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185951 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name Willard Fogg

Event Type Marriage

Event Date 17 Nov 1887

Event Place Shell Lake, Washburn, Wisconsin, United States

Gender Male

Race White

Birthplace Waite, Maine

Father's Name Perrish Fogg

Mother's Name Sarah Fisher

Spouse's Name Ida L. Mitchell

Spouse's Gender Female

Spouse's Race White

Spouse's Birthplace Mexico, Maine [Oxford county]

Spouse's Father's Name Johnathan Mitchell

Spouse's Mother's Name Hannah Chilps

Vol 1 Page 89

Reference 16-22

GS Film 1275591 
Family / Spouse F163125
185952 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name       Charles E. Sprague

Spouse's Name       Mattie Knight

Event Date       28 Sep 1880
Event Place       Dunn, Wisconsin,United States

Father's Name       Isaac Sprague

Mother's Name       Jane
Spouse's Father's Name       JohnKnight
Spouse's Mother's Name      Allace Knight Hill

GS Film 1275993 
Family / Spouse F157244
185953 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family / Spouse F131548
185954 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name:      Earl L Kincaid

Name:      Edna May Clark

Marriage Date:      15 Oct 1896
Marriage Place:      Winnebago,Wisconsin, USA

Volume:      6

Page:      126 
Family / Spouse F151338
185955 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name:      Edward R Clark

Name:      Mabel Kincade

Marriage Date:      12 Aug 1897
Marriage Place:      Winnebago,Wisconsin, USA

Volume:      6

Page:      188
NOTE: The marriage index reports married August 1897 butthe newspaper announcement reports February 1897.  Isee son Harry was born February 1898.
The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh Wisconsin) Saturday 14 Aug1897 p12
The friends of E. R. Clark and Mabel Kincaid, both youngpeople of this city, will be surprised to learn of theirmarriage February 24. 
Family / Spouse F151331
185956 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family / Spouse F151374
185957 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name: Benjamin L. Shepard

Spouse's Name: Laura Sprague

Event Date: 30 Dec 1889

Event Place: Portage, Wisconsin, United States

Father's Name: Thomas Shepard

Mother's Name: Sarah Shepard

Spouse's Father's Name: Luther Hunter

Spouse's Mother's Name: Hunter

GS Film number: 1275497

Volume: 02 Page: 0106

From Jane Sanderman Mason, correspondent, note of June 2,2014
In December 1889 Benjamin and Laura marry. Their firstchild I am sure of was born in 1893 and by the 1900 censusthey report 6 children with a 7th born in 1903.

For some reason they remarried in 1903.
The lucky thing for us is that the 1903 marriageregistration gives Laura's mother's maiden name. We canfinally say mother is Maria (Squires) Edson Sprague Hunter.

From Jane Sanderman Mason, correspondent, note of June 9,2014

Stevens Point Daily Journal (Wisconsin) 28Dec1939
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Shepard, who have been residentsof Amherst practically all their lives, celebrated theirgolden wedding anniversary December 24 at the new AmherstCommunity hall. The decorations were white bells overheadand gold and white streamers reaching downward to thetable. It was a gala occasion as all the couple's childrenand several of their grandchildren were able to be present.
Laura Ann Sprague and Benjamin L. Shepard, both of Amherstwere married by Justice William Holly at Amherst December24, 1889. The witnesses were Thomas and Nancy Clark. At herwedding the bride wore a green velvet dress and for her50th anniversary she wore a Burgundy colored dress withshirred shoulders and sleeves. Her bouquet was of yellowchrysanthamums, the gift of a friend in Englewood, NewJersey.
Dinner was served at noon. The main table was decoratedwith appointments of gold and white and a four-tier weddingcake surmounted with a miniature bride and groom under awedding bell. Little Harold Shepard, Jr., age three, whowas the only great-grandchild present, said the grace attable.The hostesses of the afternoon were Mrs. Frank Starks, Mrs.Bert Shanklin and Mrs. Frank Mitchetree. Twin sistersLouella and Lucille Mack, were waitresses. Many called tooffer congratulations during the afternoon. One hundred andthirty-five registered but many failed to do so. Lunch wasserved to the guests in the afternoon. In the evening adance was held in the upper floor of the Community hall,with music furnished by Lyle Allen's orchestra. More than250 were present. Lunch was served during the evening andmembers of the family took part in a grand march led byViolet and Floyd Urra.
Guests from outside the county at the celebration were asfollows: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Shepard, Eugene Shepard and Mr.and Mrs. Walter Shepard of Appleton; Floyd Shepard of NewYork city; Thomas Shepard of Volga, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs.Clarence Shepard of Demarest, New Jersey; Mr. and Mrs.Merle Shepard of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Boe ofLarson, Wisconsin; Mrs. Eugene Yorton of Fond du Lac; Mrs.Julius Wild of North Fond du Lac; Mr. and Mrs. WilliamPryse, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jensen and daughter, David Prysc,Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sherman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pryseand Mr. and Mrs. Ray Seeber, all of Waupaca; Mr. and Mrs.Harrison Shepard, Mr. and Mrs. Leor Mack, Morgan Mack, andMr. and Mrs. Bus Brown of Sheridan; Mr. and Mrs. ClaudeDineen and Mildred of Scandinavia; Mr. and Mrs. AxelWieberg of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Olson of Cobbtown;Stephen Black of New Jersey and Donald Maxwell of Waukegan,Illinois.
Mr. and Mrs. Shepard have 11 grandchildren and 8great-grandchildren, but all were not able to be present.
The couple received many appropriate gifts for theiranniversary including a purse of money, a gold lace tablecover, a gold bed spread, a gold and white blanket, a lamp,rugs and several pieces of furniture.
Tuesday morning in response to a request the song"Memories" was broadcast over radio station WLBL at StevensPoint. 
Family / Spouse F143610
185958 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family / Spouse F169274
185959 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name: Luther Hunter

