Records of Queens Co., NY
5058 S4647 Vital Records of Rochester Massachusetts to the year 1850, Volume I
N. E. H. G. S. 
5059 S4779 Vital Records of Rochester Massachusetts To The Year 1850: Volume II --Marriages and Deaths
5060 S5168 Vital Records of Topsham Maine to the Year 1892
Hill, Mary Pelham 
5061 S3431 Vital Records of Topsham, Maine, to the Year 1892 (2 volumes)
Hill, Mary Pelham 
5062 S946 Vital Records of Topsham, Maine, to the year 1892 (2 volumes)
Hill, Mary Pelham 
5063 S3391 Vital Records of Topsham, Maine, to the year 1892 (2 volumes.)
Hill, Mary Pelham 
5064 S1479 Vital Records of Troy, Waldo Co., Maine
5065 S815 Vital Records of Union County, OH
5066 S3692 Vital Records of Vermont
5067 S417 Vital Records of Vernon County, Wisconsin
5068 S5167 Vital Records of Waymouth Massachusetts To The Year 1850
New England Historic Genealogical Society 
5069 S3733 Vital Records of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Census, 1820-1890.
5070 S786 Vital Records: Maine
5071 S2235 Volker Weber, correspondent (family member in Scherneck, Germany)
5072 S3930 W. L., correspondent
5073 S3029 W. S. McLaughlin, correspondent
5074 S3364 W. V. Sprague in "Sprague Families in America", page 193 gives the dob as 10/15/1810. The Baileyville Papers says the dob is 11/14/1810. DAR file 551961 for Gertrude Strout Winter (ancestor Abiel Sprague) lists dob as 11/14/1810 and cites W. V. Sprague, page 199 as source. The DAR accecpted 11/14/1810 in 1974 in that paper.
5075 S3362 W. V. Sprague in the 1941 Supplement to Sprague Families in America gives the dob as 1/7/1792. Sherie Sprague Winslow reports that her copy of the supplement has a hand corrected note showing dob as 1/7/1788. The Baileyville Papers gives the date as 1/7/1788. A similar hand correction appears in Sherie Sprague Winslow's copy of the W. V. Sprague Supplement on page 197.
5076 S3109
5077 S3827 Wade Babcock, correspondent
5078 S4573 Wade Tedder, correspondent
5079 S3989 Wallace Fullerton, correspondent
5080 S1146 Wallace Pursell, correspondent
5081 S1831 Walt Lynch, correspondent.
5082 S5129 Walter H. Hunt, correspondent
5083 S3392 Walter I. Smutz in Ancestral File
5084 S5209 Walter Joslin, correspondent
5085 S3228 Walter Orcutt, correspondent.
5086 S283 Walter Palmer Society,
5087 S4774 Walter Sprague Hearnes, correspondent
5088 S3334 Walton, Delaware Co., NY Cemetery Records received from Wayne F. Baldwin
5089 S5061 Wanda Allen Warwick, correspondent
5090 S2152 Wanda Allen, correspondent
5091 S1513 Wanda Cornwell Conthnier, correspondent.
5092 S5279 Wanda McKane, correspondent
5093 S1978 Ward H. Oliver, correspondent
5094 S2739 Warren A. Bower, correspondent
5095 S5306 Warren Hasty, correspondent
5096 S3022 Warren McLaughlin, correspondent
5097 S3013 Wayne Anderson, correspondent
5098 S4059 Wayne Campbell, correspondent
5099 S4271 Wayne D. Malloch, correspondent
5100 S85 Wayne F. Baldwin, correspondent.

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