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     Due to the ease that websites can be datamined, scraped, etc., such as with the software aptly named SiteSucker, recently championed in a popular genealogical newsletter, I have determined that it is now necessary to close down this website each evening, from about 11:00 p.m. to 7:10 a.m. (E.S.T.) . I apologize to one and all for having to do this. I cannot keep an eye at night on those who intend to grab all that we have made available for free since 1996.
Arnold Sprague, webmaster, 17 May 2014, edited 17 July 2015

    The Sprague Project continues to grow significantly as the result of dedicated family history research and the submission of family history information by a growing number of Sprague Project supporters. Each update of the Sprague website brings a new wave of submissions and suggestions for the update of the Sprague Database. Success begets success. That is so true of the Sprague Project that it is unlikely that all the excellent corrections and additions can ever be processed by the one person who does all the updating.
    We very much value your submissions, but you should not be surprised if you do not receive acknowledgment for an extended period of time. This situation should not discourage you from submitting corrections and additions, but please understand that they will not be processed quickly. The Sprague Project will continue to provide an excellent source of Sprague family history, but limited human resources limits the amount of information that can be added in any given period of time.  4/9/2014

    The Sprague Database is a computerized database containing information on 406,551 individuals (an increase of 1,675 since our last update) from worldwide families of Sprague and Sprague-derivative names. (Derivative names include Sprag, Sprage, Spragg, Spragge, Spraggs, Spraggue, Sprags, Sprake, Spraig, Sprig, Sprigg, Sprigge, and Spriggs.) The larger sections of the database document the descendants of (1) Francis Sprague, who arrived in Massachusetts in 1623 and (2) Edward Sprague's three sons (Ralph, Richard, and William), who arrived in Massachusetts in 1629. The Spragg and Sprake lines are also major sections. Further, we include another 2,600+ Sprague family lines or individuals that do not yet connect to any of the major family lines in the project database. To see these unconnected Sprague and Sprague-derivative lines, please go to Reports and scroll down.
    The purpose of the Sprague Database is to treat the entire Sprague family as a single entity. There are hundreds of people researching their own lines, but until now there has been no organized effort since the work of Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague (Sprague Families in America, published in 1913) to put this work together to benefit future generations. The Sprague Project is unusual in that it places equal emphasis on recording female and male descendant lines. The Sprague Database is an invaluable resource for those interested in the Sprague line.

    Please note: The identification system used on our website often causes confusion when the initial letter "I" for each individual (I248000) is mistaken for the number "1." As a result, erroneous correspondence is sent to The Sprague Project developer. There is no way that we can change this means of identification. When you correspond with the developer, please keep this in mind and use the letter "I" and not the number "1."

The Sprague Database holds the following as of  September 22, 2015

  Total individuals: 408,017
      Deceased individuals (searchable in website database): 298,275
      Living individuals (not searchable in website database): 110,742
  Unconnected Sprague lines: 2,794
  Those with military service: 5,207
  Individuals with the surname Sprague: 35,900
   (Why so few Spragues in such a large database? See FAQ.)
  Unique Surnames: 29,749   Total Families: 148,664
  Total Sources:
4,745  Total Notes: 142,604  Total Places: 41,060
  Size of current GEDCOM File: 246 MB

Major Sprague Groups:
   Francis Sprague descendants: 59,614
   William Sprague descendants: 64,099
   Lt. Ralph Sprague descendants: 21,427
   Edward Spragg descendants: 11,437
What's changed in our update of September 22, 2015
  1. Database increased by 1,466 individuals
  2. Our major Sprague lines have changed as follows:
       Francis Sprague: 79 new descendants
       William Sprague: 255 new descendants
       Lt. Ralph Sprague: 59 new descendants
       Edward Spragg: 135 new descendants
  3. Current e-mail backlog: 3,362 (increase of 18 messages)
  4. This update includes the result of an intense analysis of individuals previously marked as "Living," but who could not possibly be living so have been changed to "Deceased" and thus will now be displayed on the Sprague Website

Number of individuals named:
 Sprag: 1
 Sprage: 2
 Spragg: 3,519
 Spragge: 492
 Spraggett: 172
 Spraggs: 456
 Spraggue: 2
 Sprags: 6
: 35,900
 Sprake: 73
: 1
 Sprigg: 137
 Sprigge: 3
 Spriggs: 510

    The contents of the Sprague Database include information for both living and deceased individuals. However, only content that applies to deceased individuals is made available for public study on this Sprague Website. The sole source of genealogical information on the Sprague Website is the Sprague Database. In addition, supplementary material has been added to the Sprague Website for the use of website visitors. For example, there is a listing of published sources where information on the Sprague family has been found. This material is located in the column to the left.

    The Sprague Website has been developed utilizing an innovative software product named The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG). There are significant research facilities available for the use of any visitor to the Sprague Website. A comprehensive search facility allows the website visitor to search for all individuals named John Sprague who were born in Vermont before 1844. A large number of search fields may be used in combination. When an individual of interest is located by a search, a variety of reports is available to show the Family Group Sheet for the individual, an ancestral chart, a descendant’s chart, among others. Since The Sprague Project places equal emphasis on both male and female descendant lines and on Sprague spousal ancestral lines, there are a large number of individuals with surnames other than Sprague recorded in the Sprague Database. The Sprague Website provides the facility for quickly determining how many of any given surname are recorded in The Sprague Database. Reports are predefined to show such information as participants in any of the 13 wars recorded in U. S. history. There are also photos of individuals and photos of individual grave stones that will be displayed as part of the individual data.

    The objective of The Sprague Project Developer and the Sprague Website Webmaster is for the website to be an effective research tool for the massive amount of personal information recorded in the Sprague Database. For an interesting introduction to the Sprague Website, enter Chase in the Surname field and Katherine in the First Name field to the left and then press “Search.” When Katherine is located, click on her name and your fun will begin. Enjoy the Sprague Website. May it provide much insight into your ancestral history.

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