Marriage Date: 24 Nov 1882

Name: Maria Sprague

County: Portage

Volume: 01

Page: 0358 
Family / Spouse F143594
185960 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name: Milo Sprague

Name: Elizabeth A Yorton
Marriage Date: Sep 1999[sic-the Wisconsin HistoricalSociety reports 1893]

County: Portage

Volume: 02

Page: 0287 
Family / Spouse F143595
185961 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name: Pryse

Age: 73

Gender: F (Female)

County of Residence: Waupaca

Spouse: Gordon W Leupold

Spouse's Age: 53

Spouse's Gender: M (Male)

Spouse's County of Residence: Waupaca

Marriage Date: 28 Oct 1973

Marriage County: Waupaca

Certificate Number: 034092

Microfilm Roll Number: 35 
Family / Spouse F143641
185962 Wisconsin Marriage Index

Name: Spregue, Millar

Name: Welch, Sarah

Day: 31

Month: March

Year: 1897

County: Calumet

Volume: 02

Page: 0169 
Family / Spouse F110797
185963 Wisconsin Marriage Index
Name:      Calvin Frink    

Spouse:      Amanda M. Bacon

Marriage Date:      17 Apr 1849

County:      Grant

State:      WI

Volume: 01 Page 0132 
Family / Spouse F132682
185964 Wisconsin Marriage Index
Name:      Emma E Sprague    

Name:      Emerson G Reeves

Marriage Date:      12 Jun 1884

County:      Grant

Volume:      06

Page:      0401 
Family / Spouse F33389
185965 Wisconsin Marriage Index
Name:      Joshua M. Hosmer    

Spouse:      Charlotte B. Brooks

Marriage Date:      14 Aug 1839

County:      Grant

State:      WI 
Family / Spouse F15133
185966 Wisconsin Marriage Record [extracted]

groom's name:      Mark J. Potter
bride's name:      Marie L. Sprague    

marriage date:      28 Jun 1905

marriage place:      Walworth, Wisconsin
groom's father's name:      John H.Potter
groom's mother's name:      Annie S.Gilmore
bride's father's name:      Edward H.Sprague
bride's mother's name:      Julia A.Williams
source LDS film number:      1275590Wisconsin. Bureau of Vital Statistics

reference number:      84 
Family / Spouse F124374
185967 Wisconsin Marriage Record [extracted]

groom's name: Able Nelson Minor

groom's birthplace: Jefferson Co., N.Y.

bride's name: Sybil Ann Norton

marriage date: 07 Dec 1862

marriage place: Wayne, La Fayette, Lafayette, Wisconsin

groom's father's name: Clement Minor

groom's mother's name: Laura Minor

bride's father's name: Andrew Jackson Norton

bride's mother's name: Mary Ann Norton

groom's race: White
source LDS film number: 1276063 Wisconsin. Bureau of VitalStatistics

reference number: cn 00899 
Family / Spouse F128184
185968 Wisconsin Marriage Record [extracted]

Groom's Name: Albert Blair

Bride's Name: Maud Sprague

Marriage Date: 02 Jun 1904

Marriage Place: Dunn, Wisconsin, United States

Groom's Father's Name: James Blair

Groom's Mother's Name: Abbie Blair

Bride's Father's Name: Wm. St. Sprague

Bride's Mother's Name: Sprague
Source Film Number: 1266967 Wisconsin. Bureau of VitalStatistics
From Jane Sanderman Mason, correspondent, note of December17, 2010
You would think the Blair's would have died in Snohomisharea but I find no further record. Son Tom is living inSnohomish county at the time of his death in 1976. 
Family / Spouse F121317
185969 Wisconsin Marriage Record [extracted]

groom's name: George M. Callejau

groom's birthplace: Truicetown, Maine

bride's name: Mary A. Hannen

bride's birthplace: Rubecun, Wis.

marriage date: 23 Aug 1881

marriage place: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

groom's father's name: William Callejau

groom's mother's name: Sarah Campbell

bride's father's name: Patrick Hannen

bride's mother's name: Orilla Fauchen

groom's race: White

groom's marital status: Unknown

bride's race: White

bride's marital status: Single
source LDS film number: 1275831 Wisconsin. Bureau of VitalStatistics

reference number: p 173 cn 00489

From Jane Sanderman Mason, correspondent, note of January19, 2012
George and Mary moved to Everett where George wasproprietor of the Merchants Hotel and Mary is listed as apoultry breeder. Their residence is given as the hotelwhich was at Hoyt and Hewitt avenues. I also know that AuntEffie taught school in the late 1890s in Everett. Momreported that when Aunt Effie visited she would like todrive up to Everett to see their graves.

Everett City Directory 1894-1895

P 84
Calligan, George M. Propr Merchants Hotel n e cor Hoyt andHewitt avs, res same

Calligan, Mrs. G. M., poultry breeder, res Merchants Hotel 
Family / Spouse F129082
185970 Wisconsin Marriage Record [extracted]

groom's name: William R. Aldrich

bride's name: Louisa A. Castle

marriage date: 20 Sep 1871

groom's father's name: Ames W. Aldrich

groom's mother's name: Mary Ann Aldrich

bride's father's name: Th... C. Castle

bride's mother's name: Clarisa Castle
source LDS film number: 1275558 Sauk County, Wisconsin,Bureau of Vital Statistics 
Family / Spouse F128095
185971 Wisconsin Marriage Records [extracted]

Groom's Name: Clarence J. Rooney

Groom's Birth Date:

Groom's Birthplace:

Groom's Age:

Bride's Name: Alfretta M. Bradley

Bride's Birth Date:

Bride's Birthplace:

Bride's Age:

Marriage Date: 01 Aug 1897

Marriage Place: Door, Wisconsin

Groom's Father's Name: Patrick Rooney

Groom's Mother's Name: Catharine Mcalbee

Bride's Father's Name: Geo. W. Bradley

Bride's Mother's Name: Cornelia Bradley

Groom's Race:

Groom's Marital Status:

Groom's Previous Wife's Name:

Bride's Race:

Bride's Marital Status:

Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
Source Film Number: 1275988 Wisconsin. Bureau of VitalStatistics

Reference Number: 2067 
Family / Spouse F121305
185972 Wisconsin Marriage Records [extracted]

groom's name: R. Lincoln Knotwell

bride's name: Cora Mabel Sprague

marriage date: 31 Jul 1902

marriage place: Grant, Wisconsin

groom's father's name: William Knotwell

groom's mother's name: Elizabeth Edwards

bride's father's name: Harley L. Sprague

bride's mother's name: Grace Johnson
source LDS film number: 1266664 Wisconsin. Bureau of VitalStatistics

Volume: 08

Page: 0410 
Family / Spouse F124802
185973 Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907

Name: Florence Cebalski

Marriage Date: 29 Jan 1896

Marriage Place: Rock, Wisconsin, USA

Volume: 6

Page: 104 
Family / Spouse F166026
185974 Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907 Record
about Rosa G Sprague
Name: Rosa G Sprague
Marriage Date: 15 Aug 1898
County: Dane
Volume: 06
Page: 0465

Wisconsin Marriages, pre-1907 Record
about William Henry Bannell
Name: William Henry Bannell
Marriage Date: 15 Aug 1898
County: Dane
Volume: 06
Page: 0465

(note: website lists name as BONNELL) 
Family / Spouse F50906
185975 Wisconsin Marriages:

Married on June 14, 1896 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Groom: William T. Sprague born Jamestown, New York

Father: William H. Sprague

Mother: Julia Tew

Bride: Grace Kendrick Hoster born Detroit, Michigan.

Father: Russell Kendrick

Mother: Anna Fairbank

Bride's second marriage. 
Family / Spouse F146498
185976 Wisconsin State Censtus, married, living at Jefferson,Vernon Co., WI. 2 males, 1 female in family. Thompson, Emaline H. (I135321)
185977 Wisconsin State Census, married, living at Jefferson,Vernon Co., WI. 2 males, 1 female in family. Thompson, Emaline H. (I135321)
185978 Wisconsin State Census: 3 males, 1 female in family. Harris, James Enoch (I65837)
185979 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12643)
185980 Wisconsin State Journal Madison Wisconsin 11-25-1941 pg 2
MONROE —  Funeral services for Darlene McCool, 11,daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCool, Monroe, were heldMonday afternoon at the Monroe funeral home. The Rev. W. W.Sutton, Monroe, officiated, with burial at the Orangevillecemetery. Miss McCool died here Saturday night after ashort illness. She was born Sept. 2, 1930, in Orangeville,Ill. Surviving, are her parents; a brother, Charles; twosisters, Violet and Angeline, at home, her paternalgrandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William McCool, Orangeville, andher maternal grandfather, Eugene Shepard, Appleton. 
McCool, Darlene Rose (I395364)
185981 Wisconsin State Journal, Published April 6, 2016 atMadison, WI
Madison - Willard H. Sprague Jr., age 80 passed awayunexpectedly at his home on Monday, April 4, 2016. He wasborn on August 16, 1935 at Madison General Hospital toWillard H. and Jennie (Gussman) Sprague.
His family moved from McFarland, Wisconsin to Madison inDecember of 1941. He attended Washington and St. RaphaelsGrade School. He then attended Edgewood High School workingin the cafeteria or cleaning a classroom for his tuition.After graduation, in 1953 he worked at Bowman Dairy as aretail route salesman.
On October 24, 1953, he met Geraldine "Gerry" Storley on ablind date arranged by a mutual good friend Stanley Triggs.They dated until Gerry went to college in Eau Claire andWillard entered the United States Army in 1955. Theyrekindled their relationship in 1958. Gerry was then anelementary school teacher and Willard returned to BowmanDairy. On December 26, 1959 they were married.
Willard joined the Madison Police Department in 1960. Hewas promoted to Special Investigator, then to sergeant andin 1974 to the rank of lieutenant. While on the MadisonPolice Department he attended Madison Area TechnicalCollege and earned an associate degree in police science.He retired in June of 1989, following 29 years of service.Immediately after retirement, he was hired by Madison Metroas a bus driver. This second career is the one he enjoyedthe most. He drove on the school routes for middle schooland high school students. He worked there until May of 2013.
Gerry and Willard enjoyed traveling and being able to see49 out of the 50 states. Together they attended more than35 elder hostels. In 1999, they drove to Alaska on a tripthat lasted five and a half weeks. Willard was a 55-yearmember of the Hiram Masonic Lodge #50, F&A.M. and theAmerican Legion Post #501.
Willard is survived by his wife of 56 years, Gerry; twochildren, Lorie (Jeff) Reamer and Mark (Susan) Sprague; twogranddaughters, Annalee and Julianne Reamer; and foursisters, Mary (Ronald) Peschl, Katherine (Robert) Geier,Rosalie (Lousie) Moondancer, Barbara (Howard) Bryant. Healso is survived by other loving family and numerousfriends.
Memorial Masonic Service will be held at CRESS FUNERALHOME, 3325 East Washington Avenue, Madison on Friday, April8, 2016 at 11:00 am with Past Master of Hiram #50 DeanJohnson. A time to gather will be held at the funeral homeon Friday from 9:30 am until the time of services.Graveside services with full military honors will be heldat Roselawn Memoral Park Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Hiram #50 theMadison Masonic Foundation, 301 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison,WI 53703 or to Bashford United Methodist Church, 329 NorthStreet, Madison, WI 53704.

Cress Funeral & Cremation Service
3325 East Washington Ave., Madison
Sprague, Willard H. Jr. (I413105)
185982 Wisconsin State Journal, published in Madison, WI, on April18, 2015

Kepler, Carroll J.
RICHLAND CENTER - Carroll J. Kepler, age 90, of RichlandCenter, died on Thursday, April 16, 2015, at Harvest GuestHome. He was born on April 15, 1925, in Richland County,the son of Carroll and Olive (Standish) Kepler. He attendedRichland Center High School and worked on the family farmgrowing up. On July 30, 1947, he was united in marriagewith Evelyn Getter. They rented the home farm in Sabinuntil purchasing it in 1952.
Carroll built a free stall barn and milking parlor at Sabinin 1957. By the late 60's, he had developed an allregistered Holstein herd. In 1971, he purchased 320 acresat Ekleberry Corners. Over a two year period, the Keplersbuilt a 120 cow stanchion barn, shed, four silos and threehouses. Milking in the new dairy barn began in December of1973.
In 1978, Junlyn Farms, Inc. was created to combine thecattle of Carroll Jr. and his sons. Junlyn Farms currentlyowns 900+ acres and milks 220 cows. The free stall barn wasbuilt in 2008, and added a milking parlor in the spring of2015.
Carroll was active in Land-O-Lakes Dairy Coop, PCA Board,Tri-State Breeders, and Holstein Association. He was aRichland County 4-H leader, an extension farm managementaide for nine years in the University of WisconsinExtension Program. He received the Holstein Pewter PitcherAward in 1978, and outstanding Young Farmer Award in 1960.Junlyn Farms hosted the Richland County Dairy Breakfast andHolstein Twilight meetings. Carroll had a great love ofHolstein cows and agriculture.
He and Evelyn retired in Weslaco, Texas, during the wintermonths for several years. Carroll enjoyed dancing andvisiting with his Texas friends from all over the UnitedStates.
Carroll is survived by his five children, Connie (John)Turgasen, Ron (Julie) Kepler, Kevin (Joan) Kepler, Julie(Jim) Burnham, and Jill (Kirk) Layer, all of RichlandCounty; 13 grandchildren, Shelly (Kirk) Stibbe, Paul(Becky) Turgasen, Mark (Rachel) Turgasen, David (Erin)Kepler, Emily (Troy) Putz, Jenny (Henry) Vicenik, Elise(Steve) Haroldson, Lucas Kepler, Laura Burnham, Megan(John) Leuck, Janelle Burnham, Michelle (Ryan) Keller, andJoshua (Camie) Layer; 23 great-grandchildren; sister, JeanBarnes; and in-laws, Laverne (Phyllis) Getter, DonnaGetter, and Charlotte Getter.
Carroll was preceded in death by his wife, Evelyn; hissiblings, Verlin (Ellen) Kepler, Theron (Twylah) Kepler,Grace (Larry) Blackbourne, Elma (Floyd) Fry, Rollin (Rose)Kepler, and Thomas Kepler; and his in-laws, Wayne Barnes,Norman Getter and Wayne Getter.
Memorial services will be held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, April19, 2015, at the PRATT MEMORIAL CHAPEL, Richland Center.Ron Fruit and Pastor David Frank will officiate. Burialwill be in Mount Tabor Cemetery at a later date. Friendsmay call at the PRATT MEMORIAL CHAPEL on Saturday, April18, 2015, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m., and on Sunday from 11a.m. until service time at 1 p.m. The Pratt Funeral andCremation Service is assisting the Kepler family. Onlinecondolences may be made at 
Kepler, Carroll J. Jr. (I46317)
185983 Wisconsin State Journal, published November 29, 2015 inMadison, WI.

Burris, Yvonne Dawn (Hauge)

Nov 28, 2015
MIDDLETON - Yvonne Dawn (Hauge) Burris died on Saturday,Nov. 21, 2015, in Middleton, Wis.
Yvonne was the daughter of George and Grace Hauge, and grewup with them in Viroque, Wis., until their move to Madison.She graduated from Central High ('43) and the UW-Madison('47), and then moved to join her high school sweetheart,Thomas Burris, in California, where they lived until 2013.During her time in California, Yvonne held variousadministrative positions with a meatpacking firm and withthe federal government. In 2012, both she and Tom sufferedhealth setbacks, and Tom died in 2013. Later that year,Yvonne returned to Wisconsin to be near her sister, Wanda,in the Madison area. Since then, she has resided at ArtisanMemory Care in Middleton.
Yvonne is survived by her sister, Wanda Godshall ofMadison; niece, Karen Godshall of Verona; and by many ofher husband's nieces and nephews. She was predeceased byher parents; her elder sister, Marne Burmeister of Madison;and by her husband.
Wanda and Karen extend many thanks to the staff of Artisan,and to the staff of Agrace HospiceCare, who have helped usboth through these transitions.

No services are planned.

Please share your memories at

Cress Funeral and Cremation Service

3610 Speedway Road, Madison

(608) 238-3434 
Hauge, Yvonne Dawn (I38840)
185984 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I128536)
185985 Wisconsin Vital Records Death Index

Name: Summer Sprague

Death Date: 03 Apr 1905

County: Shawano

Volume: 01 Page #: 0460 
Sprague, Sumner A. (I181258)
185986 Wisconsin Washburn county Delayed Birth Registration

SPRAGUE Gertrude Elizabeth 18 Apr 1905  V31  P394 
Sprague, Gertrude Elizabeth (I320234)
185987 Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1801-1928

Name:      Mabel Agnete Moe

Gender:      Female

Race:      White

Birth Date:      10 Feb 1896
Birth Place:      Camp Douglas, Juneau,Wisconsin

Father:      Anders Moe

Mother:      Oline Olsen

FHL Film Number:      1302882 
Moe, Mabel Agnete (I446958)
185988 Wisconsin, Births and Christenings Index, 1801-1928

Name:      Waldo George Pritzlaff

Gender:      Male

Race:      White

Birth Date:      15 Aug 1900
Birth Place:      Watertown, Jefferson,Wisconsin

Father:      Wm Pritzlaff

Mother:      Juliana K Lehmann

FHL Film Number:      1302881 
Pritzlaff, Waldemar George (I450755)
185989 Wisconsin, Death Index, 1959-1997

Name:      Rolland Moe

Death Date:      27 Oct 1989
Location:      Monroe (May beabbreviated)

Certificate:      029264 
McGinty, Rolland Chester (I446963)
185990 Wisconsin, Death Records

Name:      John W. Norton

Event Type:      Death

Event Date:      1906, 1906

Event Place:      Dartford, Wisconsin

Residence Place:      Dartford, Wis.

Gender:      Male

Age:      76

Marital Status:      Married

Race:      White

Occupation:      Retired

Birth Date:      04 Jan 1830

Birth Year (Estimated):      1830
Birthplace:      Westford, Otsege Co.,N.Y.

Burial Place:  Dartford, Wis.

Father's Name:      Stephen Norton

Father's Birthplace: Connecticut

Mother's Name:      Grace Norton

Mother's Birthplace:      Conn.

Spouse's Name:      Sarah E. Hubbard

Citation"Wisconsin, Death Records, 1867-1907," database,FamilySearch( : 10March 2018), Grace Norton in entry for John W. Norton,1906; citing Death, Dartford, Wisconsin, Wisconsin StateHistorical Society, Madison; FHL microfilm 1,310,187. 
Norton, John Wilson (I446000)
185991 Wisconsin, Marriage Index, 1820-1907

Name:      Andrew S Moe

Marriage Date:      21 Jun 1883
Marriage Place:      Juneau, Wisconsin,USA

Volume:      01

Page:      0414 
Family / Spouse F164007
185992 Wisconsin, Marriage Index, 1820-1907

Name:      Florence Zena Sprague

Marriage Date:      15 Feb 1893
Marriage Place:      Rock, Wisconsin,USA

Volume:      5

Page:      296 
Family / Spouse F166025
185993 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family / Spouse F170206
185994 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family / Spouse F170207
185995 Wisconson pre-1907 Vital Record Index

Ernest R Sprague 17 Jul 1891 Sauk 0264 001476 
Sprague, Ernest Robinson (I314738)
185996 Wislon Street Slocum, Stephen P. (I132003)

DATE OF BIRTH: 04/06/1922

DATE OF DEATH: 02/08/1989




Heineman, Cecelia Rose (I412032)
185998 Witness at the marriage: Priest Eberhard
NOTE: There is definitely only one child from thismarriage. I (Dr. Jarren) checked all possible entries verycarefully. 
Family / Spouse F94151
185999 Witness at the marriage: The school teacher Johann Schäferof Ahorn Family / Spouse F94153
186000 Witness of Marriage: John Patridge and A. Winthrow in theparish transcripts Family / Spouse F65978

